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"Alleantia develops ready to use products that allow complete control of industrial devices and complete systems via mobile devices and the web.

Our Open Control Platform, developed using open source technologies and off-the-shelf hardware, enables the development of mobile and web applications for monitoring and control of any industrial component. "
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RT @AccentureTech: How to harness the potential of the Industrial Internet of Things? Combine digital services with products. #IIoT http://…
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@Nnergix Thanks for following. We're interested in your services, our products address RT data collection in any plant. Contacts ? Tx
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Cerchiamo un Java Developer Junior con esperienze Web
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RT @MBP1961: @TheIoT: #IoT It's Official: The Internet Of Things Takes Over Big Data As The Most Hyped ... - Forbes …
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RT @mbranci: Good chat on enterprise IoT's funding landscape, SaaS/PaaS platforms and value of data analytics at scale w/ @acbarbaro @alle
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RT @Cnnct2me: The opportunities far out weigh the challenges that the #InternetofThings #IoT world is currently dealing with -…
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RT @TheIoT: #IoT PTC to Acquire Axeda to Expand Internet of Things Technology Portfolio

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