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dc-square is a company based in Southern Germany implementing software solutions for highly scalable applications in the Internet of Things.

Our products make it possible to connect thousands of devices over cellular networks with the most efficient bandwidth usage and push technology. We focus on scalability, ease of use and best possible integration into customers infrastructure.
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4 weeks ago
RT @IanSkerrett: Really enjoyed my discussion with @dobermai @goetzchr about @HiveMQ and #mqtt. Spoke about security and scalability https:…
4 weeks ago
Join the Google IoT Hangout with @IanSkerrett, @goetzchr and @dobermai. Interesting MQTT discussions ahead! https://t.co/qMkeSIhPfL
4 weeks ago
The MQTTDashboard is offline for maintenance and will be back soon.
@dobermai & @goetzchr are special guests at the next @EclipseIoT hangout talking about #MQTT and @HiveMQ. Tune in! https://t.co/qMkeSIhPfL
RT @jpmens: Internet der Dinge: Leichtgewichtiges Messaging http://t.co/F3lvZ5y9kR #mqtt (/via @dobermai)
Large interest in the presentation about #IoT protocols from our CEO @goetzchr at @IoTExpo2014 London http://t.co/nMg4vonIZH
We're now listed at @EclipseIoT as participating member, yay :) http://t.co/OVklYysMlX #iot #eclipse
2 months ago
RT @dobermai: Von April, trotzdem lesenswert: http://t.co/ii8nRCw9yu
2 months ago
RT @edcvienna: Great lineup of talks for our #DemoCamp 4th July, http://t.co/c07SKjJmsN cc @tomsontom @wernerkeil @piflo @EdMerks @eikestep
2 months ago
RT @tastemedia_web: @DCsquare nice talk once again. looking forward to the next SquareTalk!
2 months ago
@tastemedia_web with an awesome SquareTalk about location based services with #ibeacon, BLE and other technologies! http://t.co/kvk63NVz1g
2 months ago
The MQTTDashboard will be down for maintenance for a few minutes. Will be back without performance issues soon :)
2 months ago
RT @StefanoPanichi: Christian Götz @goetzchr speaks about #MQTT with Eclipse Paho #eclipsedayflorence http://t.co/dGXInVrSsH
2 months ago
RT @tingenek: New blog post on adding #mqtt pub/sub to #xforms http://t.co/Q7wjMTxcRu // HT @DCsquare for their public broker.
2 months ago
@tingenek Sure, that would be awesome. Integrating XForms with MQTT sounds very cool. Looking forward to read the post :-)
2 months ago
@tingenek Yes, now the dashboard is online again. Now with more CPU, so the problems should be gone :-)
2 months ago
RT @ecosteer: Interested in working with us? Checkout our latest partners in Malaysia, Germany, Italy and the UK - http://t.co/w1IYNfr7cZ
2 months ago
RT @EclipseFdn: .@DCsquare and we are ecstatic to have you as a member! #welcometoeclipse
2 months ago
We’re thrilled to be a @EclipseFdn member now :-)
3 months ago
We had to throttle the MQTTDashboard temporarily because of massive traffic abuse. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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