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We provide a complete solution for those wanting to create their own wireless control networks. Wireless Arduino-compatible modules, sensor boards, libraries, stack and software tools form our panStamp ecosystem. Wireless data can be easily monitored and controlled from the Web and pushed to different cloud data services.

Our systems are fully open-source so developers can create new devices, add extra functionalities to the existing software tools and integrate panStamps with any other M2M technology.
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2 days ago
15% discount in all our products when preordering any of our panStamps:
2 days ago
First batch of NRG run our very quickly. V.1.1 (improved version) is being produced at this moment and will be available in Feb-Mar
5 days ago
@dancourse You would need another panStamp and a (3.3V)UART-USB converter (ex: panStick) to interface from your computer
2 months ago
Two new options have been added for panStamp NRG in the store. Our users can now buy our NRG modules with assembled SI7021 or NTC.
2 months ago
New output-board v.1.3 available in the store :
2 months ago
panStamp's new commercial website :
2 months ago
Cheap wireless humidity + temperature sensor with panStamp NRG and I2C SI7021 IC :
2 months ago
Cheap wireless temperature sensor with panStamp NRG and NTC :
2 months ago
panStamp NRG released and in stock: Thanks friends for your patience!
3 months ago
Example of wireless firmware upgrade using SWAP and SWAPdmt :
3 months ago
Wireless firmware loading with SWAP loader :
3 months ago
Managing SWAP networks from the command line :
4 months ago
RT @elsatch: Cosas que se encuentran en #mfr14 como @panstamp en el stand de @roma_makers :-) @trecedejunio
5 months ago
New panStamp wiki for AVR and NRG:
6 months ago
panStamp is now fully Arduino-1.5 enabled :
7 months ago
panStamp NRG will be compatible with Arduino 1.5 :
7 months ago
@abdulqabiz Nope and the same happens with the Chronos USB dongles. I hope the community will be able to take up on this.
8 months ago
@MakerFaireParis 21-22 June. @panstamp will be there
8 months ago
Soil moisture sensor unboxed :
9 months ago
Breaking limits :


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