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The Near Field Communication Forum was formed to advance the use of Near Field Communication technology by developing specifications, ensuring interoperability among devices and services, and educating the market about NFC technology. Formed in 2004, the Forum now has 170+ members. Manufacturers, applications developers, financial services institutions, and more all work together to promote the use of NFC technology in consumer electronics, mobile devices, and PCs.

The goals of the NFC Forum are to:

- Develop standards-based Near Field Communication specifications that define a modular architecture and interoperability parameters for NFC devices and protocols
- Encourage the development of products using NFC Forum specifications
- Work to ensure that products claiming NFC capabilities comply with NFC Forum specifications
- Educate consumers and enterprises globally about NFC
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26 minutes ago
RT @AccelerateNFC: Will Canadian #NFC #Digital #Wallet UGO Be Able to Compete with Apple Pay
N-Mark = the universal symbol for NFC. #innovation
2 hours ago
@attdeveloper Do you have an NFC developer kit you would like to add to our developer site?
2 hours ago
@attdeveloper Sadly, not this year. Will follow along with great interest on your social channels though/
3 hours ago
So, what's your fave #contactless mobile payment method?
4 hours ago
RT @tdaly1: Spot on: loyalty and a value exchange between the brand & consumer will drive mobile payments & growth.
5 hours ago
NFC Forum Members: Registration is open for our meeting in Monaco, February 2 – 6, 2015.
5 hours ago
@Ewan @Forbes Nice piece. It's exciting to see the creativity developers are bringing to NFC.
6 hours ago
RT @Ewan: Another 'How it works' on @Forbes, this week it's Near Field Communications (#NFC) @nfcforum
7 hours ago
1st mass-produced NFC-enabled print ad hits the shelf in Germany, thanks to @SMARTRAC_NV & Smart Media Alliance
17 hours ago
RT @TapItAdv: Five Ways to Market your Mobile App #mobile
17 hours ago
What could be better than winning an #Android app contest AND visiting the Google campus?
20 hours ago
Square competitor ShopKeep giving away free equipment for merchants to accept Apple Pay & chip cards via @DelRey
23 hours ago
Cool! @TexasInstrumen Launches 1st Integrated NFC Sensor Transponder 4 Industrial, Medical, Wearables & #Iot Apps
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RT @NFCExp: UK Issuers Consider Using Trusted Execution Environment with HCE, According to Vendor via @NFCTimes4News
Added on @Slideshare: #HCE & Beyond: How Early Opportunities Can Accelerate NFC Growth
NFC Forum Members: Registration is open for our meeting in Monaco, February 2 – 6, 2015.
@ed_bourne Appreciate your perspective & happy to hear that NFC for payment is considered a given.
How are you using NFC tags in your everyday life? @PhoneHomeDev has some ideas: #LifeHack #technology


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