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"We're a physical-digital agency based in New York.

We specialize in creating digital experiences that utilize custom robotics and devices to bridge the gap between online and the real world.

Some people call what we do “the internet of things” or “web 3.0.” In our opinion those sound a bit silly. We simply think of ourselves as inventors who are trying to take all the amazingness of what can be done online and bring it into some sort of device or experience in the real world. Stores can be smarter, an ad can come in the form of a hologram you can touch and museums can be as fun as playing with Kinect."
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2 days ago
Project Teaser 8 - The super-cardioid #mics that capture the machine's amazing sound; thanks @jafbox for guidance.
5 days ago
You're going to be hearing more and more about this little @intel board over the next year. #inteledison
It's a short list of companies doing great work in this space, and we're gutted to lose @bergcloud. Much respect from all our crew to yours.
4 weeks ago
Project Teaser 7 - Running wires can be a work of art, albeit a tedious one when weaving 7,000 by hand.
@Perlenliebelei not as of yet, but you never know what the future might bring.
New fan guards for the latest production run of Instaprint Printers.
2 months ago
A new wireless networking standard for connected devices:
3 months ago
Project Teaser 6 - This power supply distributes 25 kW, 80 Amps throughout the machine.
3 months ago
RT @agencyspotter: Our Top Picks from #CannesLions, from Pharrell to @BREAKFASTny.
3 months ago
@livestream @jaesalinas possible to move to DM or
3 months ago
.@Livestream Interested in using you guys for a big project launching soon. Possible to chat with an engineer about trying something out?
3 months ago
RT “@aszolty: I'll be sharing never-before-seen stuff about @PointsSign in our Innovation pres today - 5th floor at 2:50pm. #CannesLions
3 months ago
Here's the completed Instaprint Mosaic of @Omar4Gonzalez and @AlexiLalas CC:@Marriott #FIFAworldcup
3 months ago
Check out the real-time Instaprint Mosaic that @Marriott did in Time Square for the #FIFAworldcup.
3 months ago
@brandonstarnes drop us a line at and also check out more info at
3 months ago
@brandonstarnes depends on event length, location, etc. We can give you a better idea if you fill out the rental form
3 months ago
RT @USA_CannesLions: Congrats to @breakfastny, one of the nine US shortlisted Innovation Lions entrants to present live at @Cannes_Lions! h…
4 months ago
Project Teaser 4 - A portion of the 1,000+ lbs of aluminum to become the super structure.
4 months ago
@mauraellen Hey there. You can drop a line at Thanks!
4 months ago
@stevienico Sorry you're having trouble reaching us. Have you filled out the form at If so, try


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