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Exosite enables the Internet of Things with API & cloud data platform to monitor your web sensors from your cloud devices. It allows to view the real-time data from anywhere with internet access. Exosite provides portal for cloud device developer, canary for monitoring industry equipments remotely & InTime for enabling wireless monitoring capabilities of an existing system.

Exosite builds connected products, data collection tools & cloud devices for monitoring processes & coordinating assets. We connect your devices to the cloud, to other devices and to people and provides powerful APIs & tools that extend the functionality of your device fleet or solution. Also, we provide documentation, libraries, & examples that explain how exosite products works, how users interact with their devices, device management.
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15 hours ago
Exosite is getting ready for @AWSreInvent this week as a Silver Sponsor. Stop by booth #847! http://t.co/ERzKR1w2li http://t.co/6dMQVXQuhu
19 hours ago
Use Connected Products to Streamline Regulatory Compliance: http://t.co/PJH95YwfP3 #InternetofThings #IoTStrategy http://t.co/r7LS3j9Ce7
Building an #IoT business model? Learn the best ways to generated revenue: http://t.co/q6CUBT4iow #InternetofThings http://t.co/qobA07fpCF
5 days ago
RT @GoTransverse: How to Build Strong Competitive Positioning with #IoT via @exosite http://t.co/mXxFFfQ8aa
5 days ago
Exosite prepares for @AWSreInvent as a Silver Sponsor. Stop by booth #847 for live #iot demos http://t.co/drWiiGcx7o http://t.co/EX54jPybV8
6 days ago
Examples of how data analytics from #IoT products can reduce risk: http://t.co/9V5UfsGYpd #IoT #BigData #Analytics http://t.co/dzuRhMMMHr
6 days ago
The rapid growth in #IoT is justly raising alarms about security and privacy issues. http://t.co/RrCxDNrivO http://t.co/OEBkX2eDo9
Interested in learning how customers are using Exosite in production? Check it out: http://t.co/lCZEwOWQmj #IoT http://t.co/rmb9PKbkLp
Exosite brings #IoT insight to @AWSreInvent - check out live demos at our booth http://t.co/s6aPpGvdXt http://t.co/9K3hToPknx
2 weeks ago
How to design IoT products that establish brand loyalty and trust: http://t.co/JoY1krpM72 #InternetofThings #IoT http://t.co/bhbqaESStX
2 weeks ago
Stay ahead of your competition and start building your #IoT monetization strategy: http://t.co/8gtENh7rBw
2 weeks ago
2 weeks ago
Offensive and defensive tactics for building competitive positioning with #IoT http://t.co/M9EGIrDnkE #SaaS #M2M http://t.co/QibBFWK8OJ
2 weeks ago
Attending the @BoschSI #IoT Strategy Summit? Meet w/Exosite's CTO, Mark Benson for IoT insight http://t.co/10nTLtpfIK http://t.co/H1cPHjH0SD
2 weeks ago
For leading industry #IoT business insights, check out these enterprise resources: http://t.co/ZnCl61IMod
3 weeks ago
Creating lean operational efficiencies through IoT strategies #iot #iostrategy @IndustrialIoT http://t.co/7UK50A9a1j http://t.co/EQNlqZvzbb
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Learn how to create new revenue streams with #IoT http://t.co/aC3QvQs9Dp #InternetofThings #SaaS #M2M http://t.co/uhxxEMUZ1x
3 weeks ago
Food for thought for the weekend, how are you capitalizing on #iot #internetofthings http://t.co/ARtte6jZsn http://t.co/hMkVUVZSo1
4 weeks ago
Swing by the @MultiTechSys booth at #CTIA and check out the demo powered by Exosite measuring the "most talked about product" at the show!


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