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DEV Tecnologia is a Brazillian startup that develops hardware and software solutions with cutting edge technology for the academic research market. We also have developed innovative product platforms that spun off of our projects, including an IoT Platform which is currently under developed for an energy efficiency solution in a Smart City initiative.

We are building wireless sensor network of energy meters for building lighting and other appliances (over 9,000 assets under management), and also infrastructure software and management applications to be used in schools and other public buildings in 2014 in order to dramatically reduce maintenance costs and promote huge energy savings for the municipality.

We work with state of the art technology and standards: LWM2M for managing and monitoring the network itself, and CoAP for accessing and transmitting sensor information and control signals. Our sensor modules use the latest microprocessors, offering both computing power and low-energy consumption. Our platform is being designed to allow the coexistence of multiple different devices with an unified system to manage them. The applications that run on top of this platform are built on the .NET framework and designed for maximum ease of use and performance. We plan to offer APIs and libraries to allow our clients to develop their own application using our infrastructure in the future, be it using our sensor modules or with 3rd-party equipment.

We currently have 12 clients from 9 laboratories in prestigious universities in Brazil, with fields ranging from engineering to medicine. Our team can deliver customized and complex research hardware with special focus on sensoring and automation, having worked with projects like a sensor module for conservation conditions in museums, and a special racetrack for lizards for analysis of reptiles and amphibians in various environmental conditions. The research market is extremely strategic for DEV Tecnologia, in order to fund further technology developments for continuous innovation.

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