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We design products, services, and environments that address human need and shape human experience. We work between worlds—analogue and digital, visual and physical, yesterday and today and tomorrow—because that is where most people live.

We give culturally relevant form to emerging technologies. We create both graphical and tangible interfaces for web, mobile, and embedded platforms. We invent and build things that connect to the web—social objects that connect people, physical installations driven by live web data, online interfaces for controlling the built environment.
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5 days ago
Imagination Machine is site of the day!
2 weeks ago
Great Imagination Machine coverage from @PSFK
The Imagination Machine: brain-powered air travel, brought to you by Tellart and @WKAmsterdam for @S7Air...
RT @WKAmsterdam: The Imagination Machine: fly to your dream destination using the power of your brain. @S7Air http:…
RT @CamronPR: Fly with the power of your imagination with @tellart and @WiedenKennedy #S7imaginationMachine http://…
RT @jbolognino: Travel with your mind... so fucking cool. Well done, @tellart !
RT @SabrinaVerhage: Awesome workshop today w @skinnr from @tellart @resonate_io #res15 THANKS :)
RT @LBBOnline: Don't miss @WKAmsterdam & @Tellart's amazing 'Imagination Machine' for @S7Air which turns brain power into game power http:/…
RT @NEWINC: Announcing 2 new projects from @specularstudio in collab w/ @tellart: http://t.c…
2 months ago
Flying a plane with #EEG brainwave headset and winning tix to the destinations #s7imaginationmachine
2 months ago
Launching today in Moscow: the #s7imaginationmachine with s7airlines_official @wiedenkennedy
2 months ago
Plywood topography at #tellartSF #tellart
2 months ago
RT @sebchan: Super proud of my team and all our many collaborators. It's been a long journey and now in the hands of visitors.…
2 months ago
Great to see the @cooperhewitt pen in action! Tellart was part of early prototyping of the Pen, and building hardware for distributing it.
2 months ago
RT @cooperhewitt: "The Smithsonian design museum just got some high-tech upgrades." Video from @verge #musetech http…
3 months ago
RT @nraford: Dubai just launched the permanent Museum of the Future. Using design to prototype a better future today.
3 months ago
RT @HHShkMohd: Today we have launched Museum of the Future, featuring innovation labs and a permanent exhibit for future inventions http://…
3 months ago
Radio shack shopping spree at #tellartPVD #tellart


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