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"Sensors are the future of distributed data. General-purpose computing is dissipating and becoming increasingly embedded into our lives (four words: the Internet of Things). We will soon begin to move in a sea of data, our movements monitored and our environments measured and adjusted to our preferences, without need for direct intervention.

What will this look like? How can we create and shape it? How can we introduce the relevant hardware to people who already possess data analytics skills?

One answer is: the O'Reilly Data Sensing Lab."
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Hey Data Sensing Lab fans! We're up for an Internet of Things award — and we're in second place! Vote for us here:
RT @aallan: This and this make me wonder whether rolling out #ibeacons is such a good idea ri…
RT @aallan: What if you could win the #CES Scavenger Hunt, without ever having to go to #CES? #ibeacon…
RT @aallan: “Reverse engineering the @estimote #ibeacon”, by @sandeepmistry and me, #hack #security #iot http://t.c…
@sireb In the meantime there’s data from previous @strataconf and from Google I/O earlier in the year?
@sireb Most of the #senselab team is still on the road after @strataconf NY. My guess it’ll be a week or so yet. Really sorry.
RT @aallan: Multiple generations of #senselab sensor motes here at #strataconf,
RT @aallan: Major update to the @datasensinglab Git repository—now with 5 generations of motes, #senselab http://t.…
At #strataconf, @edd is holding up one of our sensor motes on stage! Come talk to us in the third floor foyer if you'd like to know more.
RT @aallan: What should the #senselab ask the crowd at @strataconf? "We believe that X beats Y. Hit the button if you agree."…
RT @aallan: Rolling out #senselab sensor motes across the 3rd floor of #strataconf,
RT @aallan: Setting up the #senselab for @strataconf in New York which kicks off tomorrow,
RT @aallan: If you are interested in hacking on the #senselab data during #mozfest locations plans are up, http://t.…
RT @aallan: The #senselab at #mozfest. Logo looks good on the iCAN. /cc oreillymedia
RT @kippworks: Check out the live visualization of cell phone activity in my #sensorjournalism panel at #ona13:
@zebarto Not at the moment, no. Sorry.
2 years ago
@zebarto Yup, you can buy them at and yes, we ship internationally.
2 years ago
RT @aallan: I’ve just done a big update to the GitHub repository for the @DataSensingLab, #senselab

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