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Dataveyes focuses on Human-Data interactions.

We connect users to data through interfaces: web and mobile applications, software, editorial content or creative installations.

We help people understand, operate and communicate their data.

We translate data into experiences, to share narratives, support new uses, and make sense of a world increasingly shaped by algorithms. We design useful, relevant interfaces through our workflow, which revolves around both data and user needs.

Our interfaces are a game changer, in that they introduce our clients to a strategy that makes the most out of data.

Our core competencies relate to data-driven strategies, information and interaction design, as well as data visualization.

Within Dataveyes, we share the firm conviction that the upcoming era of rich data and smart objects will disrupt the way data is conventionally used. Through our works, we take an active part in the revolution of Human-Data interactions.
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5 days ago
2 weeks ago
Nous sommes au Forum des données culturelles toute la journée, passez nous voir sur notre stand ! #FAparis
2 weeks ago
RT @vivamusica: Au #FAParis on retrouve @dataveyes on en reparlera avant la fin de l'année #innovation #societaire
2 weeks ago
@loupyestu the exhibition that was welcoming the project is over. There is still a video of the project here :
2 weeks ago
RT @ludovicriffault: Music made with tennis data —
2 weeks ago
RT @ludovicriffault: Hey fellas, I'm selling this: (Walnut model) still packaged, anyone interested?
2 weeks ago
The future-forward design consultancy Berg is shutting its doors. by @ctrlzee via @FastCoDesign
2 weeks ago
(2/2) Passionnante itw de @manovitch sur Place de la Toile sur le software, les données, la culture, le social etc
2 weeks ago
(1/2) "La base de données en créant des systèmes logiciels plus flexibles change la manière dont on conçoit les hiérarchies" ...
3 weeks ago
RT @LeoGourven: Séance photo au bureau.
Looks like @adotmob loved our website (original one:
RT @feltron: My analysis of a year of communication data: The 2013 Annual Report.
RT @d3visualization: @vismtl 1st meet up tonight in Montreal, with @dataveyes @plotlygraphs @ffunction @InfoActive and many more http://t.c…
2 months ago
RT @LeoGourven: I'm in NYC until sunday. If you want to share a drink or show me cool stuffs here, tell me !
2 months ago
@luiscarli Congrats !
2 months ago
RT @luiscarli: Hi, I'm launching today my new website:
2 months ago
Metropolitain is in the Infographics Design book by @BNN_Books, thank you for the feature ! —
2 months ago
@toggl Have a look on our dynamic logo made of toggl Data :)
2 months ago
@MichaelDucousso bien sûr. Est-ce possible ce mardi dans l'après-midi ?
3 months ago
RT @creativeapps: New generative identity by @dataveyes for @dataveyes

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