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The City Operating System

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"At Urbiotica® we pursue the hybridization of sustainable urbanism and the most innovative technologies.

Just like Domotics is technology applied to home’s management, we understand Urbiotica® as the technology applied to urban environments, be it the city itself or some of its functional spaces (ports, airports, shopping centers, highway system, etc).

The challenge is clear: cities are ever more complex and costly to manage. The availability of massive real time data from what is happening in the urban spaces increases the efficiency of our actions: informed decisions, higher quality in the daily management services and activation of new added value services for the city of the 21st century.

The solutions developed by Urbiotica® are specifically designed to be harmoniously integrated in the existing environment. Sensors and communication devices which are robust, anti-vandalism, ultra-low power consumption (minimum 8 years life-span) and very low visual impact. Software platforms for data management, “cloud” type, which are modular and adaptable to each one of our customers. "
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2 days ago
Participem amb Tertulia Digital. Resum del sector #TIC 2014 i prediccions per al 2015 http://t.co/qpn6qXc2Av
3 days ago
Guangzhou awards highlight urban innovation http://t.co/NDwrcYMYde
Competencia entre ciudades. Articulo de Antoni Brey. #smartcities #iot http://t.co/1z6UPrm6sC
Competencia entre ciudades. Articulo de Antoni Brey #smartcities #iot http://t.co/1z6UPrm6sC
RT @dmarcop: Competencia entre ciudades. Article de Antoni Brey @urbiotica a @TecnoNewsInfo #smartcat http://t.co/7Uddr3eqXF
Thirty-five cities join the 100 Resilient Cities Network - http://t.co/gYufxQEpy2
2 weeks ago
@bcn_ajuntament ens felicita al #MW_Centre x ser la 1era empresa a col•laborar amb plataforma Sentilo. Gràcies Jordi! http://t.co/JgiwRFtbk1
2 weeks ago
RT @bumweb: Futur?Més aviat present! @MW_Centre @URBIOTICA tiene 10.000 sensores de aparcamiento en el mundo que generan 1M de datos útiles…
2 weeks ago
RT @adrianafreitas: FROM SMART CITY TO SMART REGION Irene Comte Deputy Director @Urbiotica 10.000 devices 1M msg/hour #iotforum @bdigital h…
2 weeks ago
RT @MW_Centre: .@URBIOTICA tiene 10.000 sensores de aparcamiento en el mundo que generan 1 millón de mensajes útiles/hora. #iotforum
2 weeks ago
"De #smartcities a #smartregions" Irene Compte a la taula rodona de l'#iotforum @bdigital http://t.co/LiXg0K91sc
2 weeks ago
RT @Carol_LG: @Carol_LG: IoT amb @URBIOTICA i Cloud Computing amb @Fiabee com a cloenda del 1r dia de l'UpMobile! http://t.co/ZxJU6RlcER
2 weeks ago
RT @JornadaTICUPC: Recordeu: a les 9:30 tenim la Xerrada interactiva de la Jornada #TicUPC amb @daviddomingo Anna M. Sánchez i A. Brey …
2 weeks ago
Irene Compte avui al Mobile World Centre. Programa Expert en #IoT en les #smartcities. @MWC_Barcelona http://t.co/MalOOYF5Wq
2 weeks ago
RT @parking_net: New parking guidance video from MSR-Traffic http://t.co/xzDzsoLSDJ
2 weeks ago
Parlant del #bigdata al #smartdata. Centre de Cultura Contemporània de BCN. Irene Compte, a CUIMP @cuimpb1 http://t.co/GbmwBXJjcW
3 weeks ago
Es important que la nova revolució de l’urbanisme i gestió de les ciutats es lideri des de BCN via @BCN_HabitatUrba http://t.co/BqZCTvgJso
3 weeks ago
La polución industrial cuesta más de 59.000 Millones al año a Europa via @lavanguardia #polucion #sosteniblidad http://t.co/BP3grWMmSt
3 weeks ago
RT @dmarcop: 3-Dec #IoTForum de l'Smart City a l'Smart Region amb @effilogics @clubRACC @urbiotica @sentilo_io @MobileWorldLab http://t.co…

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