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"We're a physical-digital agency based in New York.

We specialize in creating digital experiences that utilize custom robotics and devices to bridge the gap between online and the real world.

Some people call what we do “the internet of things” or “web 3.0.” In our opinion those sound a bit silly. We simply think of ourselves as inventors who are trying to take all the amazingness of what can be done online and bring it into some sort of device or experience in the real world. Stores can be smarter, an ad can come in the form of a hologram you can touch and museums can be as fun as playing with Kinect."
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3 days ago
RT @Cannes_Lions: Check out another clip from the 2014 Innovation Lions. A game-changer from @BREAKFASTny #LionsInno
2 weeks ago
50+ new #Instaprint faceplates just off the production line. Now featuring filleted edges. @instaprint_me
3 weeks ago
RT @instaprint_me: Two different kinds of launches -- @johnlegend at the @directv #SuperBowl, and @alexa_chung's new line for @AGJeans http…
@glamourgals Got it. We can help you with that. Have you filled out the rental form at
@glamourgals Hi there. Sorry you haven't received a response. Could you tell me which product are you looking to rent?
@malcolmtrimnell Possibly. Submit your resume and such via
2 months ago
We're hiring! Like, a lot. Big things are afoot. Come join us…
2 months ago
@beneinstein imitation is the sincerest form….
2 months ago
@beneinstein @boltvc That wasn't us, sadly. A copy cat.
2 months ago
@beneinstein hrmmmm….
3 months ago
RT @raynerlucas: Christmas jumper
3 months ago
RT @instaprint_me: Mr. @owenwilson1 showing off his foosball skills at @ArchDigest360's #ADOasisMiami. Gallery: http…
3 months ago
RT @instaprint_me: Deal alert! 30% off Instaprint rentals for holiday parties. Mention tweet in rental form: http://…
3 months ago
RT @instaprint_me: Another Instaprint Mosaic hand-made over 3 days for @CSX at the @nationalffa convention, to benefit @FeedingAmerica. htt…
3 months ago
RT @instaprint_me: .@lorealparisusa's #WomenofWorth w/ @_juliannemoore @evalongoria @diane_keaton… Gallery here: htt…
3 months ago
@kyleturman Give us a shout when's good for you. We're in suite 329.
3 months ago
RT @instaprint_me: Some newly CNCed prototype parts for the next run of Instaprint printers. #InstaprintSpaceShip
3 months ago
RT @instaprint_me: An Instaprint Mosaic created in real-time for @ACUVUE. It pulled 2,816 Instagrams, each printed and hand placed. http://…
3 months ago
RT @instaprint_me: Check out the gallery from @WSJ's #wsjinnovators with @Madonna @eminem @drdre and many more http…
3 months ago
@ShopBotTools Do you happen to know of a post processor for solidcam?


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