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"At the crossroads of Big Data and Internet of Things, Placemeter is a platform that senses and unlocks massive amounts of data about activity in physical places.

We use smart, inexpensive sensors and proprietary sensing algorithms as well as scalable big data backend tools to acquire, process and make sense of this activity data, and deliver it to the world in real time. The Placemeter data is used by store owners to optimize their stores and get insights, reporting and comparison data on their various stores. Placemeter is also building services and applications to help our retail and services partners build better consumer experiences for their own customers: with Placemeter, consumers can check how busy places are before going, or select the best time to go and avoid the rush. "
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RT @newcitiesfound: Bringing #UrbanDigitization to citizens - An article by @davidfine @Placemeter
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Biggest cause of #Injuries for #Pedestrians in NYC? Speed of car. Solution? Guess. #Placemeter
RT @kirstensalyer: .@florentp and the @Placemeter folks are doing some cool things with data and public spaces. Check it out:…
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@acedtect @NotPatrick Thanks for featuring us in your show. Btw we are hiring!
2 days ago
@peteskomoroch thanks for sharing. & btw we're hiring:
2 days ago
Why #Fast-Food Chains Love (and Deny) Having Secret Menus
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Pretty Cool Cocktail Party In The Green-Wood Cemetery Catacombs #halloween
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After 60 Years In Hell's Kitchen, Smith's Bar Is Closing This Week
3 days ago
#impressive Complex City Grids Visualized With Day-Glo Maps
3 days ago
What's the most spoken language apart from English at each London Tube stop? #surprising

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