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Emerging technologies could disrupt your business or create an opportunity for you?
Let groove management help you identify tech trends.

The world of technology is moving at a breakneck pace. Having recently returned from CES 2014 (The Consumer Electronic Show), Groove Management is well versed in the emerging technologies that will be changing our world in the coming years. We are well positioned to help your company to become an early adopter of key tech trends and avoid allowing one of these disruptive technologies to negatively impact your business.
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Stop trying to block the exit door. Focus on getting your employees engaged in opening new doors in your company.
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Be A Happy Camper In Life: "Learn to be comfortable being uncomfortable" #learning #careercoach #happycamper
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Action Learning creates learning agility versus learning atrophy which is common with classroom leadership programs.
3 weeks ago
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We cannot alter the past; we cannot have it to do over,but we can have an effect on our tomorrows. #legacy #HR
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2 months ago
We teach organizations to celebrate and dissect their successes in order to build competency in leveraging strengths.
2 months ago
Summer is the best time to focus on developing your team: #teambuilding #training #summer #learning
2 months ago
Summer jobs are a great way to build work ethic and career character. Does your teen have one? #workethic #HR #jobs
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Does your company suffer from the paradox of size? The larger you get the more cautious you become? #innovation #HR
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What do you want to learn? That is the toughest interview question I ever faced. @LinkedIn #recruiting #HR #OD
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As a leader are you asking the right questions? @bformato on @LinkedIn #leadership #socraticmethod #HR #OD

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