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Claro Partners helps corporations and startups to navigate disruptive shifts in society and business. We take a people-centered approach to deliver business innovation and service design in a rapidly-changing world. A key area of focus is the Internet of Things.

We have built a strong perspective through our extensive research and analysis of the IoT, which informs the work we do with companies to identify the growing opportunities and define their role in the space. As a starting point for this strategic work, we have mapped out the IoT business landscape in a dynamic online tool. It shows the vastness, variety and scope of the Internet of Things, with a focus on new initiatives and startups and provides an overview of current IoT-related activity (400+ initiatives mapped), as well as hotspots and areas of growth across industries. We have also made an IoT Canvas, which enables creators of products and services in the IoT to get and overview and develop all the elements required. These, together with our other tools, frameworks and workshops help both individuals and businesses to tackle the complexity of designing something that bridges the physical and digital, whilst always providing a service and experience that people really want.

You can see a preview of the IoT Landscape here: - (u: iot-preview and pw: iotpreview) and download the IoT canvas from our website, see the link below this post.

Please contact us to know more or discuss how we might work together.
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Direct, rather than middle-managed, investing @Seedrs @Crowdcube make the world better! Conscious + visible decisions
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Why does #FinTech and our talk at @NextBankEurope matter? Because its making the world a better place
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Insurers are seeing that innovation needs to be win-win for customers @WeAreMarmalade @Jawbone UP - examples here
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Meaningful shift in #FinTech is that @TransferWise @LendingClub @Bux make elite services available to everyday people
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In the digital world, competitive advantage in #FinTech is about customer-centricity, rather than barriers to entry
Vote for Claro's sessions at @SXSW 2016! Click here to find out more about the sessions and how to vote #SXSW2016
@ciaodoe great! looking forward to reading it
is recruiting! check out the job descriptions and follow the instructions on our website to apply via @cateconte
2 weeks ago
teaming with @shift2020 to make this a great #IoT event. via @ChrisMassot
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3 weeks ago
@sbcIoT_Data You're always welcome at our place!
3 weeks ago
#IoT Shifts Conference 19-20/10 Barcelona. Join us & discover how the Internet of Things will impact all business


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