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Antmicro Ltd is an embedded software company which pays attention both to technology and to the people using it.
We see strong relations to our collaborators and customers as well as a great team with in-depth knowledge of modern embedded systems as our biggest assets.

While our main focus is providing embedded software development services for the emerging ecosystem of the Internet of Things, we are also enablers of new technologies and skilled integrators. We create embedded software from the kernel/driver level (Linux, Android, BSD, eCos, FreeRTOS, ConTiki etc.) upwards - ending with protocols, data processing, analysis and visualisation where needed. We can also assist with hardware choice and development.

As a company as well as individually we are active in open software and hardware, which we consider a fantastic foundation for transparent, shared development processes based on good practices.

To remain familiar with the cutting-edge of embedded systems, we perform a lot of R&D work, and will gladly help in prototyping and new product development. If you are not sure if your project is feasible, mail us at -- we're pretty sure it is, given the right people.
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2 days ago
@antmicro celebrates it's 5th birthday - thanks to all employees, partners and customers for getting there with us!
4 days ago
@ralphtalmont thanks for the inspiring speech & chat @concordiapoz loved your ppt template ;)
2 weeks ago
updated note - - camera w/ @Toradex Apalis @Freescale #imx6 + ADV7180 and #gstreamer #news - thanks all for feedback!
2 weeks ago
RT @Philae2014: Touchdown! Min nya adress: 67P! #CometLanding
3 weeks ago
Do we really need so many superfluous 'things'? Tech + design is the key @ #websummit
3 weeks ago
Back from #ecs so conveniently located 500m from our Stockholm office. On the other side of Europe now at #websummit Dublin.
@Freescale #imx6 @Toradex Apalis module on #opensource mesa graphics - more on our blog: #news
meet us in Stockholm for ECS 2014 showcasing a @XilinxInc #Zynq video processing demo! #news
2 months ago
New @antmicro office in Sweden - Antmicro AB opens in #Kista, #Stockholm #news
2 months ago
@ApertusOSCinema #axiom just a blink away from the funding goal - help the #opensource community get there!
3 months ago
just backed @ApertusOSCinema #axiom camera @Indiegogo campaign, what about you?
3 months ago
3 months ago
Aaand it's assembled. LCD board for #Linux/#Android on @Xilinxinc #Zynq-based @parallellaboard
3 months ago
LCD board for #Linux/#Android on @XilinxInc #Zynq-based @parallellaboard going fwd -
3 months ago
RT @Toradex: Asymmetrical Multicore processing blog by Valter Minute from Toradex -
3 months ago
RT @Toradex: Voilà! Availability of Colibri T20, Colibri T30 & Apalis T30 has been extended uptil 2025.
3 months ago
new blog note - - camera for @Toradex Apalis @Freescale #imx6 + ADV7180 and #gstreamer #news
4 months ago
RT @parallellaboard: Parallella core contributors, @antmicro, have been busy working on a very cool LCD board add-on and drivers! http://t.…

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