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"Tomorrow Lab™ is a product design and development consultancy with a unique focus on prototyping new hardware technology ideas and turning those into new market-ready products.

The products we develop allow new ventures to grow into companies, and allow established companies to break into new markets. Together with our network of rapid fabrication partners, we design, develop, and deliver revolutionary technology hardware solutions to meet the needs of our clients."
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54 minutes ago
Sharing is caring, or so Uber and other "sharing economy" based companies would have us think.
21 hours ago
@CitibikeNYC In Greeley Square on 33rd and 6th Ave. To the rescue!
21 hours ago
Why is this @CitibikeNYC locked up when there is a docking station just mere feet away? #stoleit
21 hours ago
Why is this rented Cities Bike locked up? #stoleit #citibike @ Greeley Square
22 hours ago
RT @rileywilkinson: Maker/Futurist Carla Diana @carladiana_ speaks at #MakerCon about a @Gatorade sensor used to keep players quenched. htt…
22 hours ago
RT @NYMag: Exhausted? Here's how to dig yourself out of 'sleep debt'
The inaugural Kickstarter dates back to 1713! Alexander Pope knows what's up. via @kickstarter
2 days ago
johnnyfogg cutting his handlebars. #tomorrowlab @ Tomorrow Lab
2 days ago
Into the Deep - An Ancient Computer Found In Roman Shipwreck
2 days ago
Awesome DIY art and recycling projects in NYC #rottenapple
2 days ago
Muppets in space? How about 3D printers in space!
2 days ago
New to 3D design? @shapeways offers quick, easy tutorials. #DIY
3 days ago
RT @verge: With Android One, Google is poised to own the entire world by @dcseifert
4 days ago
RT @ScandiStandard: Last night got weird. With thanks to @NicklasKunz for the #burger! @TomorrowLabNYC
4 days ago
@TXInstruments is throwing a WiFi party at Tomorrow Lab. Explore the SimpleLink CC3200.
iWatch "may make "wearable" seem like a less gross thing to say with our mouths."
RT @PasteBooks: 'Infinite Jest'...interpreted by an 11-year-old with #Legos:
Now the tires are getting smart? Check out this cool project called FOBO TIRE, a Bluetooth TPMS tire pressure sensor.
Today @CIIDnews and @TomorrowLabNYC are at the Bjorn International School testing our LEGOs with kids ages 6 - 12! #lego
BERG is shutting its doors. "We're wrapping up for this incarnation. Our partnerships and our services, they’re done"

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