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Antmicro Ltd is an embedded software company which pays attention both to technology and to the people using it.
We see strong relations to our collaborators and customers as well as a great team with in-depth knowledge of modern embedded systems as our biggest assets.

While our main focus is providing embedded software development services for the emerging ecosystem of the Internet of Things, we are also enablers of new technologies and skilled integrators. We create embedded software from the kernel/driver level (Linux, Android, BSD, eCos, FreeRTOS, ConTiki etc.) upwards - ending with protocols, data processing, analysis and visualisation where needed. We can also assist with hardware choice and development.

As a company as well as individually we are active in open software and hardware, which we consider a fantastic foundation for transparent, shared development processes based on good practices.

To remain familiar with the cutting-edge of embedded systems, we perform a lot of R&D work, and will gladly help in prototyping and new product development. If you are not sure if your project is feasible, mail us at [email protected] -- we're pretty sure it is, given the right people.
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2 weeks ago
Empowering young #talents w/ the Talents Scholarship Fund - @antmicro funds #scholarship:
3 weeks ago
new article about @ApertusOSCinema #AXIOM on the opensource dot com portal: #gettingbeta
4 weeks ago
Check out Antmicro's practical example of applying @NVIDIA Jetson TK1 + CUDA in camera-related embedded projects:
Inspiring young designers with @Raspberry_Pi: our workshop for the Talents Scholarship Fund
We have our own #4K @ApertusOSCinema #AXIOM Beta and we're not afraid to use it! @XilinxInc #Zynq #gettingbeta
2 months ago
@SICS_SwedishICT thanks! Glad to be in #Level6, @IPSOAlliance & the @IPSOChallenge.
2 months ago
@ARMCommunity: thanks, happy to be on board!
2 months ago
Thanks for the attention! Glad you like it - the more use it gets, the better.
2 months ago
Expanding our network w/ @ARMCommunity:
2 months ago
We made it! @antmicro is one of 10 semi-finalists in the @IPSOChallenge - see us at @dothingscon in San Jose in Dec!
2 months ago
our cross-platform #Android 5.1 for @Toradex @Freescale #i.MX 6 and @nvidia #Tegra 3 SoMs released! Read more here:
3 months ago
RT @ApertusOSCinema: Latest AXIOM Beta roadmap and current development status report:
3 months ago
RT @nvidia: Congratulations to @TeslaMotors for their best-selling electric vehicle: #Tesla Model S.…
3 months ago
RT @NASA: Today we shared new images from @NASANewHorizons and its #PlutoFlyby. Watch the excitement:…
3 months ago
OV5640 camera on @Toradex #Apalis @Freescale i.MX 6 and @Nvidia T30 computers on modules:
3 months ago
updates in note on debugging #CortexM on the @Toradex #VF61 SoM with @Freescale #Vybrid heterogeneous CPU:
3 months ago
a massive amount of #opensource #Contiki goodness! That's real #IoT for you.
3 months ago
new note on debugging #CortexM on the @Toradex #VF61 SoM with @Freescale #Vybrid heterogeneous CPU on our blog:

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