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"Smart Design is an award-winning innovation consulting firm with studios in New York, San Francisco and Barcelona. Founded in 1980, we work with companies of all sizes and across diverse industries to create human-centered design solutions that delight customers and help companies achieve their business goals. The products, services, experiences and innovation strategies we design drive business and make a meaningful difference in how people live, learn, work and play."
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13 hours ago
Smarties across the pond celebrating #thanksgiving @ Smart Design
2 days ago
The New York studio started our Thanksgiving early! @ Smart Design
3 days ago
Visual storytelling can transform kids' behavior and help them eat more healthy.
The UK healthcare system is disparate and complicated. Collaboration is a key to innovating #SmartSalon
bernardoschorr, our interaction designer, uses POP to turn hand-drawn wireframes into interactive…
A designed approach can help bring all the components together to work towards better patient care. #SmartSalon
2 weeks ago
Enjoyed today’s #GetSmart session with @extrafactory about speculative design! If you need plans in NYC tonight:
2 weeks ago
Will the primary channel for engaging in all health conversations be digital in 5 years?
2 weeks ago
If you’re heading to @BabsonForum tomorrow, check out Brett’s panel on prototyping & design!
2 weeks ago
What roles does Design have in keeping healthcare simple for the patient? Here’s what the UK #smartsalon had to say:
2 weeks ago
How does the UK community discern between good and bad healthcare advice? #SmartSalon
3 weeks ago
Brett Andler to join Dan Reilly, @joseagneta, & @ablerism on a panel about prototyping at this year’s @BabsonForum.
3 weeks ago
Design can solve UK’s disparate and ineffective healthcare system. Do you agree? #SmartSalon
3 weeks ago
RT @HealthUnlocked: Commercial Dir. @PhilGolz spoke at #SmartSalon about the future of #healthcare in the #UK: http…
3 weeks ago
ICYM this year’s @SDNconference, @JMNicholson reflects on important Service Design themes.
3 weeks ago
RT @whitehall: See How Gatorade Is Ending Its 50th Anniversary Campaign @smartdesign @adage
3 weeks ago
We’re excited about @Gatorade’s next 50 years! We’re helping them move the game forward. (hint :50) @adage
3 weeks ago
More patient involvement does not diminish the role of healthcare professionals. Lessons from the UK #SmartSalon
3 weeks ago
Check out jessvw favorite tool! What's in your toolbox? #ToolsdayTuesday @ Smart Design
4 weeks ago
What role should trusted advisors have across the UK health sector in the journey to wellness? #SmartSalon thoughts:

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