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relayr is enabling the “Internet of Things” to become a reality. Our cloud platform gives App Developers easy tools to build apps beyond the smartphone, to connect to smart devices using sensors, like smart thermostats, smart clothing, smart cars, and billions of other new smart devices now spreading across the globe, in our homes, on our bodies, and all around us.

Currently, enterprises, hardware manufacturers, software vendors, and mobile operators are developing costly sensor based solutions with proprietary closed protocols and devices. This results in user-unfriendly, high priced systems. relayr breaks out of this proprietary model, providing an easy, secure, and open platform as a service for any developer to connect to any sensor. relayr connects these otherwise fragmented segments, enabling the hundreds of thousands of application developers to develop apps across all segments, for the hundreds of millions of end consumers, and businesses, already actively using the app economy. relayr allows developers to bring things to life independent of industry, and monetize their applications, easily and quickly.
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7 hours ago
RT @WearHacks: Flappy Wunder created a Flappy bird game where the environment changes based on sensor data from a device! #WHParis http://…
13 hours ago
Congrats team Floppy Bird on the #WunderBar prize! Play their sensorized game: #WHParis #IoT
13 hours ago
RT @MLHacks: Team WH Ring made a data centre monitoring app using @relayr_cloud #WHParis
13 hours ago
RT @MLHacks: Team Cannecting People made a cane for blind people that senses nearby objects using @relayr_cloud wunderbar #WHParis http://t…
21 hours ago
Projects being polished and prepped for presentations! #WHParis @MLHacks @42born2code #IoT
21 hours ago
RT @MLHacks: Yet to attend a hackathon? Here's 3 reasons why you should take the plunge! Join the family: http://t.c…
RT @MLHacks: The winners of our Code In The Dark mini-event recreated Google! #WHParis
@colundrum Du rien! Notre plaisir! #WHParis
2 days ago
Great talk today by @raccrompton on taking technical risks | @efLDN @42born2code @WearHacks
2 days ago
RT @thibaut_noah: Working around with @relayr_cloud team at @WearHacks hackaton, wunderbar !
2 days ago
RT @WearHacks: Still here! Let's have another great day #WHParis @42born2code
2 days ago
RT @shub_s: Some good stuff to hack with this WE at #whparis ! CC @MLHacks @WearHacks @mailjet @42born2code
2 days ago
RT @shub_s: CODING BEGINS!!!! #WHParis
3 days ago
Tap in the same knowledge pool as Intel, Google, Amazon. Take @VisionMobile's dev survey to get your voice heard
4 days ago
Our friends @VisionMobile never forget their community. Contribute to their research and help shape their new report


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