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"The Web of Things for Creators"

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WeIO is hardware and software platform that allows innovators to create and produce with simplicity wirelessly connected objects using the Web languages (HTML, CSS, JS) and Python.

WeIO removes a burden of technically complex embedded and system software programming, making sophisticated object design easy and intuitive.

WeIO empowers users in the way that they can focus on the design and innovation.
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RT @_asiguier: Présentation du Weio (@weionet), plateforme de l'internet de objets pour hackers http://t.co/ifARRAvoLd par @Jean_no
4 days ago
RT @nodesign: Grand plaisir que les gaulois soient les plus nombreux contributeurs de @weionet mais aussi par les contributions de toute la…
4 days ago
RT @nodesign: @weionet Contribution by country: France, United States, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, Australia Italy, Hungary, India, Ja…
5 days ago
RT @PROTO204: On a hâte de voir la @weionet en vrai à l'apéro ! Si vous êtes à distance, visitez la plateforme : http://t.co/4iGs8pQq0Y #de
5 days ago
RT @PROTO204: "On a créé @weionet pour ne plus avoir à débugger les lignes linux et se focaliser sur la prg des interactions" @urospetrevsk
6 days ago
RT @urospetrevski: Thanks @DZone for a nice article about @weionet http://t.co/w8JyfMQAoO
RT @draskodraskovic: @weionet brings French #design to #NYC #makerfaire. One of the most sophisticated prototyping boards in the world! ht…
RT @draskodraskovic: Make #Electronics prototype and and #HTML5 control and visualization GUI at the same time! It's now possible with @wei
RT @urospetrevski: It's early morning and already crowded! I'm doing demos of @weionet all weekend long at #makerfaire it's great athmosphe…
RT @urospetrevski: #makerfaire is open first visitors are comming! @weionet is just under the rocket! @nodesign @draskodraskovic http://t.c…
2 weeks ago
RT @nodesign: @BaiaVieira @weionet ola estou algumas vez cada ani, obrigado
2 weeks ago
RT @BaiaVieira: @nodesign Hey, @weionet seems to be cool :) When in Lisbon, send me a tweet and I'll offer you a Pastel de Nata (it's sweet…
2 weeks ago
RT @nodesign: @BaiaVieira @nloureiro que pena, somos a MakerfaireNYC mais gosto mais de ser em RockLisboa cidade.?proxima vez ;) descobre @…
2 weeks ago
@postscapes Thanks for the great article about WeIO! We are sending you warm regards from NYC #makerfaire! @urospetrevski @nodesign
2 weeks ago
RT @postscapes: WeIO - A great new open source #IoT hardware development platform https://t.co/mXzDwD7srj @weionet
2 weeks ago
RT @draskodraskovic: http://t.co/SRBXzEnsHX @weionet @nodesign - Great article about WeIO on one of the world's most influential #IoT sites!
2 weeks ago
RT @draskodraskovic: Honored & proud that have been a part of such a great conference with @weionet #OSCON http://t.co/rOJmMPV9I1
2 weeks ago
RT @urospetrevski: "Today CortexM0 is a star of IoT" made by ARM, I'm listening speak of Dominic Pajak. #makercon Oh wait @weionet has one …


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