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"RetailNext is the leader in Applied Big Data for Offline Retail. The RetailNext platform is purpose-built as a highly scalable platform that enables retailers and manufacturers to collect, analyze and visualize data about in-store customer engagement. Our analytics platform measures and provides insight on more than 400 million shopping trips a year. To do so we gather over 75 petabytes of raw data which are then translated to about 10,000 recorded data points per shopping visit, resulting in trillions of measured data points annually.

This open system takes advantage of rapidly improving sensor technologies such as cameras and Wi-Fi to bridge the enormous data gap between on-line retail and brick-and-mortar stores. Traditional retailers can now apply a similar data-driven approach used on the internet to ensure they provide the best possible shopping experience and stay ahead of constantly evolving customer needs. For the first time, retailers that run stores and manufacturers that sell through those stores can get real-time visibility into how their customers shop."
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George Shaw of @RetailNex, will present Tech & the Redefined Store of the Future at #shoporg14 ~ 3:30 ~ #retail
RT @shoporg: Over 75% of people who buy at our stores preceded their visit on one of our digital properties: @REI Digital SVP Brad Brown. #…
We've worked hard at #shoporg14, so stop by @RetailNext booth #138 and say "hi"#retail @shoporg
We've worked hard at #shoporg14, so stop by @RetailNext booth #138 and say "hi"#retail
5 Forces Impacting Retail Sustainability, via @ELDaily ~ Technology & big data 1 & 2. #retail #retailtech #shoporg14
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The floor opens at #shoporg14 in just a few minutes. Find time to stop by booth #138 to say "hi." Have a great show! #retail @shoporg
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RT @retailshelley: #shoporg14 Mindy Grossman "silo behavior is "out" @HSN @RetailNext
2 days ago
RT @retailshelley: #shoporg14 A. Brotman @Starbucks "digital is our remote control for the physical locations" @RetailNext
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Cut-price fashion to full luxury experience ~ London's Polarised Retail Scene, by @AndreaFelsted #retail @FT
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Why Stores Still Rule Retail, by @lfheller via @Forbes ~ 93.6% of retail done in-store last quarter
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"Still signs of life for retail creativity in a big-box way" ~ #retail
2 days ago
Is Facebook A Waste Of Retail Marketing Dollars?, via @lfheller via Forbes ~ Studies both rubbish & incredibly useful
5 days ago
RT @aratisharma: Macy's aims to become retail tech powerhouse with latest moves via @RetailNext

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