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Hi there! We are Booreiland, a Dutch design and strategy studio that helps businesses create value for their customers and communicate their brand effectively in a data driven world. Booreiland Design was founded in 2003, and specialized itself in interactive and graphic design. In 2011, the company founded Booreiland Strategy, providing consultancy services for data driven innovation. Currently the company is stationed in Amsterdam and works on both client assignments and its own projects.
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5 days ago
What do you guys think of the Fairphone website with the new phone section we've recently launched? Vote here:
6 days ago
All screen sizes for your next project:
@adformatie Just released the new Fairphone site, introducing the Fairphone 2:
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Just released the new Fairphone site, introducing the Fairphone 2: We all want that phone now!
Deadline day!
2 months ago
From Sep onwards we'll have an open internship position again for a Front-end Developer. Interested or know someone?
2 months ago
@topagencies Thanks for the endorsement! Much appreciated.
2 months ago
@danglobal Thanks DAN, much appreciated!
3 months ago
Very proud our client @fairphone has been named Europe’s fastest-growing startup of 2015!
4 months ago
RT @75tools: 75 Tools is lying around on over 5000 desks around the world. Thanks for your support, and good luck with your creative proble…
5 months ago
Today we'll be heading to Bonn, Germany for the kickoff of a collaborative international project. Hope there will be Bratwursten…
5 months ago
@mediatemplehelp Turned out to be a local IP problem. Issue resolved. Thanks for the fast response though.
5 months ago
@mediatemplehelp We have trouble reaching our domain, both website and mail addresses do not seem to work. Pls assist
6 months ago
Why doing side projects is so valuable:
7 months ago
@mikiballester Thanks Miquel! :)
7 months ago
Happy 2015 everyone! Are you ready to smarten things up?
8 months ago
Great color palette, accompanied with nice washed out photos:
8 months ago
Hello! 3 new projects on and 3 new vacancies on
9 months ago
For those not in the know:


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