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Alleantia XPANGO technology transforms any electronic device into a Smart+Connected device Things. The growing library of 700+ active devices profiles enables Enterprises to quickly and cost-effectively join their assets and systems to the Internet of Things.

The Cloud-Gate Software Defined Gateway platform allows equipment manufacturers and other enterprises to setup their private Cloud of Things, connect to enterprise systems and open it to external users. Solutions include off-the-shelf applications and appliances for energy management, industrial automation and machine control, as well as free license available for makers supporting built-in Arduino devices control.
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The Virtual Digital Factory showcase @MECSPE 2016 #IoT #Industrie40 plug & play
2 weeks ago
Quarta e ultima posizione aperta: #stagista #ingegneria #lavoro
2 weeks ago
Qui la terza posizione aperta: #stagista #software #lavoro
2 weeks ago
Qui la seconda posizione aperta: @Java #Developer. Sede: Pisa #software #lavoro #IoT
2 weeks ago
Abbiamo 3 posizioni aperte! Qui la più importante: Senior @Java Engineer. Sede:Pisa #software #IoT #lavoro
2 weeks ago
RT @mbellini3: @MSRoberFil @microsoftitalia #OIOT16 cresce un distretto 4.0 collegato a #industry40 #OIOT16
2 weeks ago
RT @NicBoldrini: Filipelli @microsoftitalia Italia è tra i maggiori esportatori di macchine industriali... Grande opportunità per #IoT #OIO
3 weeks ago
Very interesting survey and perspectives by @McKinsey on #Industry40 #IIoT #IoT is serious business
4 weeks ago - Alleantia propone soluzioni innovative in ambito #IIoT #Industria40
4 weeks ago
Molto soddisfatti di aver contribuito al successo @MECSPE con la Fabbrica Digitale Virtuale.
4 weeks ago
RT @MECSPE: Big Success for #MECSPE2016 ! +24% exhibitors + 17% visitors! :)
4 weeks ago
RT @MBP1961: @Palazzo_Chigi @Alleantiasrl the manufacturing revolution Made in Pisa Italy is ready @UCIMU @Italia_Startup @StefanoFirpo @Co
Virtual Factory now live @MECSPE experience the plug&play #IIoT #Industry40 #IoT
@MBP1961 @Italia_Startup @UCIMU @MECSPE @carloalberto e la Fabbrica Digitale Virtuale sarà live fino alle 17:00
The Virtual Factory is live @MECSPE until 19.03 - 17:00 CET experience the plug&play #IIoT #Industry40
2 months ago
Was a good suggestion, right ?
2 months ago
Too bad we can't be @The_BLN , but we're deep into the plug&play #Industry40 for @MECSPE show. See you in 2017!

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