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David Patterson and Chris Cooper formed KnowNow as a "Big Data & Internet of Things" company. KnowNow are also the creators of the open ‘kn-i’ platform.

KnowNow understands the management of data and the issues that can arise with the exchange of data between different parties. Recognizing the complexity of the world we live in yet bridging the gap so information becomes useful and valuable. Be it for large corporations, public sector organizations or the smaller enterprise. KnowNow can help.
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RT @David_Patto: Congratulations to @knownowinfo suppliers @aerialcomms on winning Business of the year at #newsbizawards
2 days ago
How to build a weather-tracking application using IBM Bluemix and Insights Part 1:
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Apache Libcloud offers security insight into Bluemix, making life easier for developers. Get the code:
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How important is the flexibility of IT infrastructure?
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RT @pittso: Data exchange platform launched by @innovateuk / @digicatapult to stimulate green building construction
Giving data a purpose will make it sustainable. Focus on outcomes! #bdxlaunch #bdxhack
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Start building PHP apps for the Internet of Things with IOT Foundation, Bluemix, and MQTT:
With Cloud Foundry on Bluemix, developers can implement a microservice-based architecture: Part 1
After our webinar, you'll be able to deploy .@docker containers at the practitioner level.
2 weeks ago
Quickly calculate your cost for #SoftLayer infrastructure services ... cool!
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This IBM programmer can control a BB-8 droid from 'Star Wars' with his mind #Bluemix
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Thank you to @tv_iot for a superb meet up & a successful demo of @knownowinfo #DiscoDollsHouse #iot
2 weeks ago
RT @MobilityCooper: Just finished prepping for @knownowinfo @BeathouseUK demo @tv_iot @connectTVT tonight
2 weeks ago
IBM's dashDB is built for builders- a cloud-based data warehouse made for high scalability and performance
3 weeks ago
See how digital transformation will be affecting #cloud computing this year #IoT

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