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Dataveyes focuses on Human-Data interactions.

We connect users to data through interfaces: web and mobile applications, software, editorial content or creative installations.

We help people understand, operate and communicate their data.

We translate data into experiences, to share narratives, support new uses, and make sense of a world increasingly shaped by algorithms. We design useful, relevant interfaces through our workflow, which revolves around both data and user needs.

Our interfaces are a game changer, in that they introduce our clients to a strategy that makes the most out of data.

Our core competencies relate to data-driven strategies, information and interaction design, as well as data visualization.

Within Dataveyes, we share the firm conviction that the upcoming era of rich data and smart objects will disrupt the way data is conventionally used. Through our works, we take an active part in the revolution of Human-Data interactions.
Latest From @dataveyes
2 weeks ago
RT @SG_etvous: Sur retrouvez les créations des 2 gagnantes et l'oeuvre numérique collective cc @dataveyes http://…
3 weeks ago
Hier soir nous étions sur @bfmbusiness pour parler #SmartCity et énergie avec @DeepkiSAS et @ENGIEgroup La vidéo :
3 weeks ago
RT @DeepkiSAS: Deepki #EnDirect ce soir dans l’émission Tech&Co de @BFMTV ( de 22h00 à 22h30 avec @ENGIEgroup & @da
4 weeks ago
Cette année encore nous sommes à #fens2015 pour des démos de #dataviz. Passez-nous voir sur notre stand au CNAM !
4 weeks ago
RT @iledefrance: #fens2015 - Découvrez 5 innovations pour l'environnement présentées à @futur_en_seine #COP21 http:/…
4 weeks ago
RT @infobeautyaward: Portrait of a population: how & why @dataveyes use #dataviz to spark debate about urban living
RT @awwwards: Site of the Day - June 4th 2015. Crea Carte by Dataveyes (France)
You Draw It: How Family Income Affects Children’s College Chances via @UpshotNYT
A selection from @Fubiz for the Creacarte contest entries
2 months ago
RT @LeoGourven: Dernier checks avant mise en production. Fun debug. @ Atlantis
2 months ago
RT @v_millet: Tables rondes vendredi avec @dataveyes, Antoine Picon, @chevalvert, Florence Bost, Julien Gueguen, @pentagon_fr #colloqueIMGD
2 months ago
Here's the evolution of the Cloud, based on the average shape of the first 1000 particles
2 months ago
@BenGuedj merci !
2 months ago
RT @ArnaudMolo: Checkout our first #React #es6 project @dataveyes
2 months ago
@martinsilvestre Thanks !
2 months ago
Our latest creative coding experiment is about converting gestures into 3D shapes :
2 months ago
RT @LeoGourven: Fun fact: the particle cloud is based on the average shape of the combined particles
2 months ago
RT @LeoGourven: Oh, and it works on mobile, tablet and desktop.
2 months ago
RT @LeoGourven: On server side, we got Atom Electron (WebGL rendering on server), Rabbitmq and a bunch of other cool stuff (we'll write an …

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