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"Internet of things: we make it happen"

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"Software, hardware and human factors are the elements of an innovative system that allows anyone to create, distribute and make use of digital contents.

DQuid connects whole consumer and industrial sectors by enabling the internet of things.

Meet DQuid."
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4 days ago
Real numbers, not #crystalball . We see it emerging from the market. https://t.co/IsBj9QO3xr
To our VC friends. Do you really look at this? "Internet Of Things (IoT) Predictions" https://t.co/wIiEgSNncn #crystalball #iot
We need to try this with #IoT. Objects buffering - #cool "Automated social posting with the Buffer API" https://t.co/e4eqNRUlEd
A small step forward https://t.co/DDFBvbzgvi
#IoT ...&Humans "Wearable sweat sensor paves way for real-time analysis of body chemistry" https://t.co/bVy4MgHP6s
RT @PlugandPlayTC: 'Artificial intelligence is going to be the most society-altering field of the 21st century' - #MarvinMinsky #RIP https:…
...insurance SAW huge changes... It happened already @bpcronin . In #italy 3M+ #cars with #telematics. Next: #home
2 weeks ago
One more step towards #CalmTech "Microsoft releases CNTK, its open source deep learning toolkit, on GitHub" https://t.co/HcW3c5D94l
2 weeks ago
Real #IoT and far more interesting than connected bulbs "Autopilot promo shows what it can do for your commute" https://t.co/GacJCwiRON
2 weeks ago
2/2 It seems the #IoTrivialThings. In #DQuid we want to go deeper into the complexity of our lives and objects with #IoT making a difference
2 weeks ago
1/2 Good start, but #boring. Do u really think is cool to control remotely such easy things? https://t.co/6fV6dDrObJ https://t.co/YtgSThFgHa
2 weeks ago
Of course, team Blue-tooth, with #DQuid tech :) #piaggio #TeamBlue https://t.co/09grv27T0d
2 weeks ago
Go Go Go @PierG : wonderful event. Very #proud having you as our advisor! https://t.co/MRf4NXgFzT
2 weeks ago
2/2 #IoT had an impressive impact on insurances (think about the #connectedvehicle). With banks could be lot more.
2 weeks ago
1/2 #fintech and #iot . Our position: we don't believe in super-ATMs (#boring). We're in to distrupt objects-related investment lifecycle.
2 weeks ago
We see a lot of opportunities here. Working hard to be the bridge between #IoT and #autonomous vehicles, a #CalmTech https://t.co/imWEx6aid8
2 weeks ago
2 weeks ago
#CISCO then #Apple. #SiliconValley and #Italy. Happy to be on the same wavelenght since 2014 https://t.co/Sfr3FD3zCk https://t.co/VS1JJDgQ1Z


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