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We want to provide connected objects that bring social networks and services in store. We've built Fliike, the first facebook fan counter connected in real time.
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RT @numaparis: "NUMA défend des valeurs et une vision de l'innovation" @axellelemaire ouvre la soirée #yeswecrowd ac @MVLeBarzic http://t.c…
2 months ago
RT @blackboxvc: A short American get-away at Blackbox Connect by @smiirl #bbconnect powered by @GoogleForEntrep
3 months ago
@spektweet Hey! Can you send us an email: with your fliike ID? Our team will check it right away! (Very nice setup btw!)
3 months ago
RT @mistercanne: @Smiirl En bonne place dans la vitrine :)
3 months ago
RT @pixcphotos: Everyone needs a @Smiirl #Facebook counter for their office! Like us >
3 months ago
Hey @facebookdesign we're in the valley next week, any way to have a coffee with you guys?
3 months ago
RT @MCC_news: On a désormais 1 super compteur Facebook @smiirl ! Aidez-nous à faire exploser nos LIKE en partageant ! merci #fliike http://…
3 months ago
RT @LeSlipFrancais: On a presque pris la photo assez vite ! #50000fans ! Trop fiers ! #viveleslip @Smiirl
6 months ago
@borismercier talk to @montse_jc she's the one who got it ;)
6 months ago
@borismercier Oh oui c'est possible ;) D'ailleurs on parlait déjà avec vos collègues en Espagne qui ont un fliike !
7 months ago
RT @Kikk_Festival: Help us get to 6000 today on the @Smiirl Facebook likes counter at the bar of #KIKK14. http://t.c…
Fliikes are getting connected everywhere in the world and firsts feedbacks are just amazing! This one is in Belgium:
@eddwithers Soon soon soon, be ready ;)
@deviantART @danlev For the 5 figures, the wait is almost over but for more zeroes...who knows ? ;)
@blanchard_ad Voici les 20 premiers, DHL vient les récupérer demain ;) Dès que le votre part on vous fait un mail !
Happy birthday Facebook!
RT @cochet: THIS IS SO 2014 : Bravo @BuzzingLight !
Prediction 2014: Hardware Is The New Software via @forbes
2 years ago
RT @EntMagazine: A Device That Counts a Business's Facebook 'Likes' in Real Time by @logankugler cc @Smiirl
2 years ago
We are at the great opening of @numaparis and the new @lecamping: amazing place dedicated to innovation, startups, coworking & creativity!

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