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"McRock Capital is a venture capital fund focused on the intersection of sensors & software and large industrial markets - some are calling it the Industrial Internet or the Internet of Things. We are in an era of profound transformation as the digital world is helping us maximize the efficiency of our most critical physical infrastructures. Intelligent devices, intelligent systems and intelligent decision-making represent the primary ways in which large industries can deeply merge with the connectivity and analytics of the digital world. McRock invests across Canada and the USA."
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3 days ago
Program Just Announced: Speaker Line Up for the 4th Annual McRock IIoT Symposium in Montreal.
3 days ago
Unicorn Cool? Not really because creating a unicorn is as easy as overpaying for shares. via @PitchBook
5 days ago
Amen to @bfeld. Couldn't agree more (and we do #IIoT & hardware too)! The Long Lost Myth of Capital Efficiency
6 days ago
@fredwilson We like the attitude of Don't Automate, Obliterate. Worry some Industrial laggards lack viral coefficient
IHS Technology predicts 95.5 billion devices will be on the internet in 2025.
GE is becoming a lot less General and more Electric. The company is making significant moves to return to its industrial roots.
Corporate VC Deal Activity and Cash on Balance Sheet are Unrelated @Cisco_Invests @QualcommVenture @intelcapital
RT @wtvox: Hitachi Developed A Wearable Device That Can Measure Happiness #Wearables #IoT
RT @nicoladecarne: 5 Things We Can Do Without In #Manufacturing By 2025 #iiot
Harbourvest comes to Canada - sets up Toronto office. Congrats to Senia and the Harbourvest team! @seniarapisarda
A Recent #IoT Exit for #IoTDay. A few weeks back Amazon acquired 2lemetry, an Internet of Things startup
Happy Global #IoTDay! Today 15.38 billion things are connected to the Internet. Check out Cisco's Counter @Cisco_IoT
RT @aliciaasin: Will check it by myself in May - Montreal aims to become the wearable technology capital of Canada cc @McRockCapital http:/…
2 weeks ago
Dolly Parton, Industrial Internet and McRock in the same Google Alert! What a Day! #IIoT
2 weeks ago
2 weeks ago
I'm Seeing Bubbles...The Rise of the ‘Unicorns’
2 weeks ago
"If you think you are too small to be effective, you have never been in bed with a mosquito." - Bette Reese
2 weeks ago
RT @ngrain: We'll be attending the #IIoT Symposium by @McRockCapital this May in Montreal!
2 weeks ago
EDGY DARING INSPIRED REAL RT if you dig our new look.
2 weeks ago
Alberta Enterprise Corporation Invests $10 Million with McRock @ABEnterpriseCor #VC

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