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Optimal Design is an award-winning, vertically integrated product development firm that leverages its in-house industrial design, engineering, and software teams to deliver innovative wireless solutions to its clients. Design and integration of wireless technologies such as WiFi, Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy, Cellular, GPS, and NFC into connected devices has been a core competency for the past 15 years.
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RT @tomemrich: Think your gym is cool? Check out the gym of the future http://t.co/q4rRHSHNhb #WearableTech http://t.co/HblBphjiAu
RT @WeAreWearables: Over 3600 of you have already joined the Wearable Revolution! #WeAreWearables http://t.co/azOaZigDK0 http://t.co/KtZvhT…
3 days ago
Work on the “three phase electronically controlled automatic circuit recloser” continues... http://t.co/xzjuMujoA3
VR to be next big thing in gaming, with 26.5 million units sold in 2020 #vr #virtualreality http://t.co/5BBkNhkOnd http://t.co/Y0GAtOMprF
We created a sleek design for this simple to use Air Purifier concept. View more at http://t.co/O9PExSjR6S http://t.co/FjMd3pgDcB
RT @MicrochipTech: “Sweet” #IoT scale from @OptimalDesignCo uses RN-4020 BLE & RN-171 Wi-Fi® modules to track how much candy is consumed ht…
The ability to push updates to devices is changing the way a product can steadily evolve w/ #IoT. http://t.co/eS6uQiKEwj
Check out the Top 5 Medical Devices at SXSW 2015 http://t.co/6l7kVKsCcZ http://t.co/7f1u0pfpeu
2 weeks ago
Happy Pi Day! In case you didn't know, today is the Ultimate Pi Day! Only once in our lifetime! #PiDay http://t.co/v44YrWLcte
2 weeks ago
Check out our #IoT Demo built w/ @MicrochipTech RN-4020 BLE Module & the RN-171 WiFi Module https://t.co/VQjtZeS1zj http://t.co/xKIq6N0z3j
2 weeks ago
RT @MicrochipTech: Adding fixed point FFT routine to TV framework allows PIC32 MCU-based oscilloscope to be used as spectrum analyzer http:…
2 weeks ago
The Internet of Things industry is set to be a 7.1 Trillion Dollar Market by 2020. https://t.co/VQjtZeS1zj http://t.co/zJHTAF5HKO
3 weeks ago
Check out the Impuse 2, a Plane that's embarking on a trip around the world completely powered by the Sun. http://t.co/ninpUrWnZm
3 weeks ago
RT @SonneIndustries: Quirky is taking a look at the Light Sentry! Help the Light Sentry to attract their attention by following the... htt…
3 weeks ago
3 Reasons Apple's Watch Will, or Won't, Change the Game http://t.co/kaXn7IEtOT
3 weeks ago
How a spinning chair made virtual reality feel more real http://t.co/7FCWC7C4YJ
3 weeks ago
In preparation for a boom in the #IoT, 5G is big at this year's #MWC, but don't expect it until 2020. http://t.co/ARa5MgM1St
3 weeks ago
HP Helps Communications Service Providers Drive New Revenue Opportunities with HP Internet of Things Platform http://t.co/T7W5vVzKKH
4 weeks ago
RT @MachineDesign: On @EngineeringTV: 3D Printing Goes Big with the 3DP1000 http://t.co/qXenzOsLgi @3DPUnlimited @PBCLinear #UBMWest http:/…
4 weeks ago
Optimal Design Featured on @engineeringtv for "Mechanical Duck Wings" Check it out: http://t.co/BYvl9CuECp http://t.co/aviov6MP8c

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