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"Onset is the world’s leading supplier of data loggers. Our HOBO® data logger and weather station products are used around the world in a broad range of monitoring applications, from verifying the performance of green buildings and renewable energy systems to agricultural and coastal research.

Onset’s web-based data logging systems enable real-time, remote access to your data via cellular, Wi-Fi, or Ethernet communications. They can be configured with a wide range of external sensors for measuring weather conditions outdoors, and energy, power and environmental conditions indoors. These web data logging systems have been designed with an industrial-grade and double-weatherproof enclosure to ensure years of reliable operation in a variety of indoor and outdoor environments. "
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How #AirQuality Can Sink Student Test Scores via @BW http://t.co/1IwIgftWES http://t.co/izLryXtZb3
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Sick of climbing up ladders? New HOBO Temp/RH Logger measures/transmits via Bluetooth Smart up to 100 ft. Sweet! http://t.co/kaYLyNB2xC
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Record-breaking ocean temperatures wreak havoc via @newscientist #ElNino #climate http://t.co/n6RLH0BNWU http://t.co/myrywWrzju
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Robotic Dolphins Help Scientists Measure Antarctic Ice Melt, Temperature Changes #dataloggers http://t.co/Vi0Ns1afN5 http://t.co/m9oXqaJmTv
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RT @ACHRnews Survey Reveals Energy Management Awareness, Adoption http://t.co/BL8F4UbSA2 #hvac #energymanagement http://t.co/GlB55bc0dT
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Zero Emission Building Capable of Producing Almost 3 Times the Energy it Uses #buildingenergy http://t.co/9O1AzNbQGp http://t.co/vOB02FuTNh
Scientists examine mysterious tar mounds in the West African deep ocean #scientificdata http://t.co/OVpUg2krpi http://t.co/9q8now5Ggi
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SolaRoad: World's first #solar cycle path to open in the Netherlands via @physorg_com http://t.co/pz2kueSbJb http://t.co/HxuOIoddkD
Are you doing #environmental research? See how to monitor variables with HOBO Data Loggers by watching our videos. http://t.co/TEs2zUOYHu
2 days ago
While You Were Getting Worked Up Over Oil Prices, This Just Happened to #Solar #Energy http://t.co/hA88uGY6Do http://t.co/cFcbUbnDx5
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Manhattan’s Second-Tier Office Buildings Make #EnergyEfficiency a Goal via @nytimes http://t.co/C3apfa1OA1 http://t.co/uG0Kc94dkj
2 days ago
RT @ClimateReality Solar electricity to be as cheap/cheaper than avg electricity-bill prices in 47 US states by 2016 http://t.co/Rm0ifNggy3
2 days ago
Download data sheet for Onset’s new HOBO MX1101 Temp/RH Logger for Mobile Devices, Bluetooth Smart-enabled. http://t.co/Ys2mewyiFi
2 days ago
Study finds that satellites may be underestimating the warming of lower atmosphere #climate http://t.co/puXebPOejS http://t.co/XVcggIpumG
2 days ago
Why managing energy costs in #datacenters requires coordination between #FM and IT http://t.co/npggvaTZdZ http://t.co/BNpn9wPa0O
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Nevada Earthquake Swarm Increases Chance Of Larger Quake via @HuffPostGreen #geosci http://t.co/H4ZrnlVO81 http://t.co/jN51vl9fgy
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University researchers develop international #flood #monitoring system. http://t.co/1PiQbu2pkJ http://t.co/iYUr3lTTmF
3 days ago
RT @jjfrack @edcmagazine @HOBODataLoggers Plug Load Logger is ideal for building audits requiring detailed energy use http://t.co/8qgOqfjtMx
3 days ago
Microsoft's Zero-Carbon #DataCenter: First in US via @ElDaily http://t.co/nT2QAC9iss http://t.co/CaT26pVLfl

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