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"Local Motion is a leading provider of car sharing and mobility management technologies.
Description: Our technology powers smart fleets for corporations, campuses and government. Stop sharing the keys, start optimizing your assets!

We’ve developed a small telematics device that we install in any vehicle. Employees save time by switching from using keys to using their badge to access vehicles. We provide a web-based dashboard that helps manager’s control the fleet and make hard decisions. Managers can monitor activity, lower maintenance costs and decide how to rightsize their fleet."
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5 days ago
RT @carsharing: .@getlocalmotion plans expansion to outfit 90,000 vehciles with #carsharing technology - http://t.co/hcJOEHP5jZ
We had a great meeting at @iCracked today in the Lego room. How jealous are we of this office? #everythingisawesome http://t.co/6sxIZuhqCD
Local Motion wants to help organizations pool their transportation resources. http://t.co/gHWGyIL2EM via @autobloggreen
@AutoblogGreen covered @getlocalmotion and our efforts to pool transportation resources within organizations http://t.co/qjviYNbxkQ
2 weeks ago
We've arrived in Loveland. Come visit our table at Fleetcon 2014! http://t.co/B1JMkQc2nU
2 weeks ago
Local Motion Fuels Fleet Sharing for Corporations and Government Agencies with New Deployments and Partnerships http://t.co/cj2MCpDnmZ
2 weeks ago
2 weeks ago
RT @VINCIAutoroutes: #Innovation Zoom sur @getlocalmotion, une start-up qui rend les voitures + intelligentes http://t.co/QD2dE360Vp via @1
2 weeks ago
RT @15marches: [blog] Découvrez @getlocalmotion, la startup qui rend les voitures plus intelligentes http://t.co/LoTmltegP1http://t.co/g…
2 weeks ago
@15Marches featured @getlocalmotion in their report on the future of transportation. You can find the article here: http://t.co/svMVt6rXwX
3 weeks ago
Read Wireless Logic's White Paper on Local Motion - Connecting Mobile Assets http://t.co/TV0AUCnlWt
3 weeks ago
RT @tdewaziers: Local Motion's case study for Wireless Logic -> connected cars http://t.co/Kv84KL1NU0 @getlocalmotion
@RaphKomjat Highest score so far is 14500. Keep having fun and submit your code if you'd like an interview or to grab coffee w/an engineer.
Read about the new way drivers can find shared vehicles using Local Motion http://t.co/Y7m40agcII #sharedfleets
RT @AutoblogGreen: $14,000 for a new electric car doesn't sound bad, does it? http://t.co/aJgGGQ1AFe
2 months ago
RT @stevesi: Hilton Hotel Guests Will Be Able to Use Smartphones as Keys. Yay! I use @getlocalmotion for my car to do this today. http://t.…
2 months ago
RT @aisgrogan: At EV Roadmap conference in Portland with EV early adopters. Come see @getlocalmotion at the break! #EVRM7 http://t.co/yosq3…
2 months ago
RT @matthieurouif: “RT @jen_keesmaat The typical American car spends 96% of its time parked." Hopefully, there is @getlocalmotion

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