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"mojio provides real time vehicle data and diagnostic information in plain language. Developer tools enable people and organizations to create apps that makes cars smarter and safer, so you can stay focused on the road.

mojio-enabled cars can automate just about anything, from parking to porch lights, to voice controlling music, calls and navigation, the possibilities are endless. mojio is the world’s first app store for everyday drivers and is revolutionizing the driving experience. "
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3 hours ago
@GeeksandBeats Thanks for the offer! Email to talk about it.
4 hours ago
Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat: 700-plus horsepower of irresponsible fun by @catocarguy via @Globe_Drive
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Icon wants to build this amazing streamliner around the Tesla platform via @therealautoblog -- #cars #Tesla
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This beautiful short film captures the simple joy of driving vintage #cars
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How The Internet of Things Is Reinventing The Kitchen by @michaelwolf via @NetOfEverything - #Iot #InternetOfThings
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Our #DreamDrive this week is the beautiful Sea to Sky Highway between #Vancouver and Whistler What's yours?
Check out photos from the showing of beautiful classic and special interest automobiles at the Concours d'Élégance
How connected devices in #InternetOfThings are about to change the world by @InspireWiFi via @smallbiztrends -- #Iot
UK to let driverless cars loose on roads by January via @Stevetdent
The Energica Ego motorcycle is a two-wheeled electric rocket
2 days ago
Woohoo! Mojio is going to hack Whistler at the GROW Conference in August. We hope to see you there!
2 days ago
Buying a used car? Here's what you need to do ... via @Autofocusca -- #cars
2 days ago
5 lessons learned after purchasing a hybrid car via @GeeksandBeats
2 days ago
RT @jaygiraud: I got the better of traffic today using @getmojio. It was easy! #connectedcar #nomoreroadrage
2 days ago
My stomach is in my throat after watching this hill climb video
3 days ago
Here’s what automakers have to gain from connecting cars to the internet by @lmirani via @qz -- #ConnectedCar
3 days ago
Waiting for Connected Car 2.0 -- #ConnectedCar
3 days ago
In Boston, the Internet of Things is already in front of your face via @FastCompany -- #Iot #InternetOfThings
3 days ago
Bizarre 3-wheeled roadster combines tech, power, and insanity
3 days ago
Japanese Toyota ad with dancing gorilla is so preposterous, it's actually great via @AdWeek

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