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ThingM is a device studio. We design and manufacture ubiquitous computing / Internet of Things products that combine user experience design expertise with a deep knowledge of cutting-edge technologies. We create useful tools for designers and innovative products for everyone else.

Our specialty is making everyday things from the near future.

ThingM principals Mike Kuniavsky and Tod E. Kurt are leading experts in the fields of hardware and software user experience, web technology development and consumer robotics. They have been collaborating on projects since 1994, when they created, one of the earliest e-commerce web sites, which launched two months before

Our expertise with agile and flexible development strategies, bold technology choices and innovative user-centered design serves as a framework for all ThingM projects.

We prefer to explore ideas first without the constraints of technological limitations, before we create technologies to address those limitations. Our Technology SketchesTM document that process, the kinds of ideas we have, and how we develop them.
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2 days ago
@kakakakakku Hi! Apologies for the delay, but it can take over a week just to get through customs.
3 days ago
RT @todbot: Neat review of @thingm blink(1) in French, also shows how to integrate with @Jeedom_domotic
6 days ago
RT @todbot: Fun demos this afternoon w/ @thingm blink(1) USB LED & BlinkM MaxM LEDs in MakerShed @makerfaire Come say Hi!…
2 weeks ago
Microsoft Outlook mail checker for blink(1)
2 weeks ago
OS X Applescript shortcuts for blink(1)
2 weeks ago
blink(1) available Seeed Studio, great for AU & Asia folks
2 weeks ago
ThingM at MakerFaire 2015 Bay Area, come join us!
RT @BenHulscher: First person to write an app for Blink(1) to monitor r/thebutton wins my admiration! .@thingm .@jamesrom
2 months ago
blink(1) USB LED spring sale!
2 months ago
Fun RoboStache using BlinkMs at SXSW2015
2 months ago
Using blink(1) with nagios/nagstamon, and teatime!
2 months ago
blink(1) USB LED back in stock! Use code “happypiday” to get 14% off today on Happy Pi Day
3 months ago
Using BlinkM with LabVIEW
3 months ago
Programming the Blink(1) with C# & .NET
3 months ago
Tod interviewed on
4 months ago
The Punchthrough Bean Octoblu Button, with blink(1)
4 months ago
Stack of RasPis and blink(1)s for network monitoring
4 months ago
Using Snarl Windows notification system w/ blink(1)
4 months ago
RT @todbot: Folks at @Hackaday made a wonderful graphic for blink(1) in their store Thx guys!
4 months ago
RT @todbot: Haskell bindings for blink(1) USB notification light, thanks to gregnwosu!


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