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"The Web of Things for Creators"

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WeIO is hardware and software platform that allows innovators to create and produce with simplicity wirelessly connected objects using the Web languages (HTML, CSS, JS) and Python.

WeIO removes a burden of technically complex embedded and system software programming, making sophisticated object design easy and intuitive.

WeIO empowers users in the way that they can focus on the design and innovation.
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RT @nodesign: Larent de Wilde, Frederic Bevilacqua, @urospetrevski on stage #ElectroSound @fondation_edf https://t.co/KX0KscJMqt
RT @nodesign: @weionet ne connait pas le principe désuet de dongle wifi et ses soucis systématiques mais ce n'est pas un PC ;) https://t.…
3 weeks ago
RT @nodesign: @weionet est le hardware naturel pour processing #javascipt #proce55ing [email protected]_en_seine
2 months ago
RT @nodesign: Today @nodesign & @weionet are on fabelgrade.io conference, first fablab in belgrade https://t.co/YxPCRS6V5Z
2 months ago
@SergeStinckwich @weionet is based on Carambola2 OpenWrt module. All languages that can fit can be supported. What is the use-case?
3 months ago
RT @ESP8266: Demo: Connected to @Mainflux cloud via MQTT 📺 https://t.co/TQwS2hZF1A ⬇️ https://t.co/GUtsSkUtDD ♺ @draskodraskovic https://t…
3 months ago
RT @draskodraskovic: Build an open source @amazon Dash Button with powerful @Mainflux #IoT cloud and $2 @ESP8266 WiFi module: https://t.co/…
3 months ago
RT @Mainflux: Great demo showing @weionet publishing sensor data via Mainflux #IoT #Cloud, @mqttorg and @buglabs Freeboard GUI: https://t.c…
3 months ago
RT @draskodraskovic: Quick test of our @Mainflux #IoT cloud based on @FIware with @weionet board - pretty good performance with @mqttorg: h…
4 months ago
@weionet is now available in North America, South America and Australia via Lian-Mueller: https://t.co/1YjRxiX217. Happy #IoT-ing!
5 months ago
5 months ago
RT @startitrs: Domaći @Mainflux sa svojom IoT platformom u samom vrhu novih open source rešenja → https://t.co/9sykH3rBkk https://t.co/olxO…
5 months ago
RT @draskodraskovic: Domaći Mainflux sa svojom IoT platformom u samom vrhu novih open source rešenja | start·it https://t.co/4CjlHOfZIF via…
5 months ago
RT @draskodraskovic: @MozOpenHard did you check @weionet? #IoT
6 months ago
RT @ks156_: I've installed #Octoprint on #Weio. It works, but damn sloooowww! @OctoPrint3D @weionet
7 months ago
Own a 3D printer ? Print a case for WeIO ! https://t.co/Crc7I7n56a @nodesign @draskodraskovic
7 months ago
RT @ks156_: Just published my first design on Thingiverse ! https://t.co/eodOJL83PZ @bqreaders @weionet #weio #3D #reprap
7 months ago
RT @draskodraskovic: @weionet in Japan: JS BoardではじめてみようJavaScript組み込みプログラミング (2/4):CodeZine(コードジン) https://t.co/m8suXbG7M6 via @codezine #…
7 months ago


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