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"Tomorrow Lab™ is a product design and development consultancy with a unique focus on prototyping new hardware technology ideas and turning those into new market-ready products.

The products we develop allow new ventures to grow into companies, and allow established companies to break into new markets. Together with our network of rapid fabrication partners, we design, develop, and deliver revolutionary technology hardware solutions to meet the needs of our clients."
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10 hours ago
No, you are not in Pee Wee's Playhouse, this automatic pancake maker is REAL! #breakfast #nerds
"That's no moon" - Make your own Death Star Ice sphere!
See what creative urban folks across the US are up to in this intervention-based roadtrip.
RT @google: Today, our doodle marks the 148th birthday of Russian abstract painter Wassily Kandinsky.
Tomorrow, Today. 21st Century Robot: The Manifesto:
2 days ago
So much for worms just being bird feed - now they are robot feed.
3 days ago
The "World's First Bionic Pop Star" challenges both pop culture and prosthetic design with her debut "Prototype".
5 days ago
Rock n' roll makes you smarter!
6 days ago
Cute little iPhone alarm clock. #snooze
6 days ago
Sorry @wwpj, it's not just a band name anymore - We were promised jet packs, and they are here: #JETMAN #flying
6 days ago
Photo: Pepin Gelardi and Ted Ullrich are taking it to the students of SVA. Joining the Products of Design...
Check out @carladiana_ talking to Computer Magazine about the maker movement today!
RT @frankardj: Students scaffold from electric circuits to coding with @arduino - success!! #scieEd #STEM
Sweet Drone: The Carbon Flyer - The Ultimate Crash Proof Video Drone on @indiegogo
@pepinnow prepping for the #newinc workshop. #tomorrowlab @ New Museum
BSG's Edward James Olmos (Admiral Adama!) takes on Fracking. And no, it's nota made-for-TV cuss word.
We are excited about leading a workshop this afternoon at the New Museum's @NEWINC Incubator program! Stay tuned.
2 weeks ago
Otpical Illusion is so cool:
2 weeks ago
YotaPhone2 might be the coolest gismo of 2014:
2 weeks ago
Apple products not fit for human consumption:

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