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Alessandro Bassi Consulting was created in 2010 with a specific vision: help his clients to get beyond stereotypes and enable real innovation in different application fields using advanced ICT solutions. In particular, Alessandro Bassi Consulting has a significant experience in managing multi-millions cooperative research projects, spanning geographically from Japan to Brazil, from China to the United States, from Europe to Taiwan.

Alessandro Bassi Consulting has a deep knowledge of Internet of Things baseline technologies and solution, having pioneered the space since 2007. Currently, the focus is on three convergent topics: the set of technologies belonging to the Internet of Things domain, with particular regards to the Smart City domain, technologies and mechanisms for high performance data transfers for Cloud Computing and Storage, and advanced security analysis for developing a Secure Internet of Things.
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RT @MeetIoT: @NetTechEU Published Workshop report on #IoT need for use-case driven platforms @ThibKLNR @FIware @mari
3 weeks ago
@VdeLeeuw_ARC bit busy today but call me after 5PM if you can +33643055256 or tom any time
Devnet #CLEUR wall of thoughts ...
Hamburg Port Authority reduced operating costs by 70% thanks to #IoT #CLEUR
#IoT crossed the Credibility Gap according to @Cisco @CiscoLiveEurope
@Cisco believes #IoT times in now - 14 Billion USD per year in Germany only @CiscoLiveEurope
Got to @CiscoLiveEurope, session about to start
Goung tomorrow to @CiscoLiveEurope to listen to #IoE Opportunities with #IoT
@VdeLeeuw_ARC @IoT_A @MeetIoT #meetIoTA great audience response great ideas gathered! Thanks Assens!
In Assens to speak about @IoT_A and @MeetIoT this afternoon!
3 months ago great audience response, with interest in Security Scalability and Protocols @MeetIoT @IoT_A
3 months ago
Speaking about @IoT_A and @MeetIoT in a few mins @uct_tronshow
3 months ago
Leaving for the #industrialinternet consortium meeting in Long Beach dec 9-11
3 months ago
Catalunya will be smart or won't be at all #iotforum @bdigital
3 months ago
At the #iotforum @bdigital follow the streaming
3 months ago
@robvank #QuestionsforIoT they should share also devices :) - Product as a Service + Product Sharing
3 months ago
@robvank @IERC_europe In in ideal world, everyone. In practice, the ones that will understand its truly economical and social potential
4 months ago
What is your definition of #IoT ? #QuestionsforIoT

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