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The world’s becoming more connected and we want to become the Interface. Ari (Augmented Reality Interface) turns any single built-in camera into an accurate gesture recognition device with no added hardware - eliminating extra cost, extra power consumption, and extra weight to the device.

Using Computer Vision and Proprietary Algorithms, Ari turns the single 2D camera on any device into an accurate gesture recognition device. We purposely built Ari on Google Glass first to put the constraints of limited CPU and battery power on ourselves. The results – we have the fastest, lightest, and most accurate mobile gesture recognition software.
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9 hours ago
@LumusVision we'll be at AWE and would love to meet up. DM us on Twitter and we'll connect over email.
Good article @OpenViewVenture @morgenstern8989 but you forgot about our #Ari interface for glasses ;) @VentureBeat http://t.co/7g16smQoXT
2 days ago
And our #Ari gestures is the interface of choice. #wearables @Vuzix @APXLabs @augmate @googleglass @VentureBeat http://t.co/7g16smQoXT
What can we say, we love @Skullcandy, thanks for the swag guys! #Skullcandy http://t.co/kQjNa1Cd5p
Check out @ramenapp's new "Product Center" on Product Hunt today! http://t.co/6bEoJQ3WqP Awesome!
Have you voted for Ari in the @AWEHacks #AuggieAwards? You still can! http://t.co/JurguvsWdI Come stop by and say hi at #AWE2015
#SmartGlasses improved DHL's productivity by 25% and with just one #Ari gesture, we improve productivity another 5%! http://t.co/BCSpHcTWYh
RT @ScopeAR: Interesting to look back on the previous #auggieaward winners at http://t.co/3Pn2V0swad
2 weeks ago
With the use of #Ari, companies are improving productivity of the billions of desk-less workers in the World, by great numbers! #Gestures
2 weeks ago
One of ONtheGO Platforms Missions: http://t.co/h4FUXdc8s6
2 weeks ago
Less than one month till the @AWEHacks for #AWE2015! Make sure to stop by and see us! Come experience #Ari for yourself! #AR
2 weeks ago
Everyone asked for a volume gesture and now #BrainWaveApp has one! https://t.co/kBLgfdfi4c download now on the https://t.co/TbSktwhuUm
2 weeks ago
RT @getswoosh: {Windows Users} We just released a new desktop app update that you can download via http://t.co/KQVO3q1L5v #GetSwooshed #Win
3 weeks ago
Our partners @GMOcloud_JP have launched #BrainwaveMusicApp in Japan. Check them out! Exciting tech to come! https://t.co/QwfzvXxBTw
3 weeks ago
Have you voted for #Ari yet? https://t.co/A7hflYtkCT Ari is up for a few #AuggieAwards Help us out and vote for Ari. @AWEHacks #AR
3 weeks ago
UX testing #Ari @samsung #VR @tyfrack immersive much? http://t.co/cMNVMbGoPd
3 weeks ago
RT @pdxCahill: I just voted for #Ari for @AWEhacks #AuggieAwards @otgplatforms https://t.co/wocT3X8Wg5 You should too!
3 weeks ago
RT @RynFnk: Please vote 4 “Ari” in these categories- Best Tool, Best Enterprise Solution, and Best Reality to SciFi  https://t.co/6uXOWwe44…
3 weeks ago
#Ari has been nominated for an Auggie Award in 3 categories! Help us out and vote https://t.co/QXR9PqzD08 for a 2015 AWE Auggie Award!


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