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Flutura is a pioneering pure-play big data science company focused sharply at the intersect of man, machine, and big data. Flutura's award-winning platform Cerebra has been used by marquee organizations in oil and gas, utilities, and heavy engineering industries to unlock significant return on their investments. Cerebra's largest collection of analytics vectors and behavioral-influencer widgets enables rapid call to action and minimizes the time to realize outcomes. Flutura is funded by the Hive, a pure-play big data fund.

Cerebra nano apps addresses problems related to monitoring of critical structures using sensor data, next best intervention for industrial machinery, asset integrity, safety risk, energy management , pollution monitoring and others.
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5 days ago
Flutura appoints Rick Harlow as EVP Americas for #IoT https://t.co/WI5sQ8RObu
@sandy_carter @iyernil @radhesh_k @ashok_pinto It was great meeting you Sandy ... @krishnan_raman
RT @sandy_carter: A powerful #IoT solution from @fluturads wow! Runs on #IBM #cloud @iyernil @radhesh_k @ashok_pinto https://t.co/shU7AdWw8V
Behaviors that require hard work and deliberate practice aren’t good candidates for habit-formation. https://t.co/cbA7Yf5d7j via @nireyal
Never trust an out of shape behavioral designer. https://t.co/qaC65vQ3v6 via @nireyal
2 weeks ago
"In 2016 everything will be connected—our homes, cars, street lights, medical instruments" @wadhwa https://t.co/e1wO9kvlG7 via @unreasonable
2 weeks ago
"2016 will mark the beginning of the virtual reality revolution" @wadhwa https://t.co/UV5cMyEG9z via @unreasonable
2 weeks ago
"This year will change the way we live and lead us into a jobless future" @wadhwa https://t.co/P5YRDZGydt via @unreasonable
3 weeks ago
RT @MVenturesIN: "Their eyes were shining" - @masason on #entrepreneurs he met We know it well! Presenting shining eyes of #MVAlumni https…
4 weeks ago
Flutura glad to be invited to #StartupIndia . Time for Indian Renaissance !
4 weeks ago
@krishnan_raman launches Cerebra Signal Studio the worlds first automated machine signal extractor. Watch out @GE #Predix @ThingWorx @PTC
4 weeks ago
RT @IndustrialIoT: "Digitization of machines is a powerful idea" via @McKinsey https://t.co/EMt3fojfTD #Iot
4 weeks ago
@krishnan_raman CEO of @fluturads launches Cerebra Signal Studio for #IoT Signal Intelligence in another 90 minutes. The world awaits !
4 weeks ago
Sameer and Ketan using Cerebra #IoT Signal Intelligence platform to demonstrate Realtime data collection & analtics https://t.co/visJ5Ma1fS
RT @mjadoul: 5 powerful data trends to watch in 2016 https://t.co/cGOFdn7Wlf via @techrepublic #BigData
"Orchestrating eco systems using plug n play API is more important than owning assets in #IOT" says @krishnan_raman #GE $ABB #Siemens
Platforms for Industrial sector is no longer ‘nice to have’ but ‘must have’ to survive in a changing world. #IOT #industrialinternet

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