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"Internet of things: we make it happen"

  Reggio Emilia,  Italy    Website


11-50 employees

+39 (0) 522 522663

"Software, hardware and human factors are the elements of an innovative system that allows anyone to create, distribute and make use of digital contents.

DQuid connects whole consumer and industrial sectors by enabling the internet of things.

Meet DQuid."
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7 hours ago
You know, we've been selected for the @PlugandPlayTC #IoT accelerator :) Kicking off right now! http://t.co/wxcmrDVQ9O
3 days ago
RT @aonetti: The #Makers' opportunity for Italy? Lots of #startups can do digital, few can do style as well as the Italians! by @motogp61 @…
4 days ago
#dquidIO is in da house: #hadrware for the #IoT at the @IoTSmartCities 2014 http://t.co/4UZrzyDVYT
4 days ago
RT @IoTSmartCities: Our amazing sponsor @DQuidTeam is presenting its platform ! #iot #maker #internetofthings http://t.co/rCnKRPTzdT http:/…
4 days ago
6 days ago
Ma prima o poi lo farà anche lui il caffè! :-) Grazie @CreativityDay
6 days ago
RT @CreativityDay: Una #startup di quelle che funzionano per davvero @DQuidTeam al #cday14 http://t.co/eHcJgNkIrn
@montanarovic @repubblicait @smarzani @HurricaneStart @REStartSocial doveroso citare e ringraziare gli amici di @Graphiland
RT @montanarovic: @DQuidTeam nella home page di @repubblicait. Io @smarzani lo conosco eh :-) @HurricaneStart @REStartSocial http://t.co/IU…
RT @repubblicait: Con DQuid i nostri oggetti comunicano tra loro. Attraverso lo smartphone http://t.co/TuJpcPZnGx
RT @iotmonkey: Impressive speakers portfolio! Well done, #iotsc2014! http://t.co/p7SNrFSJy5
@giulioroggero Tnx. Come sta andando con il vostro #DQuidIO? Fate un salto alla #makerfaire quest'anno?
2 weeks ago
@CreativityDay Tutti ai blocchi di partenza.
2 weeks ago
DQuid Heading to Korea!
2 weeks ago
RT @andreascavolini: “@PierG: Well done @IFTTT!! http://t.co/ZZzlPfNGYF p.s. Ready to integrate @DQuidTeam?” I felt in love with @IFTTT ! G…
3 weeks ago
Why Makers will drive the IoT http://t.co/1QYnU4k1rU #IoT #dquid thanks @Atmel!
3 weeks ago
Ready to start, #IoT companies showcase here in @PlugandPlayTC http://t.co/8JJW2zNOkt
3 weeks ago
Report: Mainstream Consumer Adoption of IoT Technology ‘Inevitable’ http://t.co/pnGixkQCGa #IoT #dquid
3 weeks ago
Is There Any Way to Avoid Standards Wars in the Emerging Internet of Things? http://t.co/57O76WPvLw #IoT #dquid imho: IoT die of standards


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