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"Our vision is to bring electronics to even the most cost-sensitive applications. We make electronics through a fundamentally new process, printing rather than semiconductor fabrication. This novel process gives us a cost-per-function advantage unmatched by any other electronic technology.

We were the first to commercialize printed rewritable memory and are now creating printed system products that will include memory, sensing, display, and wireless communication. Such integrated systems will make it possible to use electronic intelligence in applications where they have never before been affordable, even, for example, in disposable goods."
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Rumor has it that #iPhone6 #NFC could expand beyond Apple Pay: Do you see potential? Because we do.
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Lots of activity around the Thinfilm booth today at @IDTechEx Printed Electronics USA!
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Did you know that memory labels are more affordable than #EEPROM and #NFC? Learn more here: #Thinfilm
#IoT has the potential to completely transform the food and beverage industry according to @CandMResearch: #foodbev
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Today at @TSensorsSummit: Our CEO Dr. Davor Sutija speaks to the power and potential of printed electronics #TSensors
Check out our brochure on re-writable memory #labels, a cost-effective solution for managing #consumable items: #IoT
Printed Sensors: Cost-Saving Innovation in Healthcare
The cost of #retail crime has shot up nearly 30% – but partly due to increased spend and interest in #LossPrevention:
2 weeks ago
Latest #IoT prediction from @Gartner_inc: 25 billion things will be connected by the end of 2020 via @ZDNet
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Find out what @SeekingAlpha had to say about investing in the #InternetofEverything and where we fit in:
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@DanielBurrus We did - and we agree with your thinking around #IoT creating new services and products. We look forward to your future posts!
2 weeks ago
Read part 2 of @DanielBurrus' series on why #IoT is bigger than anyone realizes: via @LinkedIn
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Great piece: "The Internet of Things Far Bigger Than Anyone Realizes — Part 1" by @DanielBurrus on @LinkedIn
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#IoT news: Samsung invests in @EVRYTHNG to help make everyday products connected and smart

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