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Optimal Design is an award-winning, vertically integrated product development firm that leverages its in-house industrial design, engineering, and software teams to deliver innovative wireless solutions to its clients. Design and integration of wireless technologies such as WiFi, Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy, Cellular, GPS, and NFC into connected devices has been a core competency for the past 15 years.
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When the Internet of Things Doesn't Make Sense http://t.co/ue6AYGUkAf http://t.co/eGe6e0DIVk
2 weeks ago
.@RWW ARTICLE: #Wearable #Startups Overcome The #HardwareChallenge featuring @sajidnchicago, CEO of @OptimalDesignCo http://t.co/93uMWPBMtt
2 weeks ago
New @VoidVR experiences! “Unreal Tournament Arena” Void style. #vr #virtualreality http://t.co/atObvXneAS
3 weeks ago
VR legend Shannon Norrel wants to bring a VR camp to #BurningMan. @THEVOID is one of the rewards! https://t.co/NflXEX3Ulv
4 weeks ago
Optimal Design mentioned in @Forbes article; 7 Lessons From The Internet of Things Frontier. http://t.co/erxZKApILR http://t.co/NWtUVZf7Z9
4 weeks ago
.@goBatteriser claims we throw out batteries w/ 80% battery power left. Batteriser taps into that remaining power. https://t.co/oFa2VzZaJv
4 weeks ago
RT @sajidnchicago: @OptimalDesignCo proud to be the design partner of @SINGERCO @singersewinguk. An original American brand with a glo…
4 weeks ago
Rumors about #GoogleGlass 2 is starting to roll out... it'll focus as a Enterprise solution. http://t.co/6F9dWirK5X http://t.co/iRWJim2vf5
4 weeks ago
RT @verge: Tonight's #Windows10 release: what to expect and how to download http://t.co/bqVowwHjIQ http://t.co/p1dkA1crmI
4 weeks ago
#IoT #IotSecurity #carSecurity This article examines the future of connected vehicles and security: http://t.co/DOXsN8aqpy
RT @zakkates: .@1871Chicago & @MsTechGroup Partner to further #WomenInTech Opportunities http://t.co/cqgnRJscE1 ~@ChicagoBlueSky http://t.…
More from the @VoidVR Rapture Gun mode samples #realvirtualreality #vr #thevoid #virtualreality https://t.co/et3sEMkncM
Solar Energy that Doesn't Block the View... A solar concentrator that can be placed over a window -@michiganstateu http://t.co/DBBorMcX9h
Proud to partner with @heyjoebeans to develop the mug and tech which makes on-the-go brewing possible. https://t.co/YbxmIU1hMO
Learn how we developed the unique Bi-axial wing motion that's in Cabela's Instinct decoy: http://t.co/FHixFmc2Dx http://t.co/kccz7ffm75
We're looking for a multi-talented Electrical Engineering Manager #jobs #hiring Full details: http://t.co/VrZD08wlON http://t.co/21r5ifpdRl
2 months ago
Microsoft's HoloLens Might Train the Next Gen. of Doctors. Will #VirtualReality enhance the learning experience? http://t.co/zvyW3Y1s01
2 months ago
SysConTV at the NY @CloudExpo spoke w/ @JoeWascow about the Internet of Things. #IoT http://t.co/8qWPBFP599 http://t.co/25M2l7d90I
2 months ago
2 months ago
1st Look @ #VR Camera NEO: Professional-Grade Camera for Cinematic Virtual Reality Experiences -@virtualstrategy http://t.co/N5J5tq2iER

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