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"City Innovation Group is a global network of experts who build smarter cities and embrace the transformation of city design and community development in the digital age.

We realize that as we enter the 'data era' many things are changing: mobile phones help us connect on-the-go; networks of sensors give us real-time information about traffic, the weather and more; and big data allows us to make more efficient decisions in our everyday lives.

Working at the intersection of urban design, data mining, social impact, architecture, policy making, interaction design and engineering, we connect through monthly meetings and online seminars to discuss how new technologies are shaping the way we live, work and play.

Core to our work and research is a belief that multidisciplinary and cross-cultural teams lead to richer thinking and greater innovation."
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14 hours ago
RT @andrewsaunders: .@MasterCard tests #mobile selfie payments, devises brilliant way to put the vain in debt.
2 days ago
RT @rachelmercer: Not surprised: Agile processes fail because management fails to decentralise
2 weeks ago
Want innovation? More makers? More creativity? Provide formal support for informal learning. @DHFBaltimore / Andrew Coy. #CIS2015 #truth
3 weeks ago
Yup. MIT-Singapore has created a free tool to analyze cities as spatial networks. #citydesign #smartcities
3 weeks ago
Obama hires stealth team of top tech, #UX and #productdev specialists to help fix gov. #civicinnovation #smartcities
4 weeks ago
#SmartCities need #Intrapreneurs just as much as #entrepreneurs: building this ecosystem is the topic of my talk:
4 weeks ago
RT @winstonbinch: Sign-up for the newsletter to stay informed and get drought enlightened #HackTheDrought
4 weeks ago
.@rachelmercer @MaryToves @wilderquarterly @thaz7 Straight back at you! "Nothing quite like a lady power team" + @TaraGreer @villahumana
4 weeks ago
RT @DeutschInc: #LAfuturethon is wrapping up! Thanks to Mayor @ericgarcetti for supporting this event. #dlife #hackthedrought…
4 weeks ago
.@lizzkahn The logo was designed by the uber talented @lorahsee. Glad you liked it. @HackForLA @Futurethon
4 weeks ago
Talking drought solutions and #civictech with Mayor @ericgarcetti and @winstonbinch. #hackforLA
4 weeks ago
My friends @domguinard and @vladounet are pretty big in the #iot world. And they've just launched this new book!
4 weeks ago
@KKosela People are the core of the sustainable city. We can have the best technologies in the world, but it's people that make change.
RT @CitymartTeam: #NewYork is seeking ideas to help bring #highspeedInternet access to all New Yorkers. Check: http:…
.@jase congrats on the awesome new Twitter handle. #civictech geeks and #urbannerds make sure you follow.
RT @EVRYTHNG: The #IoT can automate romance. Is it bad, or a guaranteed way to keep the spark alive?…
3 months ago
@launchrock Signed up for a new account - what happened to the themes and advanced code editor? I need to build everything from scratch now?
3 months ago
The racially diverse emoji set is here. But it's still missing a redhead! :(
3 months ago
RT @ForbesTech: The new racially diverse emoji are here:

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