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David Patterson and Chris Cooper formed KnowNow as a "Big Data & Internet of Things" company. KnowNow are also the creators of the open ‘kn-i’ platform.

KnowNow understands the management of data and the issues that can arise with the exchange of data between different parties. Recognizing the complexity of the world we live in yet bridging the gap so information becomes useful and valuable. Be it for large corporations, public sector organizations or the smaller enterprise. KnowNow can help.
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6 days ago
Our site enables you to track the action on the solent during the #americascup world series.
New #americascup wayfinders have been placed outside our office. @acwspmth
2 weeks ago
Hmmm. Blu-tack, holes, servo motors. All attached to the @Raspberry_Pi.... What could it possibly be? #makeday
2 weeks ago
Connor and Tom drilling away making our mystery #IoT device. #makeday
2 weeks ago
Friday is #makeday. We're building something with a #raspberrypi, an #arduino, temp sensors and servo's. What is it?
2 weeks ago
How your cellphone knows if you’re depressed. It has to do with how you move through time and space.
2 weeks ago
RT @David_Patto: New #blogpost about being named by the Open Data Institute as an #Opendata pioneer…
2 weeks ago
RT @David_Patto: News about the computer weekly blog article summarising our #internetofthings and #bigdata project
2 weeks ago
RT @angelajbates: Flood monitoring and Event prediction from UK #startup @knownowinfo #bluemix #Node-RED #IoT #IBMGE
2 weeks ago
RT @angelajbates: Flood monitoring and Event prediction from UK Startup @knownowinfo
2 weeks ago
Thanks very much @clivel_98, that is a great article about our #IoT #Technology projects
2 weeks ago
Imagine your home with a Formula One style dashboard - Check out the revolutionary new service from KnowNow at
3 weeks ago
RT @David_Patto: Our #BeatHouse solution is being deployed in the IBM IoT lab in Hursley. Read about it at http://t.…
RT @WorldWaterTech: @Arup @Pinsentmasons Great WET networking event last night. Interesting tech @knownowinfo @desolenator @AmaxInfoTech @…
RT @OpenDataAha: Imagine if you could predict where the next major flood will be, days beforehand... HT @knownowinf
RT @AndyBravery: Great presentation by David Pattison on @knownowinfo connected home app using @NodeRED on @IBMBluemix #CDCampLondon http:/…
RT @Techmeetups: David from #Startup @knownowinfo talking about his experience using @ibmbluemix
RT @techmeetupsLSR: For rapid development of big data applications such as Flood Event Model, meet @knownowinfo http…
RT @IICHursley: It's #FollowFriday, follow @knownowinfo who shared their use of #Bluemix at our #BluemixIsOne event! #Cloud #PaaS
RT @SimonARBaker: @knownowinfo presenting about their great use of #IBMBluemix at #BluemixIsOne event @Level39CW. Thank You @David_Patto

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