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Exosite is a technology company focused on connecting devices and systems. We've been developing embedded technologies for over 20 years - and have first-hand experience dealing with the lack of connectivity between devices, networks and users. Our cloud-based data platform makes it easy to put real-world information online where the right people – and systems – can interact with it.

The exponential growth in electronic data implores a ubiquitous connection tool. Exosite's platform is that tool. Our software provides a central vantage point, enabling the next generation of connected products and supplying insight into operations.
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Packed classroom 'Web Services For Embedded Applications' featuring Exosite at @MicrochipTech #MicrochipMASTERs http://t.co/0W8ModWD1l
2 days ago
4 days ago
Exosite Boot Camp 2014, Oct 20-21 http://t.co/bDy6vqVa2Q
Released updates to our #CoAP API today. https://t.co/g78OKdpuP3
2 months ago
See Exosite solutions at lots of partner booths today! @SensorsExpo - @TXInstruments @VZEnterprise @AnarenInc #CEL @ClearConnexInc
2 months ago
Our @danslimmon is giving his Car Alarms and Smoke Detectors talk this week at @velocityconf http://t.co/1TXQvJEA45 http://t.co/jSJ3YKe4xQ
2 months ago
Exosite is excited to be at @SensorsExpo this week, stop by booth 1131 to talk #IoT #M2M solutions
2 months ago
Notify a @HipChat room from IoT device's virtual cloud script: https://t.co/UH2D6T8gS2
3 months ago
Schafer: 'Internet of things' has huge potential http://t.co/OMckJhWz66 - Friday Business section @StarTribune @LeeASchafer
3 months ago
@danslimmon on monitoring for devops at #Monitorama, what you can learn from car alarms & smoke detectors http://t.co/4W8Uw5LhuC
3 months ago
#IoTWeek - used @TXInstruments Connected LaunchPad / booster pack for Grill/BBQ monitor http://t.co/dmG9eTtvxc http://t.co/hCr1dneeNT
3 months ago
Great demo using Exosite at @Anareninc booth at @TXInstruments TI Tech Days in St Paul, MN http://t.co/yCGTVI1NYG
3 months ago
Extending Big Data to Next Generation of Cloud Solutions - "changing the way businesses interact with the real world" http://t.co/FV9aouuH4z
4 months ago
our very own @danslimmon just presented at #Monitorama - applying 'Car Alarms and Smoke Alarms' to monitoring systems
4 months ago
RT @danslimmon: My #Monitorama talk on car alarms & smoke alarms is in an hour at 19:30 UTC. I guess you could watch if you wanted! http://…
4 months ago
#exositeproject cellular gps tracker using Exosite, @arduino, NimbeLink http://t.co/8zJWnsVWOn http://t.co/TVUYzqJk8b
4 months ago
@cioreview features Hans Rempel in article about #BigData "Extending Big Data to Next Gen of Cloud Solutions" http://t.co/DvDkEtnuks page99
4 months ago
@borisadryan - thanks for sharing, this is good constructive feedback


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