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dc-square is a company based in Southern Germany implementing software solutions for highly scalable applications in the Internet of Things.

Our products make it possible to connect thousands of devices over cellular networks with the most efficient bandwidth usage and push technology. We focus on scalability, ease of use and best possible integration into customers infrastructure.
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2 months ago
Dominik Obermaier, managing director of dc-square, as guest speaker at Landshut's University https://t.co/u2nYqzmHrs https://t.co/pIqoPCU8PA
5 months ago
Wir stellen ein: Softwareentwickler (m/w) und Assistenz der Geschäftsführung (m/w) in Landshut! Bewirb dich jetzt! https://t.co/pYzYBtoI3T
10 months ago
RT @entwickler: Inside #IoT - u.a.: Baut #Apple doch selbstfahrende Autos? #5G von #samsung und Webinar zu #mqtt mit @goetzchr https://t.co…
RT @kartben: Very happy to have @goetzchr at our next #VirtualIoT meetup on July 2. All you need to know about #MQTT… and more! http://t.co…
RT @IoTVienna: Congratuations, @dobermai ! You will be on stage at #gide2015 at 2015-04-09 in Vienna! #european #internetofthings #conferne
RT @HiveMQ: Here comes Part 7 of the #MQTT Essentials, this time we explain which information is stored in a persistent session http://t.co…
RT @HiveMQ: Here comes the next #MQTT Essential Post about Quality of Service levels and how to use them #IoT #QoS http://t.co/OE0zXWyZrQ
Interessantes Interview bei @InvestinBavaria mit @dobermai: http://t.co/roYsb8k6Aj
RT @HiveMQ: Want to know how easy a #MQTT connection is established? Read this weeks MQTT Essentials ! http://t.co/Y7k7vLQMqN http://t.co/D…
2 years ago
RT @kartben: Cool, I didn’t know that my talk at #m2msummit would be recorded! https://t.co/6DEspxWjez < thanks for mentioning dc-square :)
2 years ago
Looks like the OASIS #MQTT Standard will be out soon :) The necessary amount of positive votes is reached, https://t.co/LSB1IxgtuA #iot
2 years ago
RT @HiveMQ: HiveMQ 2.1.0 is out! featuring plugin classpath isolation, TLS for bridges and many more features & bugfixes http://t.co/JQpkIW…
2 years ago
RT @goetzchr: I'm giving a talk in German at GFU @schulungen in Cologne about "Communication in #IoT with #MQTT" on 25th Nov 2014 http://t.…
2 years ago
RT @IanSkerrett: Really enjoyed my discussion with @dobermai @goetzchr about @HiveMQ and #mqtt. Spoke about security and scalability https:…
2 years ago
Join the Google IoT Hangout with @IanSkerrett, @goetzchr and @dobermai. Interesting MQTT discussions ahead! https://t.co/qMkeSIhPfL
2 years ago
The MQTTDashboard is offline for maintenance and will be back soon.
2 years ago
@dobermai & @goetzchr are special guests at the next @EclipseIoT hangout talking about #MQTT and @HiveMQ. Tune in! https://t.co/qMkeSIhPfL
2 years ago
RT @jpmens: Internet der Dinge: Leichtgewichtiges Messaging http://t.co/F3lvZ5y9kR #mqtt (/via @dobermai)
2 years ago
Large interest in the presentation about #IoT protocols from our CEO @goetzchr at @IoTExpo2014 London http://t.co/nMg4vonIZH
2 years ago
We're now listed at @EclipseIoT as participating member, yay :) http://t.co/OVklYysMlX #iot #eclipse

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