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MAYA is a technology design and innovation lab. Our work ranges from taming the complexity of existing technology products, services, processes and environments to designing new connected experiences for our clients. By matching information and complex systems to the way people think, we unlock the tremendous opportunity for business growth for our clients.
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2 days ago
"Run Toward the Signs of Complexity" A sneak peek @gibilisco's keynote for @AIGAPittsburgh's #xChange event on 10/15
3 days ago
#USGovernment released web design standards "to set a new bar for simplicity & consistency across gov't services"
3 days ago
Honored to be a finalist for #PghTech50. Looking forward to the awards 10/29! @dutchmacdonald
3 days ago
Our newest article on #IoT's outstanding IOU to give people greater control over #technology @GE_IP @davidwu9999
4 days ago
Celebrating #pghtech50 finalists. Check us on the big screen! #Meta @dutchmacdonald
4 days ago
Join @gibilisco 10/15 @AIGAPittsburgh #xChange event. Learn design-driven business strategy from industry experts.
5 days ago
We're growing! Welcome @dereklasher to our #Strategy Practice.
5 days ago
Welcome @kristiwoolsey! We're so happy to have you lead our #CreativeEnvironment Practice.
Making New friends at the MAYA + @LUMAInstitute excursion!
#MWUXers love #improv! Pitching a concept with role-playing. @midwestUX @LUMAInstitute
So quiet you can hear a pin drop. #CreativeMatrix = individual ideas. @LUMAInstitute
The calm before the storm. #MWUX15 participants getting ready to attack the #CreativeMatrix @LUMAInstitute
The MAYA + @LUMAInstitute hands-on excursion starts now! Can't wait to see what our #MWUX2015 participants create.
We've developed an evaluation to determine how well projects follow #HCD processes. @TheBishop #MWUX2015 @midwestUX
Glad you could come! It was a pleasure meeting all of the MWUXers.
Hey #MWUX15! Don't forget happy hour tonight at Sharp Edge. 6pm. Hope to see you there! @midwestUX @LUMAInstitute
Solving complex #DesignProblems requires a sharp mind. We started #Yoga in the office to keep us on top of our game.
Get the best insights from #ParticipatoryDesign sessions by having users talk AND make things - Amy Ferchak, MAYA Human Scientist #MWUX15
Check out what scientists shared @DARPA #WaitWhat15 @MickeyMcManus See what the #future holds


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