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Eurotech solutions combine hardware, firmware, operating systems, M2M middleware and device cloud services that drive business success. A global leader in connecting distributed devices that make up the Internet of Things, Eurotech collaborates with customers, partners, and integrators to bring rugged, reliable and cost effective data management solutions to market.

Eurotech’s optimized computing techniques draw from our expertise in low power design, miniaturization of platforms, and simplification of application development through middleware and toolsets and device cloud capabilities thereby allowing our customers to focus on their core competencies, the products and services only they can deliver, while Eurotech lays the embedded computing foundation to bring those offerings to market as quickly as possible.

With strengths in wireless services, communications protocols and cloud services that are central to M2M capabilities, we deliver the integrated and connected solutions our customers need to simplify the development and deployment of their products and services. Combining technology excellence with domain expertise allows Eurotech to meet the pervasive computing needs of key market segments including healthcare, security, transportation, energy, and industrial.

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22 hours ago
@telecontrollo 29sett ore12 @tmodotti parla di #piattaformaM2M x innovare aziende e connettere dispositivi #IoT e App
@telecontrollo 29 sett ore 12 si parla di #piattaformaM2M per connettere dispositivi #IoT ad applicazioni aziendali
3 days ago
We are hiring! Check out our current vacancies:
3 days ago
RT @AndrewOrrock: @arkessa & @EurotechFan partner to create best in class #IoT solutions on global scale #m2m http:/…
6 days ago
We've been shortlisted for Best IoT Solution 2015! Catch the result @TheTechExpo 5th October
RT @RogerAttick: @EurotechFan and @Arkessa Announce #ManagedServices Partnership For #M2M & #IoT Platforms
Eurotech announce partnership with @Arkessa to provide best in class global #IoT solutions:
Join us at Europe's largest #M2M #IoT summit to see how #technology benefits business.
Eurotech Inc CEO: "Eclipse Kura Will be a Major Influencer in #IoT" #IoT #M2M #EnablingtheIoT
#SmartMobility ovvero tutto è /sarà connesso @rsiagri parla di come l' #IoT abilita la Smart Mobility @MarcoMinghetti
RT @serracchiani: Visita alla Eurotech di Amaro, azienda leader nella produzione di computer pervasivi e supercalcolatori #fvg…
#IoT for #foodservice & restaurants. What are your appliances telling you?
2 weeks ago
Sneak preview of what's to come at #SmartAg15!
2 weeks ago
RT @rnass: Listening to @EurotechFan keynote at @IoTEvolution, Larry Walls talking about the secret to IoT success and getting there faster
2 weeks ago
RT @kdtwill: Larry Wall of @EurotechFan says we need to "move from innovation to commercialization" and is laying out a strategy to do so #…
2 weeks ago
@IOTSWC 17th Sept 16:45 @CeinerAndrea presents A Case Study for Smart Connected Blast Chillers
2 weeks ago
Here we are @IoTEvolution, Las Vegas where Larry Wall presented yesterday's keynote on accelerating the IoT!
2 weeks ago
Hear Larry Wall on 'IoT Acceleration Secrets, Pilot to Production' today at 10am PDT!
2 weeks ago
Don't miss Larry Wall on 'IoT Acceleration Secrets, Pilot to Production' today at 10am PDT!
2 weeks ago
RT @htomasson: Looking forward to #IoTEvolution & @EurotechFan 's keynote Tuesday, as our CEO Larry Wall shares #IOT Acceleration Secrets! …


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