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"Our vision is to bring electronics to even the most cost-sensitive applications. We make electronics through a fundamentally new process, printing rather than semiconductor fabrication. This novel process gives us a cost-per-function advantage unmatched by any other electronic technology.

We were the first to commercialize printed rewritable memory and are now creating printed system products that will include memory, sensing, display, and wireless communication. Such integrated systems will make it possible to use electronic intelligence in applications where they have never before been affordable, even, for example, in disposable goods."
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12 hours ago
2014 was a watershed year for #printedelectronics. @InkWorldMag reviews the most interesting developments:
The @FTC released guidelines today for companies that make #IoT products. Get the details here:
RT @XeroxCorp: We've partnered with @ThinfilmMemory to #print smart labels: via @Gigaom #IoT
@EVRYTHNG Thank you!
RT @EVRYTHNG: Congrats to our partners @ThinfilmMemory on securing a smart labeling deal with @XeroxCorp!
3 days ago
#RethinkResearch: Xerox/Thinfilm deal addresses "the very definition of the IoT."
6 days ago
.@NordicInvestor says "Thinfilm is one of the hottest companies in the field of Internet of Things (IoT)"
6 days ago
2014: A Year in Review
Our CEO discusses the future #storage and #IoT applications of our partnership with @XeroxCorp: via @Gigaom
RT @XeroxCorp: @ThinfilmMemory We're so excited for what this partnership can do to advance the #IoT!
Read the details of our new partnership with @XeroxCorp to mass-manufacture Thinfilm Memory labels: #IoT #Xerox
2 weeks ago
An astonishing $3.8 billion in return #retail #fraud impacted stores these past holidays. via @pymnts
2 weeks ago
Check out a recap of our latest developments in @NordicInvestor: #Thinfilm #IoT #IoE
2 weeks ago
RT @francoisein3D: #Thinfilm is hiring! Principal Engineer Integration and Assembly via @ThinfilmMemory #3DinCites
2 weeks ago
RT @webofthings: @EVRYTHNG has been nominated for fastest rising IoT startup for 2014/15. Voting online here before 22/01 -…
3 weeks ago
.@PackagingDigest reports on how Global Factories will use printed memory labels for #pharmaceutical security
3 weeks ago
Find out the details of our new distribution agreement with CymMetrik via @LabelsNLabeling #labeling
3 weeks ago
Thin Film Electronics: A Pure Play Investment On The Internet Of Everything
3 weeks ago
What signs point to #IoT taking off in 2015? @Inc investigates findings from @CBinsights
New report from @BIIntelligence finds promising future for #IoT in manufacturing & transportation industries

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