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Emerging technologies could disrupt your business or create an opportunity for you?
Let groove management help you identify tech trends.

The world of technology is moving at a breakneck pace. Having recently returned from CES 2014 (The Consumer Electronic Show), Groove Management is well versed in the emerging technologies that will be changing our world in the coming years. We are well positioned to help your company to become an early adopter of key tech trends and avoid allowing one of these disruptive technologies to negatively impact your business.
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4 days ago
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Succeeded at Codescape. Corporate team building event. #teamtimeout @ Codescape
Why don't drive thrus have video screens of the person taking your order? It's like talking to a wall #drivethru #talkingtoawall
Does your work team compete or collaborate? Team bike build is a fun way to break down silos
We drown in our commitments leaving too little time for the things that are important to us
Bike Build Team Challenge - #GoogleAlerts
2 months ago
Best time ever to buy an automated sprinkler controller. Awesome deal on @_rachio
2 months ago
We drown in our commitments leaving too little time for the things that are important to us.
2 months ago
"Do You Have A Daily Ritual? Are You Taking Time For Yourself?" by @bformato on @LinkedIn
2 months ago
Original Xiaomi XiaoYi Night Vision WiFi 720P IP Camera
2 months ago
Charlotte Observer publisher Ann Caulkins is right and I hope McClatchy listens to her
2 months ago
Ulefone Power day 3 without charging still at 24%. Read the review #smartphone #ulefone
2 months ago
Does your phone last 3 full days on a single charge and heavy use? The Ulefone Power does.

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