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"Onset is the world’s leading supplier of data loggers. Our HOBO® data logger and weather station products are used around the world in a broad range of monitoring applications, from verifying the performance of green buildings and renewable energy systems to agricultural and coastal research.

Onset’s web-based data logging systems enable real-time, remote access to your data via cellular, Wi-Fi, or Ethernet communications. They can be configured with a wide range of external sensors for measuring weather conditions outdoors, and energy, power and environmental conditions indoors. These web data logging systems have been designed with an industrial-grade and double-weatherproof enclosure to ensure years of reliable operation in a variety of indoor and outdoor environments. "
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What Snowmageddon 2015 Is Showing #Boston About Building #Efficiency http://t.co/yp4dtdIH0G
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Students @GeorgiaNTC Use Temp/Relative Humidity HOBO #DataLoggers to Track #EnergyEfficiency http://t.co/KbIyYiVVlt http://t.co/UItLXDjXau
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Wow, Great Photo! #HOBOPhoto RT Securing HOBO to @vemcoteam VR2W mooring to pair T/light to #NassauGrouper tag data http://t.co/U9bCXwfTEz
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The more retweets & mentions your #HOBOPhoto gets, the more likely you are to win. Share your best application photo! http://t.co/6WcwRfonHg
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Good News! #HOBOPhoto Contest is extended until March 31. Send your best pic of a HOBO #DataLogger in action to win! http://t.co/6WcwRfonHg
3 days ago
#Didyouknow you can use our free #hobomobile app to access data anytime? #dataloggers #mobileapp http://t.co/83FYPdblDU
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Onset HOBO #DataLoggers enable #environmental #science that is critical to the health of the #planet & inhabitants http://t.co/TNGSMOlAks
3 days ago
Australian state and federal governments agree to crack down on #airpollution http://t.co/TZ6N3DhbVe

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