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The world’s becoming more connected and we want to become the Interface. Ari (Augmented Reality Interface) turns any single built-in camera into an accurate gesture recognition device with no added hardware - eliminating extra cost, extra power consumption, and extra weight to the device.

Using Computer Vision and Proprietary Algorithms, Ari turns the single 2D camera on any device into an accurate gesture recognition device. We purposely built Ari on Google Glass first to put the constraints of limited CPU and battery power on ourselves. The results – we have the fastest, lightest, and most accurate mobile gesture recognition software.
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20 hours ago
The new @Pebble #Steel, we actually like the new color display http://t.co/nvJcWCHolH what do you think? Still no camera... #Ari
23 hours ago
Our friends at @Sony are equipping @VirginAtlantic engineers with its Sony #SmartEyeglass and a Sony #SmartWatch3. http://t.co/84r1C6BlgL
2 days ago
@Apple might follow @Samsung on features, however Samsung is now following Apple on design http://t.co/bnUjOI55s4 #SamsungS6 #Smartphones
2 days ago
Great partnership from HTC and Valve to create the next #VR headset the #Vive http://t.co/s74H6wAtp1 Definitely a competitor for #Oculus.
2 days ago
Are you using #BrainwaveMusicApp to control your music? http://t.co/gclspdoVKZ DL Today and control your favorite music with #Ari #Gestures
2 days ago
A #SmartWatch that looks better than the #Moto360? http://t.co/8yVUvnutb7 What do you think? @Android @Huawei
2 days ago
Coming Soon! http://t.co/TkUYyBgJ3g We promised volume control with #Ari #Gestures Update coming soon to #BrainwaveMusicApp DL Today!
4 days ago
We hope everyone has an amazing weekend, get out there and enjoy the sun if you can! It's a great day here in Portland area! #PNW #PDXTech
5 days ago
This can change the @Jawbone prescense in the market if it is done right @google http://t.co/ZhsO4nanBp wearables
5 days ago
With interactive experiences from our #Ari Gestures, @Dolby #Atmos is making virtual reality incredibly realistic http://t.co/8J6Q6LhkTU #VR
6 days ago
This #smartwatch comes with a separate screen that doubles as a battery from Neptune the #NeptuneDuo http://t.co/I29aKvCbI5
6 days ago
@iamwill great move by joining forces with @PhilMolyneux! We are excited to see the production of #Puls and what is to come! #wearables
6 days ago
Oh man!! Could it be the time? http://t.co/RtnoxrgXIr Will we get to finally have a chance to at least "pre-order" the #AppleWatch #Ari
6 days ago
Great article from @HuffingtonPost about our partners @PristineIO on how #SmartGlasses will be the Internet's Portal http://t.co/ei9lXrv4zk
Great demonstration from our partners @Ubimax & @DHLAmericas on how #SmartGlasses improve productivity by 25% https://t.co/6NcgSx5677 #Ari
Congrats to our friends & fellow @foundrygroup company @NumerousApp on their new release @TeslaMotors #googlesheets http://t.co/wNrPpdWjRZ
RT @NumerousApp: Blog post: Numerous feat. Tesla, SpaceX, and Google http://t.co/dNqoQWegIP #tesla #spacex #googlesheets http://t.co/SDQY9K…
RT @VentureBeat: 14 startups that will change our everyday life http://t.co/k19ukId8GZ http://t.co/flh1PYtlhv
RT @verge: Microsoft’s Band update puts an itty bitty keyboard on your wrist http://t.co/muyY9ciBtx http://t.co/DsJTTslyaG
Our partners @Vuzix & @PristineIO join forces to accelerate the #Smartglasses market in #enterprise http://t.co/YDLXvTNrjE


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