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We provide a complete solution for those wanting to create their own wireless control networks. Wireless Arduino-compatible modules, sensor boards, libraries, stack and software tools form our panStamp ecosystem. Wireless data can be easily monitored and controlled from the Web and pushed to different cloud data services.

Our systems are fully open-source so developers can create new devices, add extra functionalities to the existing software tools and integrate panStamps with any other M2M technology.
Latest From @panStamp
4 days ago
New current meter board: the cheap way to wirelessly read current consumptions
domy by @Homatron now on KickStarter: … Compatible with our panStamp radios
domy by @Homatron now on KickStarter: Compatible with our panStamp radios
2 weeks ago
FHSS now available for panStamp NRG :
3 weeks ago
Driving outputs wirelessly by tapping the table :
3 weeks ago
New minibat 2.0, cheaper and with new features :
2 months ago
Remote Train Control based on panStamp: Thanks Mark for sharing!
3 months ago
battery-board is back, this time with chip antenna :
4 months ago
RGB driver board is back with the "miniboard" form factor :
5 months ago
Supercheap WiFi-SWAP gateway :
6 months ago
Long distance carrier board finally in stock :
6 months ago
New lightweight responsive web interface for lagarto : What's next?
6 months ago
MQTT-SWAP enabled networks. Doors open for new integrations
7 months ago
7 months ago
Black Friday until Monday 30th : 15% off in all our products!
8 months ago
8 months ago
Evento maker mañana sábado en Cáceres #MakerExtrem2015 ¡Nos vemos allí!
8 months ago
CO2 meter - Real low-power wireless measurement :


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