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Colorado-based LockState is a provider of connected access control systems for commercial, residential, apartment and vacation rental markets with over 10,000 property owners using our internet controlled locks. LockState’s WiFi enabled door locks and peripheral devices allow property owners and managers to remotely monitor and control their properties from anywhere in the world.

Founded in 2004, LockState entered the market offering quality keyless entry door locks and safes. LockState released the ResortLock® in 2006, a keyless entry solution for the vacation rental property market that allowed property owners to provide temporary access codes to their guests.

In 2011, LockState launched the first WiFi enabled keypad door lock under the RemoteLock® brand. Managing RemoteLock is the LockState Connect (SaaS) platform which gives property owners the ability to monitor and control door locks, thermostats, power plugs, cameras, sensors and more.

LockState Quick Facts:

- Over 150,000 locks in use
- Customers in more than 53 countries
- Over 10,500 users on our Connect SaaS platform
- Our SaaS users generate over 140,000 guest codes annually (and growing rapidly)
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