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We want to provide connected objects that bring social networks and services in store. We've built Fliike, the first facebook fan counter connected in real time.
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2 weeks ago
@Silvestri_D Effectivement un petit problème de serveurs, on y bosse. Vous pouvez nous faire un mail [email protected] ? Merci ;)
3 weeks ago
@hugotoledo_usa Thanks ;) We've been told that our english is a little bit too frenchy, we'll do the correction ;)
3 weeks ago
RT @MOO: From Prototype to Facebook Hype: #Win a Like Counter from Smiirl:
4 weeks ago
RT @StyleCowboys: Gave gadget: tastbare social media teller van @smiirl
4 weeks ago
RT @WeRSM: Remember Smiirl And Their Facebook Counter? They're Back With More!!
@GlobeSkieur @peufdaddy Trop cool votre histoire, on se parle quand vous voulez ;)
@WeRSM Ah ah, nice try! We don't have - yet - a budget for freebies but we'll think about it ;)
@WeRSM If you have any questions we're there ;)
RT @NUMAparis: French IoT Startup @Smiirl Raises Seed Round, Launches Twitter And Instagram Counters via @techcrunch
@RemiBERTHIER Merci ;)
RT @TechCrunch: French IoT Startup Smiirl Raises Seed Round, Launches Twitter And Instagram Counters by @sohear
@nifemi_o We are working on 6 digits versions (and even bigger ones)!
RT @BMRideas: What @Smiirl is doing is beautiful. Bringing the digital to the physical. Awesome.
RT @BraaaveStudio: / + 3⃣0⃣0⃣0⃣ fans Facebook pour @Voluume ! cc @Smiirl
@AnthonySpault On aura envie de voir les photos du coup !
@AnthonySpault Merci ! La qualité ça coûte un peu ;)
2 months ago
@StephaneGross Love you ;)

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