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Davra Networks develop an application enablement platform for the Internet of Things.
Davra’s RuBAN™ platform has been designed from the ground up to completely control all elements of an IoT installation from initial deployment, through to end customer application delivery.

Davra Networks RuBAN™ platform is a customer premise or cloud based, simple to use application enablement platform that takes critical data from the network and any connected devices or sensors and publishes it through an open API making it easy to build and run Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

Our open API allows for the translation of raw network & sensor data into an easily accessible open format to feed to 3rd Party App developers & data analytics tools such as SAS, Pentaho, Jasper Reports and much more.
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2 days ago
Recently added, RuBAN is on the #IoT #M2M plaftform list - http://t.co/DFYopIxHqL - Thanks @PascalBod06
3 days ago
Improve transportation " #IoT helps cities minimize congestion, improve parking, and keep trains on time" http://t.co/ujvJkuXzmF @Cisco_IoT
4 days ago
@davranetworks: To all our global customers. Today is All Ireland Hurling Finals Day. Google it and weep http://t.co/3IoaXGkRG0
Davras @brianmcglynn speaking at Largest IoT Meetup talk in Silicon Valley Thursday 2nd in Sunnyvale http://t.co/AF8bvlL9wt @cisco_iot #iot
Connecting Weather to Business Profitability. Companies are adopting #IoT every day more to drive revenue @Cisco_IoT https://t.co/ftCv8PYJDK
@IntelReneeJames IOT is the quickest 'Time to Money' opportunity Intel have been involved in for a long time http://t.co/EdNIStzf3c
Philip Moynagh, VP Intel IOT says that IOT is now, the Things already exist we just need to connect them #iot #Intel
Intel showing how the Internet of Things is done in London. #IoT http://t.co/Ib7qVndF6b
2 weeks ago
RT @brianmcglynn: A3 #iotchat Industrial IoT needs lots of distinct partners to work together this can slow down and complicate implementat…
2 weeks ago
RT @brianmcglynn: Q2->A2 #iotchat @davranetworks while prioritizing operations with funding & budgets V important to LEVERAGE ecosystems an…
2 weeks ago
RT @brianmcglynn: Q1->A1 #iotchat this month connecting 2 palaces. Skeikh looking @ water quality, plants, cars, temp, air quality & dust …
2 weeks ago
RT @brianmcglynn: A4 #IoTChat Interoperability is forcing platforms to be designed in an open way which is accelerating open innovation @da
2 weeks ago
RT @brianmcglynn: Q5 #IoTChat agree with @Carriots helps in short term but ultimately survival of fittest there will be clear leaders @davr
2 weeks ago
RT @brianmcglynn: Q6 #IoTChat public sector needs to lead more than ever in IoT-- smart cities, connected roadways, smart water @davranetwo
2 weeks ago
RT @brianmcglynn: @davranetworks I am co hosting #iotchat with @Cisco_IoT today on IoT innovation in honor of the opening of Berlin innovat…
4 weeks ago
Cisco GSX happened last week in Las Vegas. We were a part of it showcasing #IoE #IoT .Check our CTO's post on it. http://t.co/ZRtKDUO6dH
4 weeks ago
@Cisco "We like developers, honestly" v.g article showing how @DevNet helps developers all over. We are one of them! http://t.co/5bAZDGnVx5
RT @BusinessWorldIE: @davranetworks Paul Glynn, CEO of Dublin's Davra Networks named as one of the Top 25 Disrupters in the US. http://t.co…
RT @dee_cashion: “@siliconrepublic: Irish IoT thought leader listed among Top 25 Disrupters in the US. http://t.co/hWWS0CjrSe” @davranetwor


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