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"At the crossroads of Big Data and Internet of Things, Placemeter is a platform that senses and unlocks massive amounts of data about activity in physical places.

We use smart, inexpensive sensors and proprietary sensing algorithms as well as scalable big data backend tools to acquire, process and make sense of this activity data, and deliver it to the world in real time. The Placemeter data is used by store owners to optimize their stores and get insights, reporting and comparison data on their various stores. Placemeter is also building services and applications to help our retail and services partners build better consumer experiences for their own customers: with Placemeter, consumers can check how busy places are before going, or select the best time to go and avoid the rush. "
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8 hours ago
RT @MicrosoftNY: Cool #mapping — New Yorkers Hurry Across Union Square in Real-Time: @Tanvim @Placemeter https://t…
8 hours ago
@goebilfs We'd love to do this in Budapest! Sign here to get a free sensor or IP camera and we'll get started! :)
8 hours ago
RT @intersection_co: What @Placemeter's foot traffic #data in Union Sq can tell us about optimizing public #transit routes in #NYC https://…
RT @CityLab: Watch New Yorkers walk across Union Square in real-time
RT @UnionSquareNY: The world is watching Union Square. In Real Time!
@jimpeters_pdx hope to see you in the webinar tomorrow!
@leekimnyc @WeWork thanks for coming!
@TOMapper Really depends on device & location. More info on the Sensor's ideal view here IP Cam has a larger range
RT @mattturck: Sensor effectiveness and privacy through "cledge computing" - @Placemeter CEO @awinter at #HardwiredNYC…
@TOMapper the Sensor can measure objects up to ~60ft away and the IP Camera can measure objects up to ~100ft.
@Mingggao We take privacy & security v seriously. We don't identify individuals & we delete processed videos. More:
RT @GeoTechie: .@Placemeter Webinar: How Did Winter Storm Jonas Affect Pedestrian Activity In #NYC? Fri 12 Feb 11AM.
2 days ago
How did #jonasblizzard affect New Yorkers? Take a deep (& fun!) dive into our pedestrian data to find out.
2 days ago
How did #blizzard2016 affect NYC? Explore the data with @neatalie on 2/12!
2 days ago
TONIGHT! @awinter is speaking at the Hardwired NYC meetup with @6SensorLabs @CaedenOfficial @wearSOLS! Info here:
3 days ago
Where did NYC see the biggest change in ped traffic during #blizzard2016? Get the answer:
3 days ago
@makwn awesome, looking forward to hearing more about it!
3 days ago
@makwn exciting! what are you going to test?
3 days ago
Real-time visualization of pedestrian traffic: #dataviz #geoviz
6 days ago
@Mirza62Mirza not right now :( but keep checking for job openings

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