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"Local Motion is a leading provider of car sharing and mobility management technologies.
Description: Our technology powers smart fleets for corporations, campuses and government. Stop sharing the keys, start optimizing your assets!

We’ve developed a small telematics device that we install in any vehicle. Employees save time by switching from using keys to using their badge to access vehicles. We provide a web-based dashboard that helps manager’s control the fleet and make hard decisions. Managers can monitor activity, lower maintenance costs and decide how to rightsize their fleet."
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20 hours ago
RT @aisgrogan: At EV Roadmap conference in Portland with EV early adopters. Come see @getlocalmotion at the break! #EVRM7 http://t.co/yosq3…
4 days ago
RT @matthieurouif: “RT @jen_keesmaat The typical American car spends 96% of its time parked." Hopefully, there is @getlocalmotion
.@google It was awesome to see these around Googleplex in Mountain View http://t.co/pREvzPaVUQ #sharedfleets #getlocalmotion
RT @DriveOregon: @FiatUSA, @getlocalmotion, and @Enterprise are now sponsors for #EVRM7, supporting e-mobility nationwide!
2 weeks ago
RT @launchticker: .@getlocalmotion is a service that replaces fleet keys w/ employee badges. http://t.co/GT4YA54WiJ http://t.co/mevJgxDsjq
2 weeks ago
RT @stevesi: @bgurley @w3be @Nextdoor @niravtolia s/w enables everyone to not own everything + maximally use what is owned @lyft @airbnb @g
2 weeks ago
RT @15marches: Ce matin @15marches a rencontré avec @getlocalmotion w/ @louisChatriot @tdewaziers >>> bientôt sur notre blog <<< http://t.c…
2 weeks ago
Article by @stevesi on auto disruption mentions how @getlocalmotion is improving basic car functions thru RFID access http://t.co/ofVzNcj5sY
3 weeks ago
RT @AutomotiveFleet: [6/30/2014] Fleet Safety Video Tip: Freeway Driving http://t.co/suH63Zk1Bs #Fleet
RT @GreenCarReports: Behold Harley-Davidson's first electric motorcycle. No, the sky isn't falling. http://t.co/vptpzmfzkP http://t.co/uWa4…
RT @mjavault: Talking security at @parisoma with @ KScottMorrison and @NissanUSA cc @getlocalmotion 
RT @parisoma: Great to have Co-Founder Clement Gires of @getlocalmotion team discussing "SV's influence and disruption on the car space." #…
RT @picsoung: Wow @getlocalmotion looks like a great tool for fleet management ! Great tool to manage hundred cars for your employees #apid
RT @HeleneAndre_: 'OEMs do understand that 5 years from now they won't sell cars anymore, but mobility' says Gires, founder of @getlocalmot
Co-Founder Clement Gires will be on the #apidays panel discussing "SV's influence and disruption on the car space." http://t.co/oQaKj50ftZ
Arrived in Sacramento for the Clean Cities Coalition meeting with @saccityfleet http://t.co/eKG02MTqc6
RT @matthieurouif: .@getlocalmotion on BFM Business http://t.co/3I0qgEbFyf
2 months ago
Congratulations to Kelly Reagan from @columbusgov on his win at #gfx2014 http://t.co/8owhBoahMO

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