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"mojio provides real time vehicle data and diagnostic information in plain language. Developer tools enable people and organizations to create apps that makes cars smarter and safer, so you can stay focused on the road.

mojio-enabled cars can automate just about anything, from parking to porch lights, to voice controlling music, calls and navigation, the possibilities are endless. mojio is the world’s first app store for everyday drivers and is revolutionizing the driving experience. "
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3 hours ago
Kiip is an app integration that rewards you for driving #ConnectedCar @kiip
19 hours ago
Find out where you fit on this #IoT map - The emerging landscape of smart things #ConnectedC
Every year 33,000 people are killed in auto accidents in the US. Do you use these features to give you alerts?
RT @vanidevs: Check out the details about October's meetup Our presenters are @buddybuild @getmojio @KelvinlauKl @dd
2 days ago
Mojio Cloak monitors your car's location, even when you're not in it. Watch to learn more: #IoT #ConnectedCar #tech
2 days ago
Are you ready for a ride in the Robot Taxi set to debut in 2020? #ConnectedCar #IoT
2 days ago
Tip: Wear gloves when changing the headlight bulb to prevent dirt and oil from hands #MechanicMonday #CarCare
4 days ago
Head to the Southern Hemisphere for this #DreamDrive in South Circuit NewZeland, filled with beauty and tranquility
5 days ago
Cool! Mojio's website selected as one of the best Canadian web designs: by @boogiesbc @invoke
5 days ago
72% of smartphone owners find value in #ConnectedCar. Are you one of them? Deloitte TMT #IoT
5 days ago
Here's a productivity tip to log your trips onto Google Drive! @IFTTT #ConnectedCar
6 days ago
Is your city taking part in transforming into a "smart city"? #IoT #ConnectedCar
6 days ago
The cellular fun phone for your car in the 80s that came with a calculator on the back #tbt
Discover Mojio Drive, featuring #connectedcar apps from @IFTTT @geturgently @kiip & more: #I
By 2022, there will be more than 500 connected devices in your home #IoT #ConnectedCar
@davelive, I recognize your name from the early days. Thanks for sticking with us! We'll inform the developer about their login issue.
@davelive, sorry to hear that. We'll connect with the developer about the issue. Are you using it on iOS or Android?
RT @riperides: Now... What would Herbie have to say about this 😎 @getmojio @geoffreyfowler #tech #startup 🚗
"The Future of Fun" brings toy cars to the a new level @anki #robotics #ConnectedCar #IoT

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