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"Tomorrow Lab™ is a product design and development consultancy with a unique focus on prototyping new hardware technology ideas and turning those into new market-ready products.

The products we develop allow new ventures to grow into companies, and allow established companies to break into new markets. Together with our network of rapid fabrication partners, we design, develop, and deliver revolutionary technology hardware solutions to meet the needs of our clients."
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2 days ago
RT @generalelectric: Invisibility using only lenses? It's happening, and it could affect how surgeons operate. http:…
2 days ago
We are over the Endor moon about our new intern. He's full of measuring cups. #R2D2 #tomorrowlab @…
2 days ago
We love bad puns here at the lab:
3 days ago
@dimatosj Also, if you like The Girl on the Fridge, check out @AimeeBender
3 days ago
Our pal John @dimatosj on @theblueprintmag talking about design and @kickstarter
4 days ago
Ted is about to tell the #hardwirednyc world all about current trends in hardware start ups in NYC.
4 days ago
A stunning 18 Foot, 60 Ton Girl Holds Up The Ocean In The World’s Largest Ever Underwater Sculpture
4 days ago
RT @verge: The Nexus 9: hands-on Google's latest attempt to take on the iPad
4 days ago
Google releases Security Key:
4 days ago
Sneaky Star Wars Photos:
4 days ago
On the topic of "Walkable Suburbs", changes in American politics and urban promises in Iowa:
5 days ago
The @rgaaccelerator starts today with these cool 10 companies!
Check out the "emerging class of wearable computers that... attach to the body like an old-fashioned Band-Aid."
@thebotsband Bots! And no, not robots, young rockers from LA that are killin the punk scene.
Pi-Top, a Raspberry Pi laptop you build yourself! #cool #DIY
Project Eiger is a cool platform to elevate your printing needs #canon
Just hanging out with #designers
@IntelUSA Thanks! @TheVerge helped us show off our skills.
RT @IntelUSA: When it comes to creating a better tomorrow, @TomorrowLabNYC didn't back down. See their inspiring #design creations: http://…
2 weeks ago
Google Doctor: Just the answer we need to solve the ER problem or a place for hypochondriacs to go?

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