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We design products, services, and environments that address human need and shape human experience. We work between worlds—analogue and digital, visual and physical, yesterday and today and tomorrow—because that is where most people live.

We give culturally relevant form to emerging technologies. We create both graphical and tangible interfaces for web, mobile, and embedded platforms. We invent and build things that connect to the web—social objects that connect people, physical installations driven by live web data, online interfaces for controlling the built environment.
Latest From @tellart
2 days ago
#regram from @cottam - the new Tellart Amsterdam office is coming together! #TellartAMS
3 days ago
Andrew, Jack, and a really big information architecture map.
5 days ago
Brian on the big screen, KJ for scale. #tellartPVD
2 weeks ago
Check out these #liveyoungnow cameos with the #nowstarter - A Tellart first: our project as wedding photo backdrop.
3 weeks ago
Tellart's latest project went airborne in Singapore earlier this week! More details:
3 weeks ago
Physical/digital sketch at #tellartPVD
4 weeks ago
Studio meeting highlights: last week we practiced with the best blimp flyer in the RC world; learned about lasers; and filmed in elevators.
4 weeks ago
#tellartSF experiments with string
2 months ago
Smart watches and tablets and Fernando, oh my! #tellartpvd
2 months ago
RT @JoelGethinLewis: More great from @inst_int, @cottam from @tellart about @google Web Lab. Best bit? Pitch Film m…
2 months ago
"Designing the Pen" -- summary of a great collaboration, part of the 12.12.14 new @cooperhewitt. We can't wait!
2 months ago
RT @bryanboyer: Andrew and Paul of @tellart tagged our walls (don't tell them it's dry erase!) @ Makeshift Society…
2 months ago
Coffee, Surfing, Binoculars... see some of the highlights from our summer
2 months ago
RT @ChrErv: Teleport to @tellart Amsterdam to workshop the future with @cottam @skinnr @pier_dr @nraford @cityofsound and more…
3 months ago
Only a few hours left to get your name on @IanWalsh4's surfboard live in our office. Use #BendTheRules and watch at
3 months ago
RT @thesteelyard: We're going surfing with @tellart!
3 months ago
Use hashtag #BendTheRules to watch a robot write your name on the surfboard live in our office @HP
3 months ago
The #binoculars project was noted in Interiors & Exhibitions as well - thanks, @Core77Awards!
3 months ago
Honored to see the #binoculars project noted by the @Core77Awards |
4 months ago
Tellart's @cottam returns to Umeå Institute of Design as final examiner for the MFA program with the great Mike Stott


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