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SiteWhere is an industrial-strength open source platform that enables rapid development of applications for the "Internet of Things". It allows a developer to describe and interact with a web of connected devices without the custom coding that would be needed without a framework.

SiteWhere stores event data produced by devices in optimized "big data" storage in a unified format independent of the device that generated the content. It provides interfaces for searching and analyzing the data as well as out-of-the-box support for integrating device data with other integration platforms.
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SiteWhere Open IoT Platform 1.0 is now available for download and on Amazon EC2. #IoT #M2M #InternetOfThings
2 months ago
SiteWhere Open IoT Platform 1.0 RC2 is available with over 30 new features and bugfixes! #IoT #M2M #InternetOfThings
2 months ago
SiteWhere 1.0 RC1 is available! It includes @ActiveMQ support for device events, zone testing + much more.. #IoT #M2M
4 months ago
SiteWhere 0.9.7 is now available for download including new features, bug fixes, and VMware support. #m2m #iot
7 months ago
SiteWhere Open IoT Platform now supports monitoring/controlling @Android devices. #IoT #M2M #android
8 months ago
Preview video available demonstrating SiteWhere 0.9.5 support for gateway devices. #iot #m2m #sitewhere
10 months ago
RT @cloudera: News: @cloudera Wraps Up $900 Million Financing Round
10 months ago
@krbenedict Enjoyed your article on IoT platforms. If you have a chance, also take a look at and the intro videos.
11 months ago
RT @kartben: Looks like there is a very serious alternative to Contiki OS that I'd never heard of - *very* interesting…
11 months ago
Check out the new video for running SiteWhere M2M Platform on Amazon EC2! #M2M #AWS
11 months ago
SiteWhere 0.9.4 has now been officially released! Download it or run it in the cloud today!
New video available! SiteWhere Introduction (
New blog entry! SiteWhere and Arduino in Action (
New blog entry! Introduction to SiteWhere (

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