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TERTIUM Technology is an Italian company that designs and produces electronic devices capable of increasing the level of perception and interaction between people, objects and places.

Perfectly integrated in the Cloud, our devices become an active part in business processes and daily life.

Considering the great success and the quick diffusion of smartphones and tablets, our goal is to extend the functions of these devices by equipping them with accessories for radio frequency identification (RFID) and for wireless sensors readout (Wireless Sensing).

The electronic devices we produce integrate technologies such as RFID HF, UHF and Active 2.4 GHz, Bluetooth (Low Energy as well), GPS/ GPRS, Wi-Fi, USB and Ethernet, all managed by a in-house developed communication protocol.

The distinctive features of our products include: ultra low power consumption, small dimensions, ease of use and integration.

The success of TERTIUM Technology’s devices is confirmed by the setting-up of new partnerships with some large international companies and with dealers and systems integrators around the world.
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4 days ago
RFID: beyond the standard ISO 15693 https://t.co/7RGst4Vu6k
2 weeks ago
They are professional accessories for smartphone and tablet that can be connected to devices via Bluetooth interface https://t.co/5HYekj6TKM
4 weeks ago
BlueBerry è una gamma di lettori portatili RFID facili da utilizzare. E piccoli come un portachiavi. Scoprili https://t.co/qEz7639p6d
Ottobre 2001 - Ottobre 2015. Per festeggiare 15 anni di attività metterà a disposizione una serie di nuovi prodotti #IoT ready. Seguici!
4 months ago
:BlueBerry RFID readers can be customized by changing their characteristics :https://t.co/PT1SfiN2WH
6 months ago
Vi aspettiamo giovedì INTERNET OF THINGS E BIG DATA SUMMIT #TIGiot @TIG_italia http://t.co/RlhwkVkmBE
6 months ago
8 months ago
Da domani siamo al #Transpotec2015 con @TomTomBusiness e presentiamo questo: http://t.co/TTrpFBHImf vieni al Pad 11 Stand F3.2 @Transpotec1
8 months ago
Products Directory http://t.co/xwAfutbxwB
New BlueBerry customizations: http://t.co/cJMsWfTvyx via @YouTube
NEW BlueBerry customizations! https://t.co/fv6L959X0u http://t.co/eSx3E6IFSB
@ppkappa Presto il tuo desiderio sarà esaudito!
BlueBerry: proximity reading of the EPC+TID for anti-counterfeiting application https://t.co/G4OWzqHRLJ http://t.co/WnwN92QpzR
Tertium Technology partner of @TomTomBusiness with MWS Fleet Sensors. Visit the App center. https://t.co/lwmJXylmYL http://t.co/QoDRDwPS3t
BlueBerry HID - Keyboard emulation https://t.co/ZzFneiYCu0 http://t.co/MVMWXyQfNH
The news "Tertium Technology new distributors!" is online on @DirectIndustry http://t.co/cckZE7ahgc http://t.co/rtQyKGAA9L


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