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Altizon is a products company focused on the Internet of Things. Our products are used to build data driven applications that help our customers gain new customer insight, boost operational efficiencies and build a competitive edge.

The Altizon journey is a quest for innovation in technology and business. We derive our name from the words Altitude and Horizon representing our endeavor to go as high as one can go and as far as one can see.

The Altizon approach involves tapping into data sources from the Internet of Things, as they are new or under leveraged. The Altizon Datonis Platform™ that provides powers our solutions provides enterprises with a Secure, Manageable, Available and Reliable platform designed for emerging markets with an unbeatable TCO.

Our journey has begun with developing solutions for the Industrial Internet in emerging markets.
Altizon has headquarters in Pune, India. Our vision is supported and influenced by a marquee set of partner companies, advisors and early adopters.
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