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"The Web of Things for Creators"

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WeIO is hardware and software platform that allows innovators to create and produce with simplicity wirelessly connected objects using the Web languages (HTML, CSS, JS) and Python.

WeIO removes a burden of technically complex embedded and system software programming, making sophisticated object design easy and intuitive.

WeIO empowers users in the way that they can focus on the design and innovation.
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9 hours ago
RT @Cap_Digital: Workshop #IoT le 27/11: découvrez le concours #CupofIoT by @3DSfrance et remportez une carte @weionet ! http://t.co/aBbYd9…
3 days ago
@pierre_papet very difficult to give a predictions at this time. We will have some updates next week.
3 days ago
RT @futur_en_seine: Jeudi 27/11 Workshop @weionet à @Cap_Digital avec #CupofIoT cc @nodesign @Dassault3DS http://t.co/aXf4MtCguy Des cartes…
4 days ago
RT @3DSfrance: Workshop le 27/11 chez @Cap_Digital: découvrez le concours #CupofIoT et repartez avec une carte @weionet! Infos: http://t.co…
5 days ago
RT @carmelo: interesting new French #IoT board from @weionet kickstarter funded @technifutur @openwidegrouphttp://t.co/1EnzziDXwl
RT @SamuelBerthe: WeIO, cool project - Platform for Web Of Things http://t.co/HLqwEJqrUG @weionet #IoT
RT @_omr: La plateforme du "Web Of Things" @weionet a été financée à 375% #OpenSource #OpenHardware http://t.co/YyV1nxZeeW http://t.co/dli8…
2 weeks ago
RT @draskodraskovic: WeIO - Une plateforme pour l'Internet des Objets http://t.co/26JVpSd5Q6 @weionet @urospetrevski @nodesign
2 weeks ago
RT @draskodraskovic: Last hour to pre-order @weionet: https://t.co/gl3bXLOECP. #IoT platform that lets you program electronics in #python, …
2 weeks ago
RT @MBoisgard: A lire - Le test de @weionet par Markery (codé par le chanceux @mathemagie) : http://t.co/Z8ors2YDiG
2 weeks ago
il reste encore quelques heures avant la fin de la campagne! https://t.co/s2ZEDR0fiv
2 weeks ago
RT @makeryfr: On a proto-testé @weionet, l’Arduino pour objets connectés http://t.co/TiDPMzF6xo #iot #wifi #design http://t.co/XzmHt2QMfG
2 weeks ago
RT @makeryfr: La newsletter des labs partira demain matin, cause 11 novembre. Avec des drones, un proto-test de @weionet, @ouagalab1 dans l…
2 weeks ago
RT @oimoci: “@nodesign: Less than 24h left to preorder your @weionet: https://t.co/XI6uOtQUPk > be a pioneer of web of thing” #iot #genial
2 weeks ago
RT @draskodraskovic: Less than 24h left to preorder your @weionet: https://t.co/gl3bXLOECP #python #HTML5 #JavaScript #linux #arduino #Rasp
2 weeks ago
@drayanaindra best way is through Indiegogo campaign that is still active, but will finish tomorrow.
2 weeks ago
RT @Atmel: @weionet Boom boom boom, let me hear you say WeIO! Of course! Let’s make it happen! @urospetrevski @Sander1Arts @AndreasMCUguy
2 weeks ago
@Atmel @AtmelMakes thanks for keeping in touch. We would like to see WeIO app running on some of your powerful SoCs! @urospetrevski
3 weeks ago
RT @draskodraskovic: 300 people from 43 countries around the world backed up @weionet: https://t.co/gl3bXLOECP. Proud! @IndiegogoTech @node
3 weeks ago


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