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"City Innovation Group is a global network of experts who build smarter cities and embrace the transformation of city design and community development in the digital age.

We realize that as we enter the 'data era' many things are changing: mobile phones help us connect on-the-go; networks of sensors give us real-time information about traffic, the weather and more; and big data allows us to make more efficient decisions in our everyday lives.

Working at the intersection of urban design, data mining, social impact, architecture, policy making, interaction design and engineering, we connect through monthly meetings and online seminars to discuss how new technologies are shaping the way we live, work and play.

Core to our work and research is a belief that multidisciplinary and cross-cultural teams lead to richer thinking and greater innovation."
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RT @rachelmercer: Anyone surprised that apps are == microsites?
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@brianjeremy depends on the stalker 😉
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@myriadwill thanks for the shout out and glad you enjoyed the interview. 🙂
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5 months ago
Using a pretty awesome news round-up service called #theskimm. Funny stuff to start your morning.
5 months ago
@rczmconsulting I believe Apple designed it for people with little hands to reach all parts of the screen. But we've adapted instead.
5 months ago
Curious. do iPhone 6/6+ owners still use the light double tap on the home button to move the screen down?
5 months ago
@tomfgoodwin Hmm. Gut says creative doing media is more palatable for clients. Heart says neither will succeed without expertise and passion
5 months ago
RT @antheaws: @waldojaquith A standard with no publishers is just web trash. A standard with one publisher is just formated data.
5 months ago
@rachelmercer 👌🏻💜
5 months ago
@rachelmercer Would you mean the strengths finder? Slipping my mind too!

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