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Exosite enables the Internet of Things with API & cloud data platform to monitor your web sensors from your cloud devices. It allows to view the real-time data from anywhere with internet access. Exosite provides portal for cloud device developer, canary for monitoring industry equipments remotely & InTime for enabling wireless monitoring capabilities of an existing system.

Exosite builds connected products, data collection tools & cloud devices for monitoring processes & coordinating assets. We connect your devices to the cloud, to other devices and to people and provides powerful APIs & tools that extend the functionality of your device fleet or solution. Also, we provide documentation, libraries, & examples that explain how exosite products works, how users interact with their devices, device management.
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We're on the hunt for a rock star Lead Development Rep that loves emerging technology! Apply here: http://t.co/ZI19AJ31gN #IoT #SaaS #PaaS


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