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Zak Dziczkowski

"We are committed to developing and producing the best, most reliable connected devices by using the latest technology available and beyond. We pride ourselves on our innovation and dedicate our work to the pursuit of a better tomorrow.

Alottazs Labs, LLC was born out of the idea that technology is supposed to make our lives easier…not harder. We specialize in unique software/hardware solutions for unique people. Formed in 2012, AL is hard at work making exciting products. We are located in beautiful (and mostly sunny) Columbus, Ohio. Tons of talented people live here and we are lucky to have the best working for AL.

We are a small operation and we like it like that. Small organizations are nimble and responsive to their constituents. Don’t believe us? I encourage you to email us and see what happens. No auto-responders here!

AL is proud to call Columbus, Ohio home. Columbus, Ohio has not always had technology in its crosshairs but it is growing rapidly. We could not imagine running AL from anywhere else!

We are most proud of our flagship product, garageio ("
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