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"City Innovation Group is a global network of experts who build smarter cities and embrace the transformation of city design and community development in the digital age.

We realize that as we enter the 'data era' many things are changing: mobile phones help us connect on-the-go; networks of sensors give us real-time information about traffic, the weather and more; and big data allows us to make more efficient decisions in our everyday lives.

Working at the intersection of urban design, data mining, social impact, architecture, policy making, interaction design and engineering, we connect through monthly meetings and online seminars to discuss how new technologies are shaping the way we live, work and play.

Core to our work and research is a belief that multidisciplinary and cross-cultural teams lead to richer thinking and greater innovation."
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2 days ago
RT @mavenites: 1. Advention: The Best Ads Aren't Always Ads with @CityInnovation #sxswsocial
2 weeks ago
@ianhelliott - Let's make it happen! :)
2 weeks ago
Shucks @Ben_Phillips, thanks! Just checked out some of your stuff too - very nice!
3 weeks ago
Something you city-lovers should know about: GovTech, a #VC fund for #civic startups via @NextCityOrg #smartcities
3 weeks ago
A co-working space for #CivicTech opens in NYC. #civicinnovation #smartcities #coworking
4 weeks ago
@urbanclio - crazy right? I got to go to set!
.@AllyssaKaiser - congrats on your Twitter game. I voted for you!
List of #IoT startups to follow. My personal fave is @EVRYTHNG
2 months ago
RT @winstonbinch: congrats to @VW @DeutschInc on one of the top ads of the 21st century
2 months ago
@bud_caddell - this made checking Twitter at this moment worthwhile! ;)
2 months ago
RT @traboccant: Long commute? No excuse. MT @CityInnovation: What do you think of the Copenhagen Wheel on a black frame? #delicious http://…
2 months ago
.@futuryst - nice! @remotedevice we should hang out in LA some time and chat about the future!
2 months ago
Loving this card game for thinking about Things From The Future by @futuryst and co.
3 months ago
RT @TaraGreer: Nice interview about designing products with Jon Lax of @teehanlax sensible and honest advice, minus the hype.…
3 months ago
Can ad agencies build long-lasting products?
3 months ago
RT @sandrafrem: @CityInnovation good news as usual! Copenhagen Wheel is one of Time Magazine's 25 best inventions of 2014.…
4 months ago
Autonomous robot takes virtual data and paints physical marks onto the sidewalk - from flood lines to crime. Cool. #IOT2014 @futurecitieslab
4 months ago
@VolteraInc is launching a home-printer that can print functional custom circuit boards in 60 minutes. #IOT2014 #hacker
4 months ago
RT @MeetoftheMinds: Avoiding Smart City Mistakes — Learning From the Past
5 months ago
Soon you'll be able to build a giant screen by snapping together lots of tiny ones.

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