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"Lemnos Labs, based in San Francisco, provides seed investment, mentorship and encouragement to talented engineers with innovative ideas and a passion for making things. We believe that advances in rapid prototyping have paved the way for a new generation of hardware startups by reducing the time and resources required to bring a product to market. We aim to lead this charge by accelerating breakthrough technologies that solve real-world problems."
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@jswartz heard it was a location shoot for HBO’s Silicon Valley?
3 days ago
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2 weeks ago
RT @tmrohan: this is a great and accurate article, "how to sell you start-up" http://t.co/p6gVa8uQSw by @justinkan
2 weeks ago
RT @NASA: Milestone of 100,000-hours of @ISS_Research using EXPRESS rack on @Space_Station reached: http://t.co/O7O5KlEk1I http://t.co/iFa…
3 weeks ago
RT @mablum: RIP Mike Alsbury
3 weeks ago
RT @Avtips: Michael Alsbury, whose memory I salute, was a test pilot for #SpaceShipTwo first crewed, glide, and powered flights. http://t.c…

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