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"mojio provides real time vehicle data and diagnostic information in plain language. Developer tools enable people and organizations to create apps that makes cars smarter and safer, so you can stay focused on the road.

mojio-enabled cars can automate just about anything, from parking to porch lights, to voice controlling music, calls and navigation, the possibilities are endless. mojio is the world’s first app store for everyday drivers and is revolutionizing the driving experience. "
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@Leigh_Christie, thanks for sending the positive #connectedcar vibes our way! @jaygiraud #IoT
RT @Leigh_Christie: Huge congrats to @getmojio and @jaygiraud for the $8M raise. IoT for cars is here!
RT @autotechcouncil: Past @autotechcouncil presenter @getmojio raises $8M series A Round led by Telekom Capital from @deutschetelekom! htt…
"OBD Dongle Start-up @getmojio Raised $8 million in Series A Funding" via @gpsbusinessnews #M2M #connectedcar #IoT
@honk4help congrats on your recent financing! It's been a great week for #auto #startups and the #connectedcar!
Take a Friday #DreamDrive along the cliffside curves of the #SanJuanSkyway. #RoadTrip #Colorado #auto
"Here are 5 #tech tools to help make your teen a safer driver" via @YahooTech by @tynanwrites #OBD #connectedcar #IoT
2 days ago
RT @theC100: Congrats to #48Hrs Alumn @getmojio for $8M Series A -
2 days ago
RT @GeithnB: Congrats to @getmojio on their $8M Series A Round via @techcrunch #tech #INVESTCAN…
2 days ago
RT @HonEdFast: Congrats to Vancouver based @getmojio participants in Cdn Technology Accelerator who raised $8m from @deutschetelekom http:/…
2 days ago
RT @KariLockhart: Congrats! @getmojio: #ConnectedCar Platform Raises $8M Series A Round via @TechCrunch by @frederic
2 days ago
@Leigh_Christie, as an OBD to USB, it's not very logical for every day drivers. We'll definitely keep watching to see what comes of it! 2/2
2 days ago
@Leigh_Christie, thanks for sharing. CANtact's biggest issue will likely be their firmware, as it has a long way to go. 1/2
2 days ago
@HonEdFast, thanks for your support! This is a great milestone for our team, for the #connectedcar and for #cdntech as a whole. #startups
2 days ago
@Commerce_Canada, Merci pour votre message et votre soutien, nous sommes très heureux! @deutschetelekom @HonEdFast
2 days ago
@KariLockhart, thanks for the shout-out! It's a very exciting time for us and for the #connectedcar! via @TechCrunch
2 days ago
RT @seanstanleigh: Open platform for connecting cars, @getmojio closes $8M Series A funding round.…
2 days ago
RT @gpsbusinessnews: OBD Dongle Start-up .@getmojio Raised $8 million in Series A Funding #connectedcar #OBD http://…
3 days ago
RT @techvibes: Vancouver's Mojio Raises $8 Million Series A Round @getmojio

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