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"Council is a think tank that is project based and that aims to get the best people in the Internet of Things field in all the ranges of expertise.

Ideallly forecasting then becomes prototyping.

Forecasting by prototyping is a phrase of Ben Russell, the author of Headmap.

Council is developing methodologies, formats, forms of presentation and tools for mediation. We want to show institutions, government agencies and companies how they look now and how they will look after IoT.

We believe IoT constitutes an new ontology. Qualities and properties of a) citizens/end users, b) industry and c) governance will merge to form new leading actors. These three groups have always been quite distinct and sometimes antagonistic."
Latest From @council_IoT
14 hours ago
TU-Automotive Detroit 2016 (June 8-9) already has the who’s who of automotive technology confirmed
15 hours ago
Please join us for a webinar: What changes with the EU data protection regulation for internet of things technolog…
22 hours ago
Giulio Coraggio: Who is liable for blockchain?
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Megan Crouse: The Ethics Of Design And The Internet Of Things
Bruce Harpham: How the Internet of Things improves air travel
2 days ago
Luciano Floridi: On Human Dignity as a Foundation for the Right to Privacy
2 days ago
Workshop on: Collective Adaptation in Very Large Scale Ubicomp: Towards a Superorganism of Wearables
2 days ago
Charlotte Macken: Calling all makers, hackers and users: help create the world’s first open source wheelchair
2 days ago
Niall Hunt:The benefit of human experience
2 days ago
Come Carpentier: ‘Must decolonise scientific education for progress’
2 days ago
Thinfilm and Hopsy Deliver “Smart Beer” to the Craft Brew Market
2 days ago
Thomas Ricker: Samsung's building the first national network dedicated to smart cities. LoRaWAN hits the big time …
2 days ago
Ingrid Lunden: Nokia buys France’s Withings for €170M to ramp up in health tech and IoT
2 days ago
Francine Hardaway: Google's plan for the Internet of Things
2 days ago
Is This Really the Internet of Things? The use of IoT labels is exploding in a rapidly growing market.
2 days ago
Chrissie Cluney: Back to Basics: RFID and the IoT
2 days ago
Call for Position Papers: 2016 Federated Conference on Computer Science and Information Systems (FedCSIS) Gdansk, …
2 days ago
The Internet of Things An introduction to privacy issues with a focus on the retail and home environments
2 days ago
T.H.A. Wisman: eCall and the quest for effective protection of the right to privacy

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