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Exosite enables the Internet of Things with API & cloud data platform to monitor your web sensors from your cloud devices. It allows to view the real-time data from anywhere with internet access. Exosite provides portal for cloud device developer, canary for monitoring industry equipments remotely & InTime for enabling wireless monitoring capabilities of an existing system.

Exosite builds connected products, data collection tools & cloud devices for monitoring processes & coordinating assets. We connect your devices to the cloud, to other devices and to people and provides powerful APIs & tools that extend the functionality of your device fleet or solution. Also, we provide documentation, libraries, & examples that explain how exosite products works, how users interact with their devices, device management.
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2 hours ago
CIO magazine features Mark Benson: "Wearables go to work" #IoT https://t.co/ad6SnvNDiu https://t.co/Tmkq5zdTbS
22 hours ago
Honored to have @markbenson be a part of such a great program. #IoT #InternetOfThings #businessanalytics #mn https://t.co/JWbtGo3uEK
@markbenson speaks at local high school advantage program about business analytics & IoT. https://t.co/Pos7EBBtyO https://t.co/cjbC8h9apK
Accelerating #IoT product development with ExositeReady™ & our EIA partner, @MicrochipTech https://t.co/HsG3ALDU5d https://t.co/9QjI58aE4q
RT @MachNationIoT: Want to know how @exosite #IoT platform stacks up against it's alternatives? See the 2016 IoT Solutions ScoreCard. https…
Identify your market needs and problems to solve in an #IoT solution. #internetofthings https://t.co/jglrrgy4NB https://t.co/8u5y4OEleK
2 weeks ago
Congrats to @StoeltingFS on winning an award for their frozen soft serve vending machine! via @Vollrath_PR https://t.co/cO34hOILsS #IoT
2 weeks ago
Another great show from @CES this week & a great #IoT panel! Thanks for having Exosite's Robert Yu. #CESAsia https://t.co/ygsBh5KdaL
2 weeks ago
@goprimeacademy Thanks for having @willtcharlton yesterday at #PrimeCon. We had a great time and enjoy supporting the local tech community.
2 weeks ago
Exosite webinar: Embracing Business Transformation to Accelerate #IoT Success https://t.co/mQvrQnljDa @BrightTALK https://t.co/pFm4WPhoEw
2 weeks ago
Data is the currency of #IoT solutions, ensure yours is secure with this insightful guide. https://t.co/nAT5OIbyTl https://t.co/opHXijzL7I
2 weeks ago
Insights to embedded #IoT protocols: WebSocket's benefits and drawbacks https://t.co/TAfDo7OdxW #Internetofthings https://t.co/eEqGWvwPr3
3 weeks ago
Understand Predictive IoT Analytics: Cluster Analysis #IoT #Internetofthings https://t.co/bSg3iy8Wyx https://t.co/cBln7Jri15
3 weeks ago
Is your company embracing new connected opportunities or falling behind? #IoT https://t.co/n6jj1k6nJU https://t.co/CsJn7jnWTP
3 weeks ago
Nine step guide for your #IoT strategy - Identifying the IoT Opportunity. #internetofthings https://t.co/hwkz9ATEF2 https://t.co/dNK9KKeIZ5
3 weeks ago
Five key steps to successful #IoT adoption from Exosite CTO, Mark Benson ft. in @IoTNow_ https://t.co/vYeGj37vPD https://t.co/bsQYpre4Op
3 weeks ago
RT @SMTCorp: With a fast growing #IoT market, make sure your products are also safe and secure! https://t.co/hjSlgOECrL
3 weeks ago
Address your #IoT security concerns before it's to late. #internetofthings #iotsecurity https://t.co/WJhW7vPwNd https://t.co/72aYbqkdOB
3 weeks ago
Happy to support such an awesome program! It looked like everyone had a great time. @danslimmon @melcise #IoT #mpls https://t.co/jDGQDo6QKC


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