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Beebotte is an open cloud platform for Internet of Things and real-time connected applications. Beebotte relieves IoT application developers from infrastructure and connectivity burden by providing an API and key building blocks offering device management and connectivity, data collection, storage and intelligence, and, large number of data visualization widgets.

Beebotte is made by developers for developers; it is ideal for a wide range of applications like Domotics and Internet of Things, Real time dashboards, Online gaming, Reporting and notifications, instant connectivity and publish subscribe application.
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RT @raspberrycoulis: And here's the humidity readings over a similar period... @Raspberry_Pi @x_beebotte
RT @raspberrycoulis: If anybody is interested in seeing the live dashboard, check it out here and powered by @x_bee
3 weeks ago
RT @sanokazuya0306: I just signed up for @x_Beebotte, a free cloud platform for #IoT and #realtime #connected apps. Go check it out! https:…
4 weeks ago
RT @LekkerPrutsenNL: Check out "Klimaat LekkerPrutsen hok" dashboard - #IoT #dashboard via @x_beebotte
2 months ago
RT @chswiger: I just signed up for @x_Beebotte, a free cloud platform for #IoT and #realtime #connected apps. Go check it out!…
2 months ago
@nicopace 1 sec latency is achievale almost anywhere in the world, we're mainly in the US, we are present in Europe as well. DM for more.
2 months ago
RT @nicopace: @x_beebotte do your service is globally distributed? need ~1second between you receive 1message and clients receive it
3 months ago
3 months ago
RT @kotobuki: I just published slides created for an IoT workshop w/ ESP8266, @IFTTT & @x_beebotte for design students…
3 months ago
Gartner Identifies the Top 10 #InternetOfThings Technologies for 2017 and 2018 #IoT #BigData #Analytics
5 months ago
RT @mattb: 3/ thus #IoT brings architectural challenges above and beyond the classic "Fallacies Of Distributed Networks"…
6 months ago
@SoundSystemSDC we are here to offer developers a service they love... Our name means a lot, we wouldn't change it for anything!
6 months ago
RT @SoundSystemSDC: Thinking @x_beebotte is a good choice for IoT data and charts after getting off the Pachube->Cosm->Xively train to nowh…
8 months ago
Five thoughts from the Father of the #InternetOfThings - #IoT -
10 months ago
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10 months ago
Get To Know The Four Types Of Data In The #InternetOfThings - #IoT #BigData
10 months ago
10 months ago
RT @NicolasDufourcq: Levées de fond record (7mds$) par les #startup en EUR (+86% sur un an) France n°1 en nbre d’opérations ! #FrenchTech h…
11 months ago
@programmableweb start for #free and grow as you need - #IoT #InternetOfThings #mqtt #realtime #API - Register now:

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