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"Onset is the world’s leading supplier of data loggers. Our HOBO® data logger and weather station products are used around the world in a broad range of monitoring applications, from verifying the performance of green buildings and renewable energy systems to agricultural and coastal research.

Onset’s web-based data logging systems enable real-time, remote access to your data via cellular, Wi-Fi, or Ethernet communications. They can be configured with a wide range of external sensors for measuring weather conditions outdoors, and energy, power and environmental conditions indoors. These web data logging systems have been designed with an industrial-grade and double-weatherproof enclosure to ensure years of reliable operation in a variety of indoor and outdoor environments. "
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Need to measure #barometric pressure? Check out our HOBO U30 #DataLoggers #climate #weather http://t.co/zT1WBpPUaf
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US Energy Department to contribute $5M to fund residential #buildingenergy efficiency research http://t.co/oYVXgn43j0 http://t.co/GngRXnE0T2
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Survey shows that national #water use is at its lowest point in 45 years, dropping 13% from 2005-2010 http://t.co/QD5MBfHPRF
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Do you want to save money on your #building #energy costs? Watch HOBO Data Loggers videos on Building Monitoring. http://t.co/nXB29K2rXM
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Researchers find that more than 20% of all man-made #methane emissions come from the surface of reservoirs. http://t.co/WZW8WXnQYD

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