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"Local Motion is a leading provider of car sharing and mobility management technologies.
Description: Our technology powers smart fleets for corporations, campuses and government. Stop sharing the keys, start optimizing your assets!

We’ve developed a small telematics device that we install in any vehicle. Employees save time by switching from using keys to using their badge to access vehicles. We provide a web-based dashboard that helps manager’s control the fleet and make hard decisions. Managers can monitor activity, lower maintenance costs and decide how to rightsize their fleet."
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4 days ago
Having fun with our 500 Internal Server Error page. http://t.co/7boW1rjyqa
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"When every car can feel like it belongs to you, owning your own car becomes less compelling." http://t.co/JmHuv9d5zt @verge
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This clever new design solves San Francisco's housing crisis by taking away space from cars: http://t.co/t0eI2VqkLd @FastCoExist
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"Fleets using telematics and safety programs are finding savings in dollars, lost days, & lives." @AutomotiveFleet http://t.co/j8T3dJgVPo
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3 weeks ago
The U.S. Postal Service could reduce its maintenance costs by $21.8 million a year: http://t.co/2e0lZ3kGzT via @AutomotiveFleet
3 weeks ago
Cities typically are willing to share best practices - the City of Edmonton is capitalizing on this: http://t.co/V53Vw6ktGu
3 weeks ago
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Transportation agencies can identify opportunities to enhance the value of their assets: http://t.co/dVeQO6dn2R @governing
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The Future of Parking in an Era of Car-Sharing http://t.co/W2aSRBlEqM @governing
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Tired of managing your fleet's keys manually? Learn about the benefits of an automated system: http://t.co/LTfhqeInm2 http://t.co/hUy2Bu6BIj
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The sharing economy is getting 'very big, very fast' http://t.co/9wXkeHvt0o via @carmeldea @PwC_LLP
4 weeks ago
Want to know what our engineers are up to? We have an engineering blog! http://t.co/2miBsISLeE
End of the car age: how cities are outgrowing the automobile http://t.co/FMEirfXgGx
Assigning a vehicle does not always offer a good return on investment when running a fleet: http://t.co/LkqYoBbKI5 http://t.co/PUGA1HKaCx
Cutting California Emissions by 40 Percent: A Blueprint for Climate Leadership http://t.co/WjfgAo1zQK
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