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The world’s becoming more connected and we want to become the Interface. Ari (Augmented Reality Interface) turns any single built-in camera into an accurate gesture recognition device with no added hardware - eliminating extra cost, extra power consumption, and extra weight to the device.

Using Computer Vision and Proprietary Algorithms, Ari turns the single 2D camera on any device into an accurate gesture recognition device. We purposely built Ari on Google Glass first to put the constraints of limited CPU and battery power on ourselves. The results – we have the fastest, lightest, and most accurate mobile gesture recognition software.
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2 days ago
Today we go LIVE in Japan with our partners @GMOcloud_JP #Ari http://t.co/HfMH965LHd
3 days ago
@DHLAmericas @Vuzix now it's time to integrate #Ari for even a further user-friendly & more intuitive way to interact with your platform!
4 days ago
Great to see our friends @Vuzix and @Ubimax joining forces to deliver a great #SmartGlasses product to @DHLAmericas  http://t.co/QiS37Fqw4A
5 days ago
Off the charts: Apple shatters iPhone record with nearly 75M units sold - GeekWire http://t.co/ZFoDgQTK6Y
6 days ago
RT @fluchtb: Augmented Reality in the Enterprise: Opportunities and Challenges http://t.co/giXYDENi0b via @gigaomresearch
Big names join Portland startup's list of smartglasses partners http://t.co/3MLPFmZYLB #SmartGlasses #Ari
2 weeks ago
Augmented Reality Is For Real In The Enterprise, with the use of #Ari, even better - http://t.co/KN6ALTwbLD
2 weeks ago
Happy to see @Microsoft join the #SmartGlasses game #Ari http://t.co/P3BySvBfl5
2 weeks ago
Intel Buys Smart Eyewear Maker Composyt, entering in the game of SmartGlasses, recently invested $25mm in Vuzix http://t.co/TrOcf2o6aa
2 weeks ago
RT @dtboyd: @OTGPlatforms I'm excited for the future of wearable computing.
2 weeks ago
@dtboyd Thanks! As are we! Things have been rolling, especially with the new year!
2 weeks ago
@dtboyd @pdxgene partner w/the leaders in Enterprise #smartglasses of course @Vuzix @Epson @WTEric ps @googleglass isn't retired #MagicLeap
2 weeks ago
Ari v1.3.0: better swipe accuracy, faster sign tracking | OnTheGo Platforms, Inc. http://t.co/tVKCUbrCqE
2 weeks ago
Excited to see Magic Leap's enter into the World of #SmartGlasses Crazy Vision of the Augmented Reality Future http://t.co/M58TpxFiey #AR
2 weeks ago
We couldn't have explained the future of @googleglass better- well said @PristineIO http://t.co/bmM6seJlcU
2 weeks ago
Mark Zuckerberg: The Future of Facebook Will Be Wearable, he says there will be a new platform http://t.co/ETwGFxtvKW
3 weeks ago
Do you want to know what it's like to experience a 3D Virtual Environment? Experience with #Ari! http://t.co/ydUYz79lHz #AR @Vuforia
3 weeks ago
@foundrygroup First year recap on @AngelList and how it has grown. Honored to be #FGAngels first investment! http://t.co/z5XQ3hlL6T
3 weeks ago
Awesome view at history, What did 'Back to the Future' predict for 2015? http://t.co/pQypQ486Ew #BackToTheFuture #Glass
3 weeks ago
RT @VancouverSD: @OTGPlatforms, founded by two Skyview HS alums, is setting the future in motion with #gesturerecognition. http://t.co/tRxA…


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