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"McRock Capital is a venture capital fund focused on the intersection of sensors & software and large industrial markets - some are calling it the Industrial Internet or the Internet of Things. We are in an era of profound transformation as the digital world is helping us maximize the efficiency of our most critical physical infrastructures. Intelligent devices, intelligent systems and intelligent decision-making represent the primary ways in which large industries can deeply merge with the connectivity and analytics of the digital world. McRock invests across Canada and the USA."
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45 minutes ago
Gritty people believe, “everything will be alright in the end, and if it is not alright, it is not the end.” Amen @WhitVC
48 minutes ago
RT @WhitVC: Optimism + Confidence + Creativity = Resilience = Hardiness = Grit @Forbes @McRockCapital…
GE Brings Industrial Internet Solutions to Oil & Gas: Targets BOP and ESP Devices #IIoT
8 hours ago
Excited to Co-chairing the Propel Energy Tech Forum Jan 27-28 2015. Join O&G Tech Leaders in Calgary! @PropelForum
10 hours ago
Hey Mr. Entrepreneur, have you ever met this VC? Mr. Stupidhead! #VC
12 hours ago
The Edison by @Inteliot is a $50 small form-factor general purpose computer that enables the #IoT. Joins rival platforms such as Rasberry PI
13 hours ago
54% of top companies globally plan to use more sensors in this year. Check out PWC's Sensing the Future of #IoT Brief
Finally! Amendments coming to Canadian hostile take-over bid regime. Too many great companies put in play and sold
2 days ago
RT @ROKAutomation: Attacks on enterprise networks can come from anywhere, anything & anyone - even legacy OT devices. Are you prepared? htt…
2 days ago
The Myth of Venture Capital (why you shouldn't celebrating simply raising #VC) As a VC I should object, but I don't!
3 days ago
Of the 28 manufacturing metrics, OEE is important because it drives Profitability - the king of #IIoT metrics.
3 days ago
RT @PurviRajani: @WhitVC @McRockCapital Amen to that!
3 days ago
RT @WhitVC: Just Because You Work For a Start-Up Doesn't Make You An Entrepreneur... @McRockCapital…
4 days ago
Poser Alert!!! What makes you an entrepreneur...and what makes you full of BS.
5 days ago
Pure Technologies Buys Hunter McDonnell: Strengthens Growth in Oil & Gas Pipeline Monitoring and Management. #IIoT
5 days ago
The Most Active Corporate VCs of 2014 YTD
5 days ago
Cisco's Industrial Internet of Things is "Working on the Railroad". @Cisco_IoT #IIoT #IoT
6 days ago
Recipe for Success: 1 part brilliance, 1 part luck, 10 parts GRIT (perseverance, hardiness, resilience, ambition).
6 days ago
RT @QualcommVenture: It’s the end of the road for freemium cloud services via @VentureBeat
6 days ago
Toured @Panduit today near Chicago. Amazing company and impressive head office. Looking forward to coming back for the #IoT World Forum.

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