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"Lemnos Labs, based in San Francisco, provides seed investment, mentorship and encouragement to talented engineers with innovative ideas and a passion for making things. We believe that advances in rapid prototyping have paved the way for a new generation of hardware startups by reducing the time and resources required to bring a product to market. We aim to lead this charge by accelerating breakthrough technologies that solve real-world problems."
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2 weeks ago
AquaCloud protects our vital water sources and is looking for a great web engineer to join their growing team! http://t.co/4PaDzabq41
3 weeks ago
RT @CSaid: Hardware accelerators help startups move "shockingly" fast, says @NomadicNerd @LemnosLabs http://t.co/rm5T02ppnG
3 weeks ago
Exciting opportunity to present your food “tech” startup at the Smart Kitchen Summit to a strong review group! http://t.co/RADEavkgjo
4 weeks ago
Startups Rocket To The Front Of The Space Race http://t.co/Pffy3DZ8Pc via @techcrunch
RT @cdixon: Amazon proposes drones-only airspace to facilitate high-speed delivery http://t.co/c4mctTpouK http://t.co/HkEFw6Bu5b
RT @verge: Amazon launches its second mini-store for hardware startups http://t.co/JlCAt6ZEUS http://t.co/otmyszYzeg
Want your flying burrito? Join @StartupPolicy 7/30 @Runway_is for the future of the Drone Economy! RSVP http://t.co/DqrbHL0bEJ #techpolicy
Airware navigates future of drones http://t.co/3RgQAjuuZa via @usatoday
RT @StrictlyVC: Razer Confirms Acquisition Of Ouya’s Software, Tech And Dev Teams In All-Cash Deal http://t.co/ldYQ7B1Beb
2 months ago
RT @heyjnay: Completed assembly of @shapeoko 2 for @lemnoslabs today! So excited I took the test sheet home & framed it. http://t.co/PReORH…
2 months ago
The World According to Spire's Peter Platzer https://t.co/k2X70kAzxI via @sharethis
2 months ago
RT @ianbremmer: How to get a job in Greece: Get Old http://t.co/sQ9bwvH6CG
2 months ago
RT @Peter_Atwater: In Greek news the left hand repaid the right hand by borrowing from the right hand. Meanwhile right foot kicks the can t…
2 months ago
RT @noUpside: SF parents of babies < 1 yr old: @sproutling is doing a (paid) sleep study! Participate here https://t.co/WbyhwgsTh0. Better …
2 months ago
RT @cdixon: Hardware companies should be very careful what they show in promotional videos before they've actually built and manufactured t…
2 months ago
RT @arstechnica: After drone diverts fire-fighting planes, lawmakers want fines and jail time http://t.co/sFTmWQ283j by @MeganGeuss
2 months ago
@ronanfurlong let it roll ;-)
2 months ago
RT @FromTheLabBench: I'm doing research on women's experiences in science. Pls send me suggested articles or contribute to my survey: http:…
2 months ago
2 months ago
@ronanfurlong tighten your schedule ;-)

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