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"At Urbiotica® we pursue the hybridization of sustainable urbanism and the most innovative technologies.

Just like Domotics is technology applied to home’s management, we understand Urbiotica® as the technology applied to urban environments, be it the city itself or some of its functional spaces (ports, airports, shopping centers, highway system, etc).

The challenge is clear: cities are ever more complex and costly to manage. The availability of massive real time data from what is happening in the urban spaces increases the efficiency of our actions: informed decisions, higher quality in the daily management services and activation of new added value services for the city of the 21st century.

The solutions developed by Urbiotica® are specifically designed to be harmoniously integrated in the existing environment. Sensors and communication devices which are robust, anti-vandalism, ultra-low power consumption (minimum 8 years life-span) and very low visual impact. Software platforms for data management, “cloud” type, which are modular and adaptable to each one of our customers. "
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18 hours ago
Girona: contaminacion acústica x ocio nocturno y tráfico. Datos en tiempo real para combatirlo. #mysmartcity https://t.co/Pigwvmc0cn @AENOR
2 days ago
Proyecto Figueres. Mejora del tráfico urbano:reducir congestiones,CO2,estrés y malestar. Campaña #mysmartcity https://t.co/kRV54jbZwm @AENOR
2 days ago
RT @AENOR: Ejemplos de servicios que puede ofrecer una ciudad inteligente #mysmartcity https://t.co/b2QSYkeLAg
2 days ago
Hoy presentamos el proyecto #SmartCities de Castellón. Nos sumamos a la campaña #mysmartcity https://t.co/uF8uh07bbE @AENOR
2 days ago
RT @AENOR: Esta semana únete a #mysmartcity, campaña internacional para destacar los avances en el desarrollo de #SmartCities https://t.c…
2 days ago
26/11: Jornada de cooperació entre territoris x la innovació i la transferència empresarial https://t.co/8sVq4wrlMT #mobilitat #SmartCities
Making the most of @smartcityexpo. Productive meetings! https://t.co/t386kTBrUI
RT @cityosio: Urbiotica's U-Sound noise pollution monitor featured in Smart City Plaza, a working mini-smart city at #SCEWC15 https://t.co/…
Mila, Noise solution PM talking about U-Sound, our device selected to be exposed at Smart City plaza @smartcityexpo https://t.co/ZaQUINbwQn
2 weeks ago
Find out how our noise monitoring solution works in our technolgy demo area B: F674 #noisesensor #SmartCityExpo https://t.co/5Dn3tQE1HE
2 weeks ago
Find out first-hand how our parking solution works in our technolgy demo area B: F674 #parkingsensor #SmartCityExpo https://t.co/5Dn3tQE1HE
2 weeks ago
Our noise monitoring solution selected as 1 of the most relevant and innovative solutions of @SmartCityexpo 2015. https://t.co/PCyHdZ9wEb
3 weeks ago
We'll be exhibiting our technolgy! See you there! https://t.co/5Dn3tQE1HE
3 weeks ago
RT @Arquitectura_PM: Recordad que falta sólo un día para los Diálogos de #ArquitecturaconEÑE de #Barcelona sobre #smartcities https://t.co/…
3 weeks ago
Gearing up for #SmartCityExpo! Find out how our smart solutions work in our demo area at B F674 https://t.co/xme6JguBiK @SmartCityexpo
3 weeks ago
5 NOV: Antoni Brey en los Diálogos de "Arquitectura con EÑE" presente en Barcelona. #SmartCities #Urbotica
4 weeks ago
Urbiotica monitoriza 9.300 plazas de parking en Alemania y Austria - Via @ESMARTCITY https://t.co/9mImTrLfp5
Jonathan Reichental, CIO de Palo Alto: "Todos los objetos de la ciudad h... https://t.co/ieDwXxX5oV via @YouTube
RT @accio_cat: Disponible vídeo darrer esmorzar d' #innovació amb @URBIOTICA: "Els 3 elements essencials per consolidar-se al IoT" https://…

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