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"Lemnos Labs, based in San Francisco, provides seed investment, mentorship and encouragement to talented engineers with innovative ideas and a passion for making things. We believe that advances in rapid prototyping have paved the way for a new generation of hardware startups by reducing the time and resources required to bring a product to market. We aim to lead this charge by accelerating breakthrough technologies that solve real-world problems."
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How Swift Navigation Is Leading the GPS Revolution. https://t.co/gk9OyMvt4u
3 weeks ago
Airware Raises A $30 M Series C! https://t.co/CuGIE6QtyG
4 weeks ago
Congrats to Swift Navigation for making Inc.'s 30 Under 30 list of honorees for 2016! https://t.co/vFuhNQhq2d
4 weeks ago
Congrats to 6SensorLabs [now Nima] on their Series A! https://t.co/geo4twbfOV
RT @NimaSensor: .@6SensorLabs secures $9.2M in Series A round, adopts Nima as company name https://t.co/AkrDJxNI5V #startup #funding https:…
RT @TechCrunch: 6SensorLabs raises a $9.2 million Series A to expand its line of food allergy testers https://t.co/tzItRn4BYQ by @mjburnsy
We have a new Entrepreneur in Residence! https://t.co/rQwChMwVsL
Congrats to Spire on their birds leaving the space station! https://t.co/kqwou6shGE
ICYMI: The Lemnos team is growing! Welcome Tim as Director of Portfolio Development! https://t.co/oXrLyFuiRZ
From our new @lemnoslabs team member: https://t.co/WLn6vdBPg3
Our @lemnoslabs team is growing! https://t.co/oXrLyFuiRZ
2 months ago
RT @Xconomy: Join the CEOs of @SimbeRobotics, @LemnosLabs, @PreNavInc, more for Robo Madness West June 22 in San Jose | https://t.co/cZ50Mw…
2 months ago
RT @Xconomy: Robo Madness West on June 22: Early Bird Rate Ends Today. Join @JiboRobot, @iRobot, @lemnoslabs, More | https://t.co/U8BBVADOd…
2 months ago
RT @Swiftnav: Looking forward to it! https://t.co/BT5rgaiQuc
2 months ago
RT @nomadicnerd: Excited to moderate this panel. If you're around and want to talk startups come find me! https://t.co/BLsygqomzm
2 months ago
RT @Infocast_Space: Final leg of #Space 2.0! Coming up this morning: @AndOneTech @BessemerVP @lemnoslabs @astrodigitalgeo @RSMetrics @HeraS
3 months ago
Big day for @airware ! New round, new customers (State Farm), and John Chambers is joining the board! https://t.co/qSiclBaS58
3 months ago
RT @nomadicnerd: Congrats to @ppl4world and the team at @SpireGlobal on a successful launch!

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How a Garage-Based Incubator Is Fueling the Hardware Revolution

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