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David Patterson and Chris Cooper formed KnowNow as a "Big Data & Internet of Things" company. KnowNow are also the creators of the open ‘kn-i’ platform.

KnowNow understands the management of data and the issues that can arise with the exchange of data between different parties. Recognizing the complexity of the world we live in yet bridging the gap so information becomes useful and valuable. Be it for large corporations, public sector organizations or the smaller enterprise. KnowNow can help.
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9 hours ago
Last chance to see the original @knownowinfo website before major update! #bye
12 hours ago
IoT Technology Market to Reach $1.3 Trillion by 2019.
14 hours ago
Rat bites man's arse. Surely that's what the u-bend is for? #flooding
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Barcelona continues to SMARTen up from @readwrite #IoT #SmartCities
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A proper plan for flood planning #flooding #data
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David talking about Cloud services from IBM #cloud #softlayer #bluemix
19 hours ago
A primer on Smart Cities from @ExtremeTech #smartcities
20 hours ago
This week Chris spoke at the EU about our new privacy service. Watch here #privacy
20 hours ago
This week Chris spoke at the EU about our new privacy service. Watch here #privacy
21 hours ago
Experts often possess more data than judgment. - Colin Powell #bigdata
22 hours ago
You can monitor your house remotely #smarthome #IoT
David talking about Bluemix and rapid app development #app #dev #bluemix
2 days ago
Arup | Thoughts | Human interaction in smart city design
2 days ago
Making the most of data - Interview I gave to ComputerWeekly #bigdata #IoT
2 days ago
Predicting weather related emergency blackspots #weather #flooding
2 days ago
Our latest makerfriday project - a dollshouse! #smartenergy #IoT
2 days ago
Fascinating #movie #data visualisations for cost v box office v metacritic from @infobeautiful #BigData
2 days ago
Success or failure in business is caused more by the mental attitude even than by mental capacities. - Walter Scott #startup
2 days ago
We're entering a new world in which data may be more important than software. - Tim o'Reilly #data
2 days ago
Just how valuable is data to sports teams? #bigdata #football

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