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"Lemnos Labs, based in San Francisco, provides seed investment, mentorship and encouragement to talented engineers with innovative ideas and a passion for making things. We believe that advances in rapid prototyping have paved the way for a new generation of hardware startups by reducing the time and resources required to bring a product to market. We aim to lead this charge by accelerating breakthrough technologies that solve real-world problems."
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23 hours ago
@cochet send an email to info at http://t.co/osry6qPPiU!
2 days ago
RT @mims: Kickstarter has become a machine for established businesses to generate as much unpaid advertising as possible http://t.co/dNNSfi…
3 days ago
RT @Techmeme: Google Mulling "Strategic Investment" in Device Maker Jawbone (Re/code) http://t.co/mCSJtKyH53 http://t.co/k1MgEMqFKX
3 days ago
Lytro cuts jobs, raises $50 million in shift toward virtual reality and video (exclusive) http://t.co/8WPfZEwTox via @InaFried
5 days ago
RT @kpcb: Flying High – VC Funding to Drones Tops $100 Million in 2014. cc: @CBinsights http://t.co/b26NxQRMG0 http://t.co/ARajQYwHMV
5 days ago
Britain Will Rewrite Its Traffic Laws for Robocars' Sake http://t.co/9OEgSwbKES via @IEEESpectrum
5 days ago
The wild weird world of carbon fiber http://t.co/6LEnwkhtDL
5 days ago
More than a billion enterprise devices are on the Internet of Things http://t.co/pZonEAFjJ1 via @ahess247
5 days ago
RT @FlyingBenji: I just published “Proposed FAA Small UAS Rule — What is Class B, C, D, and E airspace?” https://t.co/Oje80jCdAu #drone #np
How the photocopier changed the world by @pomeranian99 http://t.co/y5MRxweXB5 via @SmithsonianMag
Wal-Mart, Nike, Barrick are some of the big names that have skirted the FAA drone ban http://t.co/ISQcyZ96VP via @WSJ
RT @hacksterio: We're thrilled to have @lemnoslabs joining us for Hackster #HardwareWeekends http://t.co/UOL6LQYt9Y http://t.co/G56ty1Kyq5
2 weeks ago
RT @jbdowney83: Shots of @airware powered vehicles, FAA reg discussion, and an interview with @jkallman85 on ABC news 7 tonight - http://t.…
2 weeks ago
RT @cdixon: Great news today from the FAA re commercial drones. Good overview from @bznotes http://t.co/ddGu0pNDjR
2 weeks ago
RT @Recode: FAA Proposes Small Commercial Drone Flight Regulations http://t.co/MARNFsr2oR by @LizGannes
2 weeks ago
RT @Benioff: Incredible story and video about the robots at @UCSFChildrens! http://t.co/v2Cf8f38dY
3 weeks ago
RT @cdixon: Nathan Myrvold aka Voldemort of the Internet, strikes again: "Symantec must pay $17M to world’s biggest patent troll" http://t.…
3 weeks ago
@david_bryant Glad you enjoyed the visit. mi taller es tu taller ;-)
3 weeks ago
RT @hunterwalk: Beyond SKUs: Dipping Our Toe Into Hardware Investments http://t.co/q4toDWbMMs [new blog post]
4 weeks ago
Uber Opening Robotics Research Facility In Pittsburgh To Build Self-Driving Cars http://t.co/op7O8J1S9o via @techcrunch

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