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SiteWhere is an industrial-strength open source platform that enables rapid development of applications for the "Internet of Things". It allows a developer to describe and interact with a web of connected devices without the custom coding that would be needed without a framework.

SiteWhere stores event data produced by devices in optimized "big data" storage in a unified format independent of the device that generated the content. It provides interfaces for searching and analyzing the data as well as out-of-the-box support for integrating device data with other integration platforms.
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13 hours ago
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2 weeks ago
RT @NodeRED: Node-RED 0.13 released. With snap-to-grid, automatic splicing of links and much more.
3 weeks ago
Ready for drag-and-drop device communication using @SiteWhere with @NodeRED? It's on the way in 1.6.0! #Iot #M2M
3 weeks ago
RT @InitialState: Using Lidar and the Raspberry Pi to measure distance #RaspberryPi
3 weeks ago
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3 weeks ago
Check out the new video that illustrates SiteWhere / #RaspberryPi integration! #IoT #M2M
4 weeks ago
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4 weeks ago
Check out the new blog entry covering SiteWhere Open IoT Platform v1.5.0 features! #IoT #M2M #BigData
RT @InitialState: Internet-connected sensors on cars can make precision weather forecasting possible #IoT
Intersting article with predictions on IoT trends in 2016.
New video for v1.5.0 features like visual tenant editing, @RabbitMQ integration + QR-code generation? #IoT #BigData

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