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"Our vision is to bring electronics to even the most cost-sensitive applications. We make electronics through a fundamentally new process, printing rather than semiconductor fabrication. This novel process gives us a cost-per-function advantage unmatched by any other electronic technology.

We were the first to commercialize printed rewritable memory and are now creating printed system products that will include memory, sensing, display, and wireless communication. Such integrated systems will make it possible to use electronic intelligence in applications where they have never before been affordable, even, for example, in disposable goods."
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Thinfilm attended #LuxePackShanghai! Lots of interest in our #NFCOpenSense #SmartPackaging tags.
2 weeks ago
This week, we’re in Shanghai at the International New Anti-Counterfeiting Tech Exhibition & Summit to demo our authentication capabilities
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New report on #IoT from Verizon touches rapid growth of IoT, from medical to #smartfarm #sensors via @seankinneyRCR
3 weeks ago
A great example of the role of #sensors in medicine — IBM and Pfizer partner to fight Parkinson’s via @andrewmeola
3 weeks ago
RT @TheDrum: Brands including Unilever & Hasbro join consortium to develop 'world class' NFC packaging…

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