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"McRock Capital is a venture capital fund focused on the intersection of sensors & software and large industrial markets - some are calling it the Industrial Internet or the Internet of Things. We are in an era of profound transformation as the digital world is helping us maximize the efficiency of our most critical physical infrastructures. Intelligent devices, intelligent systems and intelligent decision-making represent the primary ways in which large industries can deeply merge with the connectivity and analytics of the digital world. McRock invests across Canada and the USA."
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16 hours ago
Same night I meet a co-founder of Commodore 64 Computer, a young guy interrupts us to ask what is the Commodore?
18 hours ago
Now that's the way to sing the Canadian National Anthem! Nice start to #EOYOntario
Small tech, meet Big Oil: Can new ties between sectors help solve some of the oil sands’ biggest problems? #IIoT
Where Would Tech #VC Returns Be Without Facebook, Cisco, and Google?
US Venture is Booming again! How do I know? US VCs have drifted into Canada again. Ok we also have great Cos @CVCA
2 days ago
RT @echeloncorp: Thinking of powerful #WomenInIoT--add Whitney Rockley of @McRockCapital to the list!
2 days ago
RT @echeloncorp: Who are the most powerful women in #IoT? Compiling a list--send us your names! #WomenInIoT
2 days ago
@echeloncorp McRock's @WhitVC for sure - also @aliciaasin CEO of Libelium and @padmasree CTO of Cisco Systems. Looking forward to your list!
2 days ago
Remember when you could get a pop for 50 cents and $2.7 billion was crazy money to buy a company for?
2 days ago
So cool to have Ron Sege join McRock's Advisory Board. Ron was an Exec & Director of 3Com - sold to HP for $2.7B
2 days ago
Live at Canada 3.0: "Google like a little toy when you put it in context of the deep web" @can3_0 @OpenText Jenkins
2 days ago
Jenkins: "Calgarians go to Houston, Austin, back up North to Toronto and Waterloo to figure out where innovation really comes from" @can3_0
2 days ago
Entrepreneurial Thinking: Everything will be alright in the end, and if it isn't, it is not the end
2 days ago
How the Internet of Things is Changing the Game for the Energy Sector #IIoT #IoT
3 days ago
RT @5Kehlee: @WhitVC thanks for the great presentation with the purple stilettos today!
3 days ago
RT @KyleLavender1: Sell for $20M or wait for $200M? via @sai
3 days ago
See 2014 MIT #IIoT Workshop Presentations from Siemens - Digital Factory and Rockwell - Disruptive Tech in Industrial
3 days ago
Periodic Table of #IoT by @cbinsights. @asanwal Good start but the category is huge. Only 8 Industrial IoT Cos?
3 days ago
McRock's @WhitVC talking about Resiliency today. Passion leads to Grit Grit overcomes Challenges Resiliency leads to Successes. Easy to Say
3 days ago
One of the better #IoT infograhics we have seen. Thanks @HarborResearch

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