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"Any device. Every industry. One Platform.'

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2lemetry provides the most scalable, secure cloud application platform to connect any device, using any protocol and transform that data to real-time actionable intelligence anywhere in the world. 2lemetry takes customers’ concepts and turns them into market ready reality in weeks not years. Visit www.2lemetry.com to realize your potential.
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19 hours ago
Eclipse Foundation Delivers Open IoT Stack for Java http://t.co/sfuT7guFdu
RT @kylemroche: @2lemetry sticker packs for any heroku add-on beta testers. install add-on (free), send feedback to help@2lemetry.com http:…
4 days ago
Much respect for #2 - Derek Jeter. A classy player, a classy guy. Thanks for 20 great years! http://t.co/Pu0GFNRSwG
4 days ago
What are doing at #DF14? It involves the #IoT Coyote basketball court. Come check us out in the Dev Zone! #Dunkforce http://t.co/jAoZaVsZJZ
5 days ago
Went to @TEDxMileHigh this year, and we got to meet a ton of great and talented people! Here's a time-lapse http://t.co/SVvNmDKCw9 #IoT
6 days ago
GE's Innovation Barometer reveals the Top 5 ways business executives are looking to innovate... http://t.co/5rwDykoMQx
Check it out: 7 steps to succeed with #IoT, from the Salesforce blog [INFOGRAPHIC] http://t.co/gSGuQ2Ws9n #DF14 http://t.co/j8gKGrXE9t
RT @kylemroche: New @2lemetry logo on street level. Laser cutters... Fun http://t.co/JfXrdCYekh
And we're amping up for a 3rd Anniversary Party http://t.co/EaVdGmZuZN
We've got a full house this week. http://t.co/DDQ0u4qd4k
What are we up to at #DF14? It involves a basketball court and #IoT. Come check us out in the Dev Zone! #Dunkforce http://t.co/ac1KnDM0te
RT @ReidCarlberg: @charlieisaacs @metadaddy @theryanburke @2lemetry actually their thingfabric is already pretty cool
Get ready for us at #DF14! Sign up for a FREE hacker account... http://t.co/6EtN6HLBCJ #IoT #cloud http://t.co/8DkkteoNIX
RT @benkershner: All of @2lemetry under one roof. Pretty damn cool. Bonus points if you can find @IoTCoyote. http://t.co/8Lt3DLj9Hn
RT @Dayvstone: @TheEconomist reports @HarborConsult say #IoT will generate $1Trillion by 2020 @2lemetry http://t.co/VOwevNTy8S
2 weeks ago
Sensor connection and data collection are already the norm. What about the near future? http://t.co/HNRxSQVmMK #DF14 http://t.co/wjZ1To5x9O
2 weeks ago
#TBT - One of our first blog posts... http://t.co/yyZeEoixoL #IoT
2 weeks ago
Our friend and customer @SendumWireless is a leader on the Canadian #IoT front. Check it out... http://t.co/dF6HVfM4f6
2 weeks ago
RT @katiesteck: Sales team planning session // #killinit #iot @2lemetry http://t.co/OiNFKCr7uh

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