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"At Urbiotica® we pursue the hybridization of sustainable urbanism and the most innovative technologies.

Just like Domotics is technology applied to home’s management, we understand Urbiotica® as the technology applied to urban environments, be it the city itself or some of its functional spaces (ports, airports, shopping centers, highway system, etc).

The challenge is clear: cities are ever more complex and costly to manage. The availability of massive real time data from what is happening in the urban spaces increases the efficiency of our actions: informed decisions, higher quality in the daily management services and activation of new added value services for the city of the 21st century.

The solutions developed by Urbiotica® are specifically designed to be harmoniously integrated in the existing environment. Sensors and communication devices which are robust, anti-vandalism, ultra-low power consumption (minimum 8 years life-span) and very low visual impact. Software platforms for data management, “cloud” type, which are modular and adaptable to each one of our customers. "
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2 days ago
Optimizing waste collection is a Win-Win:cost savings up to 35%, less littering & waste overflow,fewer gas emissions.https://t.co/fb7FAGnnUS
5 days ago
El mapa que muestra cómo se ha acelerado el crecimiento de la población mundial @lavanguardia https://t.co/UZewM1gb5c
6 days ago
El protocolo ante alta contaminación entra en vigor en Madrid - ESMARTCITY https://t.co/4O3Vlc0TeQ
La recogida de residuos en el nuevo paradigma de las smart cities - ESMARTCITY https://t.co/hhlWT9Z3Kr
2 weeks ago
Antoni Brey - About Us "Our tecnology improves efficiency and provides better services to citizens" https://t.co/UvdUwjeYjU #sensorsystems
3 weeks ago
Busquem un becari pel departament comercial https://t.co/YcD1zKT9WY
3 weeks ago
Pleased @NavigantRSRCH report named us Key Player in Smart Street Managment https://t.co/7wMGUIVetO
3 weeks ago
Talking about Urbiotica's #parkingsensors at Nice - #MagazineCapital For more information https://t.co/m73kMNW59m - https://t.co/a48O8KLLTX
3 weeks ago
Vols fer practiques en 1 equip de vendes d molt talent i en 1 sector que mola? Busquem becari 6 mesos.https://t.co/YcD1zLaLly @UniBarcelona
4 weeks ago
Antoni Brey "we knew technology would change how we manage our cities like it had done in our homes and businesses" https://t.co/UvdUwjeYjU
4 weeks ago
ANFAC presenta 7 medidas para reducir las emisiones en las ciudades - ESMARTCITY https://t.co/fn4s9l304n
Our technology taking part of the Audi parking guidance system in Ingolstadt https://t.co/Pd8IhW2S8D
2 months ago
Buscamos un Ingeniero de desarrollo de software! https://t.co/T4lZSClYHA
2 months ago
Happy holidays to all our followers! https://t.co/1PwrVEMBIW
2 months ago
Aprobada la convocatoria 2016 Retos-Colaboración de impulso a la I+D+i - ESMARTCITY https://t.co/hIOJzwgeSK
2 months ago
@MarcBoher La tecnologia transforma com gestionem els serveis de les nostres ciutats. @IOTSWC https://t.co/lRJLm9Dtas
2 months ago
La UPC ofrece información completa sobre el subsuelo de Barcelona - ESMARTCITY https://t.co/KuFpcdTjKb @BarcelonaTech
2 months ago
Enhorabuena por el éxito @mayescobar. Este año más! https://t.co/8f4dBHLMw1 Via @esmartcity_es
2 months ago
RT @iiveeinstitut: “Universitat i empresa encara no han trobat un llenguatge comú” https://t.co/VFS7yJtFSj per Antoni Brey, director @URBIO
2 months ago
RT @SmartCityexpo: RT @ActualSmartCity: Entrevista a Antoni Brey CEO @URBIOTICA @SmartCityexpo #SCEWC15 #IoT https://t.co/DRTb5SE9Rv https:…

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