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"Lemnos Labs, based in San Francisco, provides seed investment, mentorship and encouragement to talented engineers with innovative ideas and a passion for making things. We believe that advances in rapid prototyping have paved the way for a new generation of hardware startups by reducing the time and resources required to bring a product to market. We aim to lead this charge by accelerating breakthrough technologies that solve real-world problems."
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4 days ago
Robots step into new planting, harvesting roles http://t.co/euCswHZ1VX via @WSJ
5 days ago
We Can’t Let John Deere Destroy the Very Idea of Ownership http://t.co/4HigfMacsH via @WIRED
5 days ago
Makerbot’s Saddest Hour http://t.co/PJbOClCi1I via @techcrunch
6 days ago
quad demo presenter says he can turn off the drone because it is so loud in a small, enclosed space. I say I’m used to it…
6 days ago
large quad flying in our small partner office. presenter expects surprise when I walk in. He’s more surprised when I’m not surprised ;-)
RT @jbdowney83: The @airware Flight Core is esentially the 8086 of #drones - http://t.co/5FroOCbQuW - and now @intel is an investor! http:/…
RT @airware: Airware is officially ready for liftoff! http://t.co/wD6hXinpNt
RT @odannyboy: We Put a Chip In It! http://t.co/8tINYDPJou #IoT
We Need To Get The Internet Of Things Right http://t.co/wQLtESWYUJ via @techcrunch
@PeterRun8 Thanks for mentoring!
Super excited to be teaching at Hardware Workshop in two weeks. A must attend event if you are building #hardware. http://t.co/JDkMvMYNIq
2 weeks ago
RT @airware: Our CEO @jbdowney83 on making commercial drones a reality http://t.co/K9WJXXYYml
2 weeks ago
RT @airware: Drone Brain Maker Airware Gets a Lift as GE Climbs on Board http://t.co/TLajlPbP00 #drones #PoweredByAirware
2 weeks ago
RT @thenickster: Today @Airware brings to commercial drones what Windows did for the PC. Big milestone! http://t.co/RwTsxIZ7vR #PoweredByAi
2 weeks ago
Chinese drone maker DJI in talks to raise funding at valuation of $10 billion http://t.co/RqNNMKd4f1 via @WSJ
2 weeks ago
Great piece on a great porfolio CEO, Peter Platzer. @SpireGlobal http://t.co/DUTzcgkRFF
3 weeks ago
Jawbone Will Ship UP3 On April 20, Blames Water Resistance Problems For Delay http://t.co/xCZZbkrOe6 via @techcrunch
3 weeks ago
RT @mlcwong: I put together a chart of @Honeywell_Home's product pg & startups unbundling parts of its biz https://t.co/fKoHMJmQlI http://t…
3 weeks ago
RT @500Startups: Getting a Visa Took Longer Than Building Instagram, Says Immigrant Co-Founder http://t.co/DPyqYJnjL1 via @business
3 weeks ago
AIG receives FAA approval for drone use http://t.co/UF3fN9dONO via @WSJ

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