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"The Web of Things for Creators"

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WeIO is hardware and software platform that allows innovators to create and produce with simplicity wirelessly connected objects using the Web languages (HTML, CSS, JS) and Python.

WeIO removes a burden of technically complex embedded and system software programming, making sophisticated object design easy and intuitive.

WeIO empowers users in the way that they can focus on the design and innovation.
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2 days ago
RT @tomboa: Class was happy for the arrival of @weionet at @Twowatersschool next year hardware hacks instead of @scratch http://t.co/NNxsmb…
6 days ago
RT @draskodraskovic: @weionet used in the real world project "Le Petit Cool", currently promoted in San Francisco at #MakerFaire: https://t…
RT @draskodraskovic: @weionet #IoT platform just published v1.1. Changelog is impressive: https://t.co/ZhkwudLSt3. #python #javascript #ard
WeIO releases V1.1 update! http://t.co/0VvcrOuApx @nodesign @draskodraskovic
2 weeks ago
RT @draskodraskovic: Smart and connected fridge with @weionet #IoT board: http://t.co/VTZIZK8Mo5 #python #JavaScript @nodesign
2 weeks ago
RT @nodesign: @weionet pour programmer en langage du web de l'électronique #fablabfest #designer welcome http://t.co/PxWqE4K8ug
2 weeks ago
RT @urospetrevski: Aujourd'hui @weionet est au #fablab festival à toulouse http://t.co/E6SjVVqEE7
3 weeks ago
RT @draskodraskovic: Toute nouvelle carte @weionet dédiée à l’Internet des objets - deja une référence pour #IoT en France: http://t.co/6qS…
3 weeks ago
RT @legumx: Il y a aussi @weionet qui a attiré mon attention au #MFP15 http://t.co/Fbflr3LxHw
3 weeks ago
RT @draskodraskovic: @weionet is at #MakerFaireParis - come say hi and discover one of the most sophisticated #IoT board in the world. http…
3 weeks ago
RT @nodesign: @weionet a @MakerFaireParis rencontrer sa communauté active http://t.co/DSs5t4TwrW
3 weeks ago
RT @draskodraskovic: Log and visualize your #IoT sensors with @weionet: http://t.co/qYzNdWGg2Q #python #JavaScript @nodesign #MakerFairePar
3 weeks ago
Log and visualize your sensors with WeIO and emoncms. http://t.co/vim608Y5fX @nodesign @draskodraskovic
4 weeks ago
WeIO is now officially distributed in France by Lextronic http://t.co/3dVr5T9N8C @nodesign @draskodraskovic
4 weeks ago
RT @draskodraskovic: @weionet is now officially distributed in France by Lextronic company: http://t.co/CijRgOtnVZ. Starter kit is also ava…
4 weeks ago
RT @nodesign: @ndemassieux @PierreMetivier @orange Enfin le @webofthings ... Nous avons fait @weionet pour cela
RT @vroumeas: #Paris StartUps @x_beebotte @sen_se @weionet offer #IoT platforms & connectivity for your things acc. @analyticsiot http://t.…


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