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relayr is enabling the “Internet of Things” to become a reality. Our cloud platform gives App Developers easy tools to build apps beyond the smartphone, to connect to smart devices using sensors, like smart thermostats, smart clothing, smart cars, and billions of other new smart devices now spreading across the globe, in our homes, on our bodies, and all around us.

Currently, enterprises, hardware manufacturers, software vendors, and mobile operators are developing costly sensor based solutions with proprietary closed protocols and devices. This results in user-unfriendly, high priced systems. relayr breaks out of this proprietary model, providing an easy, secure, and open platform as a service for any developer to connect to any sensor. relayr connects these otherwise fragmented segments, enabling the hundreds of thousands of application developers to develop apps across all segments, for the hundreds of millions of end consumers, and businesses, already actively using the app economy. relayr allows developers to bring things to life independent of industry, and monetize their applications, easily and quickly.
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@FrankVTaylor Lots of upcoming customer projects! Here's a nice overview of what we do and our future vision:
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@1MilosMilojevic Hey Milos, email Alex at [email protected] and he'll arrange a meeting for you.
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@ParkesCordock Awesome, great work!
3 days ago
@chandangupta85 Hey, we've fixed the problem now, you should be able to log in with credentials you provided for registration. Thanks!
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Delighted to host the @LinkedIn Business Breakfast 'Your Digital Transformation in 2016'
Gearing up for the #IoTTechExpo in London next month, schedule a meeting with us here! #IoT
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@TheDC2020 We have some thoughts on that here!


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