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David Patterson and Chris Cooper formed KnowNow as a "Big Data & Internet of Things" company. KnowNow are also the creators of the open ‘kn-i’ platform.

KnowNow understands the management of data and the issues that can arise with the exchange of data between different parties. Recognizing the complexity of the world we live in yet bridging the gap so information becomes useful and valuable. Be it for large corporations, public sector organizations or the smaller enterprise. KnowNow can help.
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2 hours ago
How do you develop apps? This is how we do it #appdevelopment
8 hours ago
Looking at cloud? Solutions from #IBM now available on our website #cloud
8 hours ago
We are demoing our temperature sensing and automation system to major companies over the next few days. #IoT
RT @OpenDataAha: @MobilityCooper from @knownowinfo giving an overview of @FloodEventModel at #ODPolicy this morning
2 days ago
RT @Open_Data: Australian friends say that #opendata requires public sector organisation join-up. I agree, but how do we do that at scale?…
2 days ago
RT @PublicPolicyUoS: Power of open data on policy responses to integrated transport & long term civic planning #ODpolicy @policysouth https…
2 days ago
RT @policysouth: Hearing now from @northernjamie of Trafford Innovation Lab on practical uses of open data in Greater Manc #ODPolicy https:…
2 days ago
RT @mattbuck_hack: MT @EimeTobari: Learning use cases of open data across the UK. Spatial visualisation of data is key. #ODpolicy cc @Open
2 days ago
RT @markbraggins: HT @northernjamie @PublicPolicyUoS: James Whyte from Trafford BC talking about OD to site defibrillators #odpolicy https…
2 days ago
RT @MobilityCooper: Reality Check on state of open data in Hants by Nick @nqminds. Msg: invest in your data. Understand the Q.…
2 days ago
Lessons to be fed back to our leaders #of policy
2 days ago
RT @HartreeCentre: RT @David_Patto "Great article from an interview with me on page 20 from our friends at the @HartreeCentre #data https:/…
2 days ago
RT @MobilityCooper: Start of #odpolicy with @t_budge on the big screen organised by @knownowinfo @OpenDataAha @policysouth…
2 days ago
RT @HartreeCentre: See how #SME @knownowinfo is using #bigdata to help UK #emergency services (on p20)
6 days ago
RT - #Data growth continues unabated.
Would your company like to see some of our #IoT technology at the IBM Hursley lab in the new year? Contact us at
#IoT? #Driverless? #VR? Something else? What do you think will be the leading breakthrough #technology of 2016?
RT @policysouth: Full line-up for our #ODPolicy event on Monday includes @northernjamie @MobilityCooper @_datasmith & @nqminds : https://t.…
Have you looked at our website recently? Lots of updates about #cloud, #IoT and #Analytics.

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