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"At the crossroads of Big Data and Internet of Things, Placemeter is a platform that senses and unlocks massive amounts of data about activity in physical places.

We use smart, inexpensive sensors and proprietary sensing algorithms as well as scalable big data backend tools to acquire, process and make sense of this activity data, and deliver it to the world in real time. The Placemeter data is used by store owners to optimize their stores and get insights, reporting and comparison data on their various stores. Placemeter is also building services and applications to help our retail and services partners build better consumer experiences for their own customers: with Placemeter, consumers can check how busy places are before going, or select the best time to go and avoid the rush. "
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5 hours ago
RT @ElaineHomeBuzz: Will we get an event like SXSW in North Texas? Ask Catherine!
10 hours ago
Changing how pedestrians and cars interact doesn't always need new lights and street design:
11 hours ago
America’s Tech Guru Steps Down—But He’s Not Done Rebooting the Government
12 hours ago
Our latest SXSW spotlight: @jesolem
14 hours ago
Looking to the Future of Data Science via @nytimesbits
4 days ago
RT @TechnicallyBK: .@Placemeter is hiring a Data Science Eng.
5 days ago
SXSW Panel Spotlight: @ccuellar via @placemeter
5 days ago
.@jeffk @bruces thanks Jeff! Being called @bruces-weird is one of our highest honors. We'd love to meet y'all @sxsw:
5 days ago
RT @florentp: Yay @techstars ! This Man Is on a Mission to Turn NYC Into a Tech Magnet | Enterprise | WIRED
5 days ago
Have you voted for our @sxsw panel today? #PanelPicker
5 days ago
RT @footmarks_com: How can @BurgerKing get customers to use its app? How 'bout giving away #Android smartphones? #ib
6 days ago
The Future Could Work, if We Let It
6 days ago
Do it! RT @panukp: Vote for the @Placemeter panel on quantified cities at @sxsw!  #PanelPicker #SmartCities
6 days ago
Balancing Bike-Share Stations Has Become a Serious Scientific Endeavor by @e_jaffe
6 days ago
Have you heard? We're hiring!
"Aircraft engines suck in an Olympic size swimming pool of air every second"
Medellín Metrocable improves mobility for residents of informal settlements via @EMBARQNetwork
RT @CityLab: Floating schools, farms, and health clinics in Bangladesh via @FastCoExist #cityreads
RT @jgmoore: Just saw an interesting presentation by @Placemeter at @NYCPlanning. It is great to see new technology use din urban planning/…
In seven years China has gone from no public bicycles to 650,000

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