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Optimal Design is an award-winning, vertically integrated product development firm that leverages its in-house industrial design, engineering, and software teams to deliver innovative wireless solutions to its clients. Design and integration of wireless technologies such as WiFi, Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy, Cellular, GPS, and NFC into connected devices has been a core competency for the past 15 years.
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2 days ago
Stanford engineers design ant-sized radio to control 'Internet of Things'. #IoT http://t.co/PIuZzRNvzj Full article: http://t.co/pvVvL78mNJ
3 days ago
Meet Strati: World's first 3D printed electric car made in Chicago! http://t.co/y89jbMXD7x
6 days ago
A light that adjusts its temperature automatically turns on/off and is connected to your smartphone! #IoT http://t.co/uzxvEZZCAW
6 days ago
Jürgen Hase,Chairman of the M2M Alliance is the Keynote Speaker at the 2014 IoT World Forum in London @iotconferences http://t.co/tZuNM1qrtw
@nycjim buuuuuut, it was a good album? hmmm
RT @USOlympic: Today we remember the lives lost, families impacted and the courage of all of our American heroes. #Honor911
Today's the big day for Apple. The wearable market is definitely hot, let's see what Apple comes up with today! http://t.co/Gdf1R3a8zo
2 weeks ago
Tesla CEO announces that Tesla's Gigafactory will be built in Nevada. http://t.co/Ll5OOofR2o
2 weeks ago
RT @TallJoeK: Here is a link to my most recent article. "@OptimalDesignCo: Optimal Design featured in Appliance Design Magazine! http://t…
2 weeks ago
RT @CNET: Intel shows off the fashion-forward MICA smart bracelet (pictures) http://t.co/XrkTBd2Y2e http://t.co/UmKOLnvfMB
3 weeks ago
@kaylieannduffy. We like tech that increases Customer Experience without discouraging human interaction #IRT article http://t.co/5VBgn9wHqW
3 weeks ago
Check out how the Industrial Design team modernizes the traditional bike. #IoT connected to your Smart Phone. http://t.co/i41XYrd2AL
3 weeks ago
Have you picked up your August Issue of Appliance Design Magazine yet?! http://t.co/ktcWC0Epnt
3 weeks ago
Thanks for the RTs this week! @BrianRetzke via http://t.co/pKwkLvh2Hy
4 weeks ago
Optimal Design was featured in an article about the Internet of Things!! http://t.co/ktcWC0nmlt
4 weeks ago
Thanks for the RTs this week! @AndrewReif via http://t.co/oiCXx3h8jv
Optimal Design featured in Appliance Design Magazine! http://t.co/ktcWC0nmlt
Reverse Engineering... time to figure out what's going on in here! http://t.co/6Tf7JXlrC7
Stanford researchers say they've made a major step toward the "holy grail" of energy storage a pure lithium battery. http://t.co/5YuhbQvWjM

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