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Optimal Design is an award-winning, vertically integrated product development firm that leverages its in-house industrial design, engineering, and software teams to deliver innovative wireless solutions to its clients. Design and integration of wireless technologies such as WiFi, Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy, Cellular, GPS, and NFC into connected devices has been a core competency for the past 15 years.
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20 hours ago
Optimal Design was featured in an article about the Internet of Things!! http://t.co/ktcWC0nmlt
3 days ago
Thanks for the RTs this week! @AndrewReif via http://t.co/oiCXx3h8jv
Optimal Design featured in Appliance Design Magazine! http://t.co/ktcWC0nmlt
Reverse Engineering... time to figure out what's going on in here! http://t.co/6Tf7JXlrC7
Stanford researchers say they've made a major step toward the "holy grail" of energy storage a pure lithium battery. http://t.co/5YuhbQvWjM
Generating power from heat will soon be dirt cheap. http://t.co/okEGSIPbEY
Working under the Microscope today! http://t.co/zjqLl10ouI
Thanks for the RTs this week! @TallJoeK via http://t.co/oiCXx3h8jv
Are you motivated, sales driven business to business professional, submit your resume to hr@optimaldesignco.com. http://t.co/dpRQ5mqfwl
2 weeks ago
RT @Borisbikegirl: More wrist time! @ForbesTech: How #smartwatches could make a more polite world: http://t.co/BXZqoze9kr http://t.co/Xwdah…
2 weeks ago
Prototyping can be messy... http://t.co/BqtJKxas9F
2 weeks ago
Meet Jibo. An Internet of Things connected device that interacts with you and your home. http://t.co/p0V2xC7Mgy
2 weeks ago
Prototypes start out larger (and messier!) than the final product but it's all in pursuit of hitting the bullseye! http://t.co/MYXgEo4muO
2 weeks ago
An Adventure Bike That Combines Speed With an Ultra-Smooth Ride - http://t.co/5T0qkYkJEj
2 weeks ago
How Much Does One Lego Piece Cost? - http://t.co/vhUGO47uHE
2 weeks ago
Optimal Design helped design The Drain Strain: A product that helps avoid Clogged Drains and Expensive Plumber Costs! http://t.co/qECZ5ldM28
3 weeks ago
Moment Smartwatch: 30 day battery, expandable hardware, full QWERTY keyboard, 360° touch surface. Would you wear it? https://t.co/nuw79TicAn
3 weeks ago
Why haven't we seen more Software innovations in wearable technology? The Hardware needs to be improved more! http://t.co/lfybycPjab
3 weeks ago
Thanks for the RTs this week! @GGlassFan @TallJoeK via http://t.co/oiCXx3h8jv
3 weeks ago
The Internet of Things is really about what the 50 billion things can do…without you. http://t.co/Zm9Yw69eQh

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