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"Internet of things: we make it happen"

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"Software, hardware and human factors are the elements of an innovative system that allows anyone to create, distribute and make use of digital contents.

DQuid connects whole consumer and industrial sectors by enabling the internet of things.

Meet DQuid."
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Partiti! E col botto 🤓 #witalia #bellastoria https://t.co/kr63RxAkri
2 weeks ago
2 weeks ago
May we ask for a "DQ"-shaped pasta? 😀 #KitchenTools @Barilla @francescobomba @smarzani https://t.co/g5r5XKUljo
3 weeks ago
It seems a lot... #DQuid :) "Apple patent filing hints at how HomeKit and your car could soon become smarter" https://t.co/ImpJjZGPH2 #apple
3 weeks ago
RT @Ffoodinstitute: Your own printed pasta is not a dream! @francescobomba speaks about @KitchenToolsLab at @SEEDSandCHIPS https://t.co/c2v…
4 weeks ago
4 weeks ago
This is so exciting! "Kitchen Tools - New Craft - XXI Triennale di Milano (2016)" #iot #kitchen #dquid https://t.co/u5qxmj1FEk
"Wolfram Research turns your Ubuntu phone into an IoT sensor" #UbuntuWolfram https://t.co/5iy8aWmw4l
"WE TAKE RESPONSIBILITY"-"Volvo autonomous car engineer calls Tesla Autopilot a wannabe" https://t.co/27L7LqD7ep #brave #nerds 😉 #proud #iot
#apple #iot proposition for #cars : landing! "Add Apple CarPlay to Your Current Vehicle With This $350 Head Unit" https://t.co/1br9kI2aaj
RT @Ffoodinstitute: È la cucina del futuro e la vorrete tutti... @DQuidTeam @francescobomba @Barilla e @MarroneCC con @KitchenToolsLab! htt…
From #kitchen to #industry. The power of #IoT - "Getting Heavy: Industrial IoT Taking A Larger Share Of IoT Deals" https://t.co/2BKO1Y0a4a
This is not Pavlok, but it can be useful as well. "Mad scientist shrinks Arduino to size of an AA battery" https://t.co/j8JEKeUrdQ
"Pavlok" :) "The Shock Clock band uses fear and electricity to wake you up" https://t.co/Wlsgm0r1a3
2 months ago
2 months ago
RT @Foodinpro: È la cucina del futuro e la vorrete tutti... @DQuidTeam @francescobomba con @Barilla e @MarroneCC a @FDVLAB: https://t.co/…
2 months ago
RT @Foodinpro: Il nostro @francescobomba a @LaTriennale col progetto sulla pasta che vorrete in casa tutti! https://t.co/PdQ8jUIr8v https:/…
2 months ago
Ready to pitch #DQuid. Maybe it's not @OSVehicle, nor @ycombinator, but it's #cool. Isn't it? 😎 #emilia #IoT #design https://t.co/hefkLiQMLE
2 months ago
Ok this rocks, definitely! #kitchentools #triennale #iot https://t.co/UgedTCrkVN


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