"Empowering people and machines to make intelligent decisions"

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" is an industrial internet of things (IOT) company with a very successful and innovative product which is one of the first few genuine IOT platforms in the market with apps / services that have production deployment at some of the largest infrastructures: Manufacturing, Consumer Goods, Hi Tech Manufacturing and Energy Industries

Our vision is to Unlock Efficiency from the Physical World around us by empowering people and machines to make intelligent decisions.

Through our solution, our internet of things applications platform, we deploy a range of apps combining Intelligent Sensors, Wireless Sensor Networking and Cloud based big data technologies."
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21 hours ago
87% of consumers haven't heard of the #Iot @theenquirer, does that number change in the Industrial World?
22 hours ago
Welcome to our Partner Network #BrainsDNA @GoCanvas
RT @ARMCommunity: The "Information Age" exhibit from #ARM at the @ScienceMuseum in London opens October 25th! via @b
2 days ago
RT @crorella: list of #iot products and services currently offered -
3 days ago
RT @Sense4Things: Two out of 3 listed companies the VP's are in @IntelliSenseio executive board. Well done -
3 days ago
Our COO out and about in Dubai getting some customer face time #moneysavers in #IoT
3 days ago
RT @iotguide: sinks another £1.6m into Internet of Stuff spec HyperCat via @theregister
4 days ago
RT @ARMEmbedded: Is the #ARM-based "pilot's eye" display from @navdyinc safer than smartphones?…
5 days ago
Reduce UnPlanned Downtime by adding #Brains #IoT #EnergyEfficiency
5 days ago
RT @guardiantech: Better data could save lives and make sense of our world, says academic
Dev Team working on new screens & Solutions team returning from a successful deployment #energyoptimisation #IoT #HappyFriday
RT @Sense4Things: Check out #IoT explained
#Iot The Most Overhyped Technology? @IntelliSenseio already improving efficiency in #mining
2 weeks ago
RT @TheIoT: #IoT You can now plug your baby into the Internet of things - VentureBeat
2 weeks ago
@IntelliSenseio to talk in Sep at EPSRC Centre for Innovative Manufacturing #IndustrialSustainability
2 weeks ago
@IntelliSenseio on deployment #mining #IoT with Brains.KiT solution assembled in a plug and play industrial panel
3 weeks ago
RT @Sense4Things: excited by new #brais.DNA application partners getting onboard @IntelliSenseio cracking code of customer problems. http:/…
4 months ago
Our CCO at the MEFMA event in Abu Dhabi 'How the Internet of Things #iot can push the FM sector forward' #moneysavers
4 months ago
RT @Sense4Things: Check #IoT #MEFMA event sponsored @intellisenseio in Abu Dhabi did reveal the #yellowSuitecase IoT solution K... http://t…
4 months ago
Save Energy by optimising pumps, chillers, compressors & other key assets WITHOUT replacing #IoT #energyefficiency

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