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"The Web of Things for Creators"

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WeIO is hardware and software platform that allows innovators to create and produce with simplicity wirelessly connected objects using the Web languages (HTML, CSS, JS) and Python.

WeIO removes a burden of technically complex embedded and system software programming, making sophisticated object design easy and intuitive.

WeIO empowers users in the way that they can focus on the design and innovation.
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10 hours ago
RT @makeryfr: Ce soir nous étions au lancement de @weionet à @Ensci_Paris. On teste et on vous dit tout bientôt. #iot #design http://t.co/b…
19 hours ago
RT @Ensci_Paris: Ne manquez pas ce soir, à 18h30 la présentation de @weionet à #ENSCI ! #IoT #InternetOfThings http://t.co/V50AqaVIUk http…
2 days ago
RT @2015EAD11: Don't miss @urospetrevski presenting #WeIO tomorrow 6:30 at the @Ensci_Paris! http://t.co/Vk0E8X5MYy http://t.co/ccB96cGtEG
2 days ago
RT @draskodraskovic: New Invention – WeIO: A Platform for Web Of Things http://t.co/dTiKuHrUaQ @weionet @urospetrevski @nodesign #IoT #des
4 days ago
RT @Ensci_Paris: Réservez votre soirée du 30/10 ! Présentation de @weionet à l’#ENSCI ! #IoT #InternetOfThings http://t.co/V50AqaVIUk http:…
5 days ago
RT @_panpan: J'ai pris une option sur @weionet via indiegogo https://t.co/s0Zt775smR il reste 17 jours
6 days ago
RT @laurenttwitt: Venez découvrir @weionet la #plateforme qui simplifie la fabrication d'objets connectés,le 30/10 à @Ensci_Paris ! http://…
RT @Make_a_tronik: Ya conocen la tarjeta @weionet? Es una plataforma para el internet de las cosas #IoT https://t.co/bZVqS5TX2L #FB http://…
RT @philvanallen: WeIO by @weionet is another WiFi embedded system similar to @technicalhumans Tessel https://t.co/Kr0L5Uasr8
RT @tumaku_: WeIO by @weionet: a platform for web of things.WiFi, analog/digital PINs, HTML5, multitasking http://t.co/9UrGs6Gesy v/@holi_m…
2 weeks ago
RT @urospetrevski: Tomorrow at #TCDisrupt @weionet makes demos of web of things in Hardware alley @draskodraskovic @nodesign
2 weeks ago
Come to meet us tomorrow at #TCDisrupt hardware alley in London. We will make demos with WeIO board
2 weeks ago
2 weeks ago
2 weeks ago
3 weeks ago
RT @draskodraskovic: Meet @weionet #IoT platform at #tcdisrupt - Hardware Alley, October 21 @nodesign @urospetrevski @TCEurope @tcdisrupt h…
3 weeks ago
RT @draskodraskovic: @TechCrunch @weionet will be in London, Hardware Alley Expo. Open Hardware for #makers, #startups and #industry. @uros


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