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Exosite enables the Internet of Things with API & cloud data platform to monitor your web sensors from your cloud devices. It allows to view the real-time data from anywhere with internet access. Exosite provides portal for cloud device developer, canary for monitoring industry equipments remotely & InTime for enabling wireless monitoring capabilities of an existing system.

Exosite builds connected products, data collection tools & cloud devices for monitoring processes & coordinating assets. We connect your devices to the cloud, to other devices and to people and provides powerful APIs & tools that extend the functionality of your device fleet or solution. Also, we provide documentation, libraries, & examples that explain how exosite products works, how users interact with their devices, device management.
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10 hours ago
Last chance to save $150 on a rebooted Boot Camp. Enter the #IoT generation of your business http://t.co/uD5WErP3XJ http://t.co/vu2mST5ggE
2 days ago
Join Exosite at @MicrochipTech's comprehensive engineer-to-engineer event this August! http://t.co/wqifJwd1k0 #iot http://t.co/xM3nPtcYUa
3 days ago
Successful #IoT strategies rely on solid technology frameworks, understand why. http://t.co/Rx1OZ9VMLA @m2mmagazine http://t.co/bQqJATtivk
The "Change Monster" Patrick Forth gives an excellent talk http://t.co/xkAD5aYbSZ - See Exosite's predictions http://t.co/74nVRgNUEG #iot
We're extending our partnership with @ParkerHannifin after several successful #IoT deployments. Press release: http://t.co/sjj3vcbin6
Thanks for the shout-out @MSPBJnews; exciting things happening here @exosite! https://t.co/8y3o5eUDzo
Here are the 3 most common #IoT business models: #InternetofThings #SaaS #PaaS #M2M http://t.co/tmJMOxIIyD
A significant equity investment from @ParkerHannifin will be used to accelerate our global #IoT market expansion. http://t.co/GQQlH9gioq
RT @TECHdotMN: Minneapolis IoT Startup @exosite Receives Corporate Investment From @ParkerHannifin - http://t.co/D1bK2Khwd4
Choosing the right business model is significant to any organization, can you identify yours? #iot #iotstrategy http://t.co/4yF5m8U2Xs
2 weeks ago
White Paper: World-Class Foundation for Addressing Security in #IoT Systems: http://t.co/mV8w5voHOE http://t.co/7Nd4UeRlVU
2 weeks ago
See how Exosite + @Atmel are helping the largest OEM's accelerate their #IoT development: http://t.co/0RT73VbPKZ http://t.co/TU6YLCH7qT
2 weeks ago
A rebooted curriculum offers new 2-path design for tech developers & business leaders http://t.co/0tzhkaFODe #iot http://t.co/hUPwhWM4Ko
2 weeks ago
Register for Boot Camp and prepare for the #IoT generation of business. Tickets available: http://t.co/EtSzUa6i5l http://t.co/TNHUJwi5AF
2 weeks ago
RT @danslimmon: My @exosite coworkers are growing wheat grass in the office. Just 1 lightning strike from evil mutant plant robots http://t…
2 weeks ago
Exosite Ready™ commercial-grade embedded code is NOW accessible on @Atmel products! http://t.co/GQe5GeDwQH http://t.co/pMsgvNSQGJ
2 weeks ago
Curious as to how the #InternetofThings will play out? http://t.co/4nOdzgZJRS
3 weeks ago
We are excited to join @Atmel's #IoT #Cloud Ecosystem Partner Program! Full press release: http://t.co/eJXbKnhtZW http://t.co/uPWjYWiual
3 weeks ago
RT @Atmel: Cloud Ecosystem Partner Program accelerates time-to-market for IoT developers: http://t.co/hi6O5h0j52 #IoT #Cloud http://t.co/5T…
3 weeks ago
RT @melcise: Four square competition is hearing up at the @exosite summer party! http://t.co/EQzb1KKa4z


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