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Alleantia XPANGO technology transforms any electronic device into a Smart+Connected device Things. The growing library of 700+ active devices profiles enables Enterprises to quickly and cost-effectively join their assets and systems to the Internet of Things.

The Cloud-Gate Software Defined Gateway platform allows equipment manufacturers and other enterprises to setup their private Cloud of Things, connect to enterprise systems and open it to external users. Solutions include off-the-shelf applications and appliances for energy management, industrial automation and machine control, as well as free license available for makers supporting built-in Arduino devices control.
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2 days ago
#PLAST2015 is coming! Thanks to @ComoNExT #StartPlast we'll be there - how to apply plug&play Industrial #IoT for...
4 days ago
The Internet of Everything is a promise and Alleantia is here to make it a reality
@TechCrunch @DaveTheFuturist history repeating like tlc in the '80s, lots of silos then the Web leveled it out. Horizontal thinking a must.
2 weeks ago
@MarkOrsborn Thanks for following. Happy to touch base w/your IOT team should you like our I-IoT Gw and Library of Things (4000+ plug-ins)
3 weeks ago
RT @MBP1961: IoT is a priority in Italy according to #UniCreditStartLab ans Accenture. Discover @Alleantiasrl @EconomyUp…
Heading to #GEC2015 find us in Gold (!) Room Floor 2 south side
33 tweeps followed (thank you!) and 8 unfollowed (goodbye!) me in the past week. Thank you
2 months ago
RT @MarkLittlewood: Sadz it's over. Gladz people were fun, friendly, open and smart. #IoT15 Great time as usual
2 months ago
Love to see Michael Hummel from @parstream with a box. Welcome to the club! software for #iot is closely linked to hardware #iot15
2 months ago
Anybody wants to share a taxi to Stansted, I have 2 seats avail leaving at 1715 #iot15 fcfs
2 months ago
RT @VikkiDPaterson: "A prototype is worth a thousand meetings" #IoT15
2 months ago
Investors on stage #iot15 with our friend Ken ThingMUSE
2 months ago
Rick Bullotta on stage #iot15 great lessons for #iot #startup
2 months ago
RT @MarkLittlewood: RT @The_BLN: Slides from Solving Real World Problems with IoT here. #IoT15 #IoT2015
2 months ago
In very good company at #IoT15
2 months ago
#iot15 starting ... Matt Hatton & big money landing on #iot
2 months ago
All stuff ready for #IoT15 ... starting in few hours !
2 months ago
Internet of Things Forum -2 We will be there! #IoT15 @The_BLN
2 months ago
RT @ACBarbaro: Tim O’Reilly: Silicon Valley is massively underestimating the impact of IoT (interview)

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