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"mojio provides real time vehicle data and diagnostic information in plain language. Developer tools enable people and organizations to create apps that makes cars smarter and safer, so you can stay focused on the road.

mojio-enabled cars can automate just about anything, from parking to porch lights, to voice controlling music, calls and navigation, the possibilities are endless. mojio is the world’s first app store for everyday drivers and is revolutionizing the driving experience. "
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Mojio's Deal Featured - Black Friday Week - Cyber Monday Cheap Deals via @aconnectedcar
3 hours ago
Thanks for joining us at Code 911 last night!
4 hours ago
Happy #BlackFriday! #BlackFridayin3words - this deal will make your car smarter
20 hours ago
Check out this @kiip blog post featuring an interview with Mojio's developer evangelist!
RT @relayventures: At the Connected Car Expo, @getmojio hosted a hackathon for their platform selecting Pipcar as their winner! https://t.c…
Driverless future - Our cars will become a mobile living space #ConnectedCar #IoT
Your Personal Mechanic #BlackFridayin3words - this deal will make your car smarter
2 days ago
If you live in Gothenburg and have a Volvo, you no longer need to wait at home for packages
2 days ago
RT @relayventures: Check out the highlights from this year's connected car expo, featuring @getmojio front and center!…
2 days ago
Connected Car Alarm #BlackFridayin3words - this deal will make your car smarter
3 days ago
3 days ago
Sales for electric cars is still behind gasoline cars. This article explains the reason
3 days ago
Connect your car #BlackFridayin3words - don't miss this deal to make your car smarter
4 days ago
3D-printed cars will help speed up the process to make cars smarter #ConnectedCar #IoT
4 days ago
RT @SoCalMUSE: @getmojio allows users to view their vehicles performance #LAAutoShow #cce2015 @LAAutoShow @Connecte
4 days ago
Thank you @jumplive for capturing the Hackathon awards!
4 days ago
Tip: Check your windshield for any chips or cracks before the cold weather hits which can make the dents worse
6 days ago
Ruta 40 is the longest road in Argentina, a #DreamDrive that covers over 3000 miles, offering a range of scenery.
Cool! Mojio's website selected as one of the best Canadian web designs: by @boogiesbc @invo

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