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We, DGLogik, Inc., provide innovative IoT software solutions that enable and visualize the Internet of Things. Our modern IoT technology illustrates the internet of things by allowing users to easily interact with more data from more IoT devices and derive more value and intelligence to better manage cost and energy efficiency. Through customizable applications and big data dashboards, users are capable of managing, measuring, controlling and analyzing big data from any device anytime, anywhere.
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NEW #DGLux5 Tutorial Video - Creating Interactivity in DGLux5 through Actions! http://t.co/zvsKgTNeZV http://t.co/D73VgU9toW
5 days ago
Join Us for Tomorrow's Webinar - 11amPDT - Creating Interactivity in #DGLux5 - http://t.co/ML08W8EWRa http://t.co/PvmorX3oNr
6 days ago
RT @YellowFrog76: Information is power, At @DGLogik Training
Day 1 of #IoT Visualization Software, #DGLux5 Training - Underway!
RT @1Sightsolutions: Remember to check out our new website! Featuring @TridiumInc @DGLogik @eSightEnergy @DistControls_en
Last Chance to Sign Up for #IoT Software Solution, #DGLux5 Training - July 16-18th at our Headquarters - http://t.co/VQUBBu2fIT.
2 weeks ago
Reminder! Customize Your Charts in #DGLux5 Webinar starts soon! 11amPDT - http://t.co/YDqbHX2xYp
2 weeks ago
Want to Know How to Customize Your Charts in #DGLux5? Find out tomorrow - 11amPDT - http://t.co/YDqbHX2xYp http://t.co/HMTv28Ek60
2 weeks ago
RT @postscapes: #IoT Voices Interview Series: Our latest with CTO and Co-Founder of data visualization & application tool @DGLogik http://t…
3 weeks ago
Workshop Canceled Today. Join us next week - http://t.co/i0snHoNZ9a. Have a Safe and Happy 4th of July! http://t.co/E9OtMwhnig
3 weeks ago
Thank you to @postscapes for the #IoT Interview with our CTO, Dennis Khvostionov! Look forward to seeing the interview go Live.
3 weeks ago
Become An Expert in #DGLux5 By Joining Us For Our July Training Seminar - http://t.co/Ax3SbGohF1 http://t.co/cXm4AZuYU9
3 weeks ago
#IoT Data Visualizations - Video on Creating Symbols in #DGLux5 - http://t.co/zvsKgTNeZV http://t.co/gxstS1xxpg
3 weeks ago
RT @CiscoEIR: Interview: @GenyaMazo, CEO of @DGLogik, talks about #DGLux5, #IoT & #CiscoEIR http://t.co/npuigpO6qy via @Ken_Sinclair
4 weeks ago
RT @CiscoEIR: Having great Q&A with @3000ecr of @Cooliris & #CiscoEIR entrepreneurs @GloveApp @DGLogik @securewatersinc @PawaaSoftware & @P
4 weeks ago
Webinar Change! This Friday - Incorporate Symbols in #DGLux5 Projects! http://t.co/rOcFDP4oMm
4 weeks ago
RT @Controlco_USA: Congrats to Ben Hakes of Harrison Street who won our #AppleTV giveaway @REALCOMMtweet #IBcon last week!! cc @DGLogik
4 weeks ago
Create An Efficient Workflow utilizing the Viewdeck in #DGLux5 at this Friday's Webinar at 11amPDT - http://t.co/BBFZcnHrB1
Reminder! #DGLux5 Workshop at 11amPDT - Learn How To Create A Basic Dashboard Template - http://t.co/BBFZcnHrB1
At @REALCOMMtweet #IBCon, did you stop by @Controlco_USA Booth 513 to see #DGLux5 Social Media Dashboard? http://t.co/0UvpF6vcNs


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