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"Local Motion is a leading provider of car sharing and mobility management technologies.
Description: Our technology powers smart fleets for corporations, campuses and government. Stop sharing the keys, start optimizing your assets!

We’ve developed a small telematics device that we install in any vehicle. Employees save time by switching from using keys to using their badge to access vehicles. We provide a web-based dashboard that helps manager’s control the fleet and make hard decisions. Managers can monitor activity, lower maintenance costs and decide how to rightsize their fleet."
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Have you entered @googleexpress' #SpotTheTurkeyContest? See our device in action as the vans travel across SF. http://t.co/62ky5mnuMM
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.@SacCityFleet thank you for sharing our white paper on motor pools! We're glad fleet managers are finding it useful: http://t.co/9oXpxiQpbC
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Download our step-by-step guide to build and manage a successful government motor pool. http://t.co/TcB4jODsLs #fleetmanagement #government
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Have you logged onto our platform today? We have some eye candy for you. Happy Halloween! http://t.co/B8gLKxy3im
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RT @stacydamico: "Ownership is Over - Reuse the resources around you" @Airbnb @getlocalmotion @digitalocean
4 weeks ago
Did you know increasing car sharing in governments can improve fleet utilization?. Join us for a webcast tmr: http://t.co/RzRypNIMmP … …
4 weeks ago
Want to learn more about running successful motor pools? Join us for a webcast w/@Carahsoft next Tuesday! http://t.co/GPrQ7GQk8K
RT @tdewaziers: Article on Local Motion in @lemondefr http://t.co/npuq5J8ogB @getlocalmotion Thank you @GiboryE
Want to create a government motor pool? Join us for a webcast w/@Carahsoft to learn best practices on 10/28: http://t.co/RzRypNIMmP
We spy Local Motion's device installed in the City of Sacramento's Nissan Leaf!@SacCityFleet #greenfleetforum http://t.co/c2xb7ttPmr
Any decision you make as a fleet manager to increase efficiencies & reduce GHG can be significant to stabilize our climate #greenfleetforum
Did you know that a third of greenhouse gas worldwide comes from transportation? #greenfleetforum @CleanCitiesSac
Great day networking with some of the top green fleets in the country. @CleanCitiesSac @SacCityFleet #greenfleetforum http://t.co/AMmwuXGcoh
"The future for fleets is to share equipment." - @SacCityFleet. Thanks for the shoutout, Keith! #greenfleetforum http://t.co/S7JHPq5ysw
Say hi to our team at the North American Green Fleet Forum, Oct 15-16 with @CleanCitiesSac @SacCityFleet http://t.co/51xWSY6FyZ

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