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An internationally recognized research, technology and business development consulting firm, Harbor Research has predicted, tracked and driven the development of the Internet of Things for the past 30 years. While our history is long and complex, our strategy is simple: capture and create value by combining accurate data discovery and analysis with creative systems-thinking. And it is this mindset that has given us the privilege of working with some of the greatest companies in the world.

Whether you are a new start-up, established player or new entrant, our research, strategy and network capabilities will help you grow. Please feel free to take a look at our services to learn more about how we can work together.
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2 weeks ago
We have seen a surge in M&A activity in the #IoT arena over the past several months. Read our analysis here: http://t.co/gxnB1hVvHd
If you look across the #IoT , we have mapped over 100 use cases across 10 venues. What application apply's to you? http://t.co/EGu2zK49Xz
Where is #IoT Application Development Headed? Index Survey #001 http://t.co/C9vFraFBEz … - 600 respondents - #Drones #Oculusrift #Hardware
RT @mdolan: Talking about making #IoT seamless and invisible to users #lfcollab @AllSeenAlliance http://t.co/VDIFacR3A9
RT @AllSeenAlliance: Glen Allmendinger of @HarborResearch says they're focused on building a platform that is open to a lot of technologies…
WHITE PAPER: new research on a platform using a radically innovative approach to integrating data and inputs #IoT http://t.co/dsR9sMkV0k
2 months ago
Tracking & Hacking: Security & Privacy Gaps Put American Drivers At Risk http://t.co/TOfzSpXLjK
2 months ago
New Post called "Creative Contention" from @GAllmendinger on #IoT Business and Technology Architectures:http://t.co/ktZP6omSK7 #SmartSystems
3 months ago
RT @thingworx: Last chance to register for today's webinar on #SmartSystem Business Model Innovation w/ @HarborResearch & @kuntzcj http://t…
4 months ago
@GAllmendinger will be presenting on #IoT business models on Thursday morning (12/11) with @thingworx. Register here: http://t.co/cHgNnMQomH
4 months ago
RT @thingworx: Eliminate disruption in your mfg #operations through the #IoT. Learn more on 12/2 at 10am EST w/ @GAllmendinger http://t.co/…
5 months ago
New research report out on business model innovation for Product OEMs in #IoT http://t.co/fj8v5Owok9 attn: @eatoncorp @UTC @Emerson_News
5 months ago
"There is no sector of the economy where there aren’t billions of dollars trapped in inefficiencies" @GAllmendinger http://t.co/ilVNBfG2xC
6 months ago
@ThomasNet @GAllmendinger speaks to "How the Internet of Things Will Turn Manufacturers Into Service Providers" #IoT http://t.co/5OYhs3UFE9
6 months ago
RT @postscapes: 10 #IoT investments from 2014 we think are leading the space -- @EVRYTHNG @sigfox @electricimp and others.. http://t.co/Aw…
6 months ago
The Internet of Interactions requires much more than simple incremental improvements #IoT http://t.co/YBzRiw1AI1
7 months ago
2 pm ET - @BoschSI & @VZEnterprise on the #IoT, #manufacturing value chains, supply & demand - w/ @GAllmendinger - http://t.co/NRatkFRN1X
7 months ago
RT @iotinvestments: #IoT connectivity provider @electricimp raises $15m Series B round: http://t.co/0X8vKehQJd
8 months ago
RT @EventsIOT: August 26th - @BoschSI Webinar on Connected Manufacturing w/ @GAllmendinger, Pat Hughes & Matthew Jennings https://t.co/lNAA…
10 months ago
RT @glassbeam: Live Q/A with Vivek Sundaram of @glassbeam and Glen Allmendinger @HarborResearch : http://t.co/GWGNZY9rxH

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